Mercy Unbound

Episode 105 with Fr. Michael Delaney
Father Michael Delaney, CHC, is the rector of St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Today he shares his insights on the life of Saint Andre Bessette, “Brother Andre,” the first canonized saint in his Order, as well as St. Joseph’s Oratory.

Episode 104 with Mark and Sarah Zydeck and Margy Nagel
Mark and Sarah Zydeck and Margy Nagel founded the Real Presence Apostolate of Michigan years ago. They have tremendous displays of Eucharistic miracles from throughout the ages and encourage parishes to use them as a powerful tool of evangelization and formation.

Episode 103 with Jill Metz and Lori Brown
Jill Metz and Lori Brown are both involved in the Flame of Love Ministry, which developed from the writings of a Hungarian woman, Elizabeth Kindelmann, from 1961 to 1982.

The encounter between Mary Magdalene and Jesus has been called the encounter "between misery and mercy." She initially washed His feet out of contrition, and after His death, out of respect and adoration. She stayed with Our Blessed Mother at the Crucifixion. She didn't run off like the apostles.

When they saw the emergency, the Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy and the Healthcare Professionals for Divine Mercy leapt into action.

Dr. Bryan Thatcher discusses his newborn grandson, Louie; Divine Mercy; and the gift of life.

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