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The Spiritual Works of Mercy

Part 7: Forgive Offenses

It's a deed of mercy. And it's tough. Maybe that's why we saved "Forgive Offenses" for last.

Part 6: Be Patient With Those in Error

Many of the works of mercy come with some sort of emotional reward. Not this one.

Part 5: Console the Sorrowful

There are as many ways to comfort the sorrowful as there are people.

Part 4: Counsel Those in Doubt

Counsel the doubtful, and pray for them, that they may be blessed by God with a living faith and become some of the saints of God.

Part 3: Admonish Sinners

I'd never understood why people so often make fun of street preachers. Now I understand.

Part 2: Pray for the Living and the Dead

Though many of the corporal works of mercy can take gobs of time, talent, or treasure, this one is a cinch.

Part 1: Teach the Ignorant

The following is the first in a seven-part series on the spiritual works of mercy.