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The New Catholic Feminism

Part 20: The Triumph of the Feminine Genius Through Mary

Freedom must always be bounded by charity, and it is simply not charitable to men to have to have their chastity assaulted whenever they walk down the street in the summertime.

Part 19: The Feminine Genius and a Civilization in Crisis

Women are called today to turn the world upside down. What does that mean?

Part 18: Women at Work and the Feminine Genius

We need to remember that God's plan of humanizing the world through sanctified femininity is not confined to those with a vocation to marriage — and those who stay at home to raise the children.

Part 17: Women and the Family

Clearly, just giving birth does not insure the sanctification of the soul.

Part 16: Exploring the Spiritual Priority of the Feminine

It is not just the spiritual life in general that calls for a primarily feminine disposition, but every single good work undertaken by every Christian in the world!

Part 15: The Spousal Mystery of the Universe

God has revealed to us through His Word, the Bible, that the story of the real universe in which we live is a love story.

Part 14: Radical, Post-Modern Feminism

According to Post-Modern Feminists such as Judith Butler and Donna Harroway, a human being cannot be defined as either male or female, for a variety of reasons.

Part 13: Is the New Catholic Feminism Really 'Feminist'?

Anyone who has read the first 12 installments of this web series might be tempted to reply: "Well, this is all very interesting, and all very Catholic, but how is it really feminism?

Part 12: Natural Complementarity: Should it be Celebrated or Suppressed?

If a predisposition to masculinity is natural to men, and a predisposition to femininity is natural to women, why do we see a significant minority of men and women in which this is evidently not the case?

Part 11: The New Catholic Feminism

Despite the claims of liberal egalitarians, men and women have a natural complementarity, each with strengths and weaknesses resulting from their biological differences.

Part 10: The New Catholic Feminism

The darkest period of European history for women was marked by a drive to restrict women to the home and the convent, and also by the witch hunts that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

Part 9: The New Catholic Feminism

Throughout the Medieval period, but especially during the early Middle Ages, it was considered neither unusual nor offensive for a woman to reign and rule as Queen. What are we to make of that?

Part 8: The New Catholic Feminism

Whatever the local influence of the barbarians may have been in different areas, throughout the age of Christendom women often attained places of major significance in society as a whole.

Part 7: The New Catholic Feminism

The eras of greatest exaltation of the Blessed Virgin Mary were also eras of improvement in cultural respect for the dignity of women.

Part 6: The New Catholic Feminism

Despite what Liberal Christian Feminists believe, the Catholic Church has long exalted the role of women and the Blessed Virgin Mary as playing an absolutely essential role in our salvation. Here's why ...

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