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The Holy Angels: Servants and Messengers of Mercy

Those who lean on the mercy of God can be sure that our Savior sends His angels to surround and protect them, even as He did for St. Faustina.

Do Some Church Teachings Make Us Doubt Divine Mercy?

One reader writes, "I have terrifying thoughts that God does not love everyone — that He abandons some."

Why Doesn't God Use the Famous?

If God chose a celebrity to bring His special revelations and messages to the world, wouldn't more people sit up and take notice?

The Image? The Graces? Confession?

Snow in March: We have a flurry of questions about Divine Mercy Sunday.

In the Chaplet, What Do We 'Offer' to God?

One reader asks, "How can we offer what is not ours?" He is referring to the powerful words in the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy.

Is the Chaplet Equal to the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick?

If we now have the Chaplet for the dying, do we really need to call a priest for the Sacrament of Anointing?

What Did the Apostolic Letters Seek to Achieve?

We celebrate the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29. What do they have to say about Divine Mercy?

What's Church Belief on Homosexuality, and Why?

A number of people write to me about struggles with same-sex attraction, or how to respond to family and friends who have "come out of the closet."

Like Poland in the 1930s, Are We Due for Chastisement?

In response to a letter from Colleen and Paul, here's a cautionary tale.

What If I Took a Major Wrong Turn in Life?

One reader writes, "Recently, I got married, but I have my doubts it was God's will."

Part 2: What's Church Belief on Homosexuality, and Why?

A friend who read my last column on homosexuality complained I had forgotten something very important.

What's the Most Disturbing Words Jesus Spoke?

One reader asks: "What was the 'abandonment' of which Jesus spoke?"

Promises, Promises: How Far Do They Go?

Two readers ask about the graces Jesus wants to pour out upon us through the Image of The Divine Mercy and the Feast of The Divine Mercy.

What is 'Sanctity'? And How Does One Achieve It?

The truth is I had to LIVE the answer a bit more before I felt I could really write on it with any confidence I knew what I was talking about.

What Was St. Faustina's Big, Mysterious Secret?

One reader asks of "a mystery of which no one, not even the angels, may know." Let's investigate.

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