Divine Mercy Q&A

Praying the Chaplet: When? How? And for Whom?

A few weeks ago we did several installments in this Q&A column on the meaning of the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy - the intercessory prayer given to St. Faustina from Jesus. The installments have prompted a flurry of further questions about this powerful form of prayer.

One woman simply asked me: "I know it is proper to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet when someone is dying, however, can we pray the [chaplet] after the person has died? Or do we just pray the Rosary?"

Trust! ... OK, but How?

Recently, I received an important - and poignant - question from Mr. Randall Milburn from my home country of Canada. He puts his question so well that I will quote his entire letter here:


Saint Faustina vs. the New Age Movement

Many of you may be aware of the latest religious fad sweeping the western world. It is called the "New Age" movement. Actually, there is very little that is "new" about it. It often combines a revival of ancient "pantheism" (in other words, the belief that everything is God, or is the "body" of God) with a revival of interest in the occult (for example, in astrology, the enneagram, or witchcraft) and a passionate and radical environmentalism.

Songs of Praise to the Merciful Creator!

A couple of weeks ago I received a truly unique e-mail from one of our readers. It was not really a question, but a story: a remarkable story that opens up a topic we have not really explored in this column before.

A lady named Maureen wrote to me:

The Only Image He Commanded?

This week I received an excellent question from a man named Brian: "Is the Image of The Divine Mercy the only image that our Lord has directed to be made of Himself? ... If the Image is the only one that has been prepared under express command of Jesus Christ, what are the implications of this?"

Brian has hit on something very important here.

Where Can We Find God's Mercy?

One of my best correspondents for this column is someone known to me only as "JP." He (or she) has sent in several excellent questions in the past that I have answered on-line, and here is another one:

Is Divine Mercy 'Just Another Devotion'?

One of our readers, named Rita, was distressed when she read the following notice in her parish Sunday news bulletin:

Morning Prayer continues to be celebrated in the church every morning. It is important to remember that Morning Prayer is part of the Liturgy of the Hours, one of the official liturgies of the Church, along with the Mass and other Sacraments. Morning Prayer is not a mere devotion such as the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet.

How Could He Appear to St. Faustina?

If Jesus ascended into Heaven, how could He appear to Sr. Faustina on Earth?

Some people reading today's question will be tempted to respond: "The answer to that one is easy: Jesus is God, so He can do anything!"

What Does the Church Say About It All?

Throughout this question and answer series, we have had several inquiries about the official status of the revelations received by St. Faustina. A few weeks ago, however, I received a new question that helps put this whole subject in a new light. A man named John wrote to me the following words:

Two More Mysterious Diary Passages

Saint Maria Faustina's Diary is full of inspiring and spiritually refreshing passages about the merciful love of God. But as we all know, it also contains many mysteries. A few months ago we looked at some of these "strange" passages that are hard to interpret. Here are two more that perplex some of the readers of the Diary - myself included!