Divine Mercy Q&A

The Child Jesus

By Robert Stackpole, STD

What Does Devotion to 'The Divine Mercy' Signify?

By Dr. Robert Stackpole

Have you ever had the experience of being unable to express in words exactly what you meant? Sometimes this happens because of our own faulty skills in oral or written communication. But other times - and especially when dealing with supernatural realities - it is almost impossible to "capture" in mere human words the mysteries of God we are trying to convey.

One of our readers, named Rita, recently sent to me the following question, which relates to one of our linguistic difficulties in speaking about the mystery of The Divine Mercy:

Divine Mercy Sunday: What's This Feast All About, Anyway?

To put on a great banquet for one's friends, the first step is to send out proper invitations. The invitations must say WHY the banquet is being held, WHEN it will take place, WHO is invited, and WHAT TO EXPECT (such as cocktails on the lawn, followed by a buffet meal).

Can Divine Mercy Save Those Outside The Church?

In recent months I have received several questions about the eternal destiny of people who are sincere seekers after truth and virtue, but who cannot in good conscience accept the Catholic faith and join the Church. What happens to them when they die? Are they cut off from grace in this life and lost forever in the next because they remained outside the Catholic Church?

For example, a woman named Cheryl shared with me these concerns:

How Can I Make It Through 'The Dark Night of the Soul'?

Toward the end of the classic movie, "The Wizard of Oz," when Dorothy is saying goodbye to her friends before returning to Kansas, she gives the Tin Man a kiss, and he responds: "Now I know that I have a heart: because it is breaking!"

Extraordinary Graces: What Does Christ's Promise Really Mean?

In St. Faustina's Diary, she recorded a message from Jesus about the extraordinary graces He wants to pour out upon souls through the devout reception of Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday. Jesus says, "The soul that will go to confession and receive Holy Communion [on that day] shall obtain complete forgiveness [or remission] of sins and punishment" (699).