Divine Mercy Q&A

Accounting for Debts, but No Calculator Required

Is the Chaplet only about "balancing the books," atoning for our debts to God's justice? Dr. Stackpole shows that the Chaplet echoes the teaching of the Bible and the Church that Christ's saving work involves that - but also much, much more!

Mary and Her Role in God's Merciful Plan

One reader writes: "A priest adamantly assured the congregation that if we entrust the salvation of a soul to the Blessed Mother, she will be sure to follow through on that." Can we really be assured of this?

If God is So Merciful, Why is There a Purgatory?

How could a loving and merciful God send a soul to purgatory? Dr. Stackpole explains that this is exactly what we should expect a merciful God to do for some souls, because mercy is sometimes "tough love."

On the Mystery of Offering Up Our Sufferings

This week, Dr. Stackpole shares a letter from a reader who reflects on the special way of dealing with life's unavoidable sufferings, and utilizing them, through Christ, for people in need.

He's Back, with Answers

Now that I am back from my brief post-Divine Mercy Sunday respite, I find myself with a pile of questions to answer that came in just after the feast day, and some of them from people who are still wrestling with the meaning of the day itself.

What Does Trust Mean?

Does trust in God's mercy mean we no longer need to pray, or ask the saints to pray for us, or strive to do good works?

On Going to Confession Before Mercy Sunday

When should we make our confession in preparation for receiving the extraordinary graces of Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday?

Divine Mercy and People of Other Faiths

One reader asks: If this is a devotion based on God's merciful love to all people, what should we say to Christians who are not Catholic and cannot go to Confession and receive Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday?