Divine Mercy Q&A

Praying the Chaplet as an Act of Reparation?

Our readers should know that we have had so many questions come in over the last few weeks that I am now several weeks behind in being able to answer them all online. Please be patient with me!

A question came in about a fortnight ago from a Mr. Luis Valverde. I will quote it in full:

Why Do Some Pastors Ignore Divine Mercy Sunday?

In a recent letter, a woman named Charlotte from the Archdiocese of Chicago related to me the sad story of the opposition of her pastors to the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday, and in particular to the recitation of the Divine Mercy Novena from Good Friday until Easter Saturday.

Noting that the Divine Mercy message and devotion was blessed and approved by Pope John Paul II, she asked, "Why do you think these pastors (and others) will absolutely not allow this Divine Mercy Novena to be publicly observed in their churches? What's going on?"

More on the Chaplet: Can We Change it?

More questions about the Chaplet keep rolling in! Ms. Goryl asked if it is all right to alter the Chaplet in public recitation. In her diocese they sometimes combine the Chaplet with Rosary meditations.

Further Dialogue on the Chaplet - and on Innocent Suffering

My last two columns sparked some interesting responses from some of our online readers, so this week I thought I would go deeper into these matters.

Two weeks ago I wrote a response to a letter on the question: "If God is so merciful, why do the innocent suffer so much?"

My response focused on our need to trust the infinite Wisdom of God, for He knows why He permits what He does.

A reader named Annie wrote in and asked if He always permits innocent suffering for the sake of a greater good.

If God is so Merciful, Why do the Innocent Suffer so Much?

Not long ago I received a most poignant letter from a man named "Mr. Weaver," who poured out his heart on a subject that touches all of us at one time or another: the mystery of innocent suffering. Mr. Weaver wrote: