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What's Church Belief on Homosexuality, and Why?

As the author of this weekly column, I often receive questions from people wrestling with painful, personal problems. Most of these are private matters, of course, so I do not answer them in the public column, and many of them are beyond my gifts in pastoral care to deal with anyway - so all I can do is refer the inquirer to one of our Marian priests, or to counseling resources in their own area. I am, after all, primarily a theologian and not a pastoral counselor or spiritual director.

What If I Took a Major Wrong Turn in Life?

A young woman recently wrote to me the following, poignant letter (the letter was anonymous, so I'll just refer to her as "Mary"):

Part 2: What's Church Belief on Homosexuality, and Why?

A friend who read my last column on homosexuality complained I had forgotten something very important: "You said that according to the Bible and the Catholic Church, homosexuality is an unnatural, wounded condition, not what our Creator intended for us, and therefore cannot lead to human peace and fulfillment. But what about the fact that scientists have now discovered it is genetically inherited - that people are gay because of their genes? If it's in their genes, how can it be a 'wounded,' 'unnatural' condition?"

What's the Most Disturbing Words Jesus Spoke?

A reader of this column named Shane sent to me a question that I have taken far too long to answer. Maybe I was just a bit overawed by the depth of the mystery here. He writes:

Promises, Promises: How Far Do They Go?

Over the past few weeks I have received a bunch of questions about some of the promises our Lord has made about the graces He wants to pour out upon us through the Image of The Divine Mercy and the Feast of The Divine Mercy.

First, with regard to the image, a man named Edward asked me to help him understand what our Lord meant by the promise He made to St. Faustina when He first appeared to her in her cell in the form of the image and said to her:

What is 'Sanctity'? And How Does One Achieve It?

A friend of mine has waited a long time for me to answer this question for him online. So first of all, Tom, thank for your patience. The truth is I had to LIVE the answer a bit more before I felt I could really write on it with any confidence I knew what I was talking about. Tom had asked:

What Was St. Faustina's Big, Mysterious Secret?

There are indeed some mysterious passages in St. Faustina's Diary. One of the most intriguing ones is entry number 824, where St. Faustina writes: