Divine Mercy Q&A

Have I Committed the 'Unforgivable Sin'?

Q&A: One reader frets about a particular sin Jesus speaks of in the Bible. "... I feel like God has abandoned me," he writes, "and I can't shake that feeling ..."

A Convent Conundrum?

In one part of the Diary of St. Faustina Jesus tells Faustina she must not leave her convent. But later on Faustina contemplates leaving her order to start a new one. So what was Jesus up to, anyway?

The Chaplet: Can We Make Our Own Version?

A reader named Aurora sent me a question that has been sent to me, in related forms, by at least a half dozen people over the past few months.

If God is so Merciful, Why is There a Hell?

Mercy and Hell don't mix. Or do they? Dr. Stackpole shows that God's merciful love and the eternal loss of those who refuse it are not incompatible truths.