Divine Mercy Q&A

'Special Graces' and 'Plenary Indulgence': Are They the Same Thing?

What is the difference between the special graces promised by Jesus for devout communicants on Divine Mercy Sunday, and the plenary indulgence for Divine Mercy Sunday devotions that was instituted several years ago by Pope John Paul II?

How Should We Celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday?

Special Masses on the afternoon of Divine Mercy Sunday? Veneration of the Image? Use of the Chaplet? Here are some basic guidelines and preferable options.

So You Want to Change the World?

We are pleased to introduce a 14-part series to help inspire parish cenacle or study groups this coming Lent.

How Can We Learn to Forgive Ourselves?

Still beating youself up over the past? Dr. Stackpole offers some considerations and some tips to show how we can learn to forgive ourselves.

Are the End Times Upon Us?

Let's look at the positive signs as well as the negative ones for a clue, and let's remember the guaranteed outcome.

Holier Than Thou?

One reader complains about how St. Faustina writes of the superiority of the "religious" way to holiness, in contrast to the way of ordinary, lay Christians.