Mary Lights the Way

Part 18: How Deepest Sorrow Became Boundless Compassion

The following the 18th and final part of a special series on the role Mary plays in the life of the Church.

Consider old Simeon's prediction about the "sword" of sorrow that would one day pierce Mary's heart (Lk 2:35). There can be little doubt that this prophecy was fulfilled most of all on Calvary.

Part 17: Mary, Most Sorrowful

Sadness in itself is not a virtue. It is why we suffer and how we respond to the sorrows in our life that make all the difference.

Part 16: Mary, Most Merciful

But as there never was, and never will be, anyone who loved God as much as Mary loved him, so there never was, and never will be anyone who loved her neighbour as much as she did.

Part 15: Mary, Most Patient

Think of the patience Mary must have had when she was awakened by Joseph in the middle of the night and told that their family would have to make a quick, nocturnal escape.

Part 12: Mary, Most Obedient

Your cat will never really obey you: Sometimes he will just agree with you." But that is not the Gospel virtue of "obedience" either.

Part 10: Mary, Most Devout

Mary's fifth gospel virtue was devotion. Clearly, the Blessed Virgin's whole life journey was sustained and surrounded by prayer.

Part 9: Mary's Journey of Faith

Mary's virtue of faith was refined in the fire of God's love at every step of her life.