The New Catholic Feminism

Part 18: Women at Work and the Feminine Genius

We need to remember that God's plan of humanizing the world through sanctified femininity is not confined to those with a vocation to marriage - and those who stay at home to raise the children.

Part 17: Women and the Family

Clearly, just giving birth does not insure the sanctification of the soul.

Part 14: Radical, Post-Modern Feminism

According to Post-Modern Feminists such as Judith Butler and Donna Harroway, a human being cannot be defined as either male or female, for a variety of reasons.

Part 13: Is the New Catholic Feminism Really 'Feminist'?

Anyone who has read the first 12 installments of this web series might be tempted to reply: "Well, this is all very interesting, and all very Catholic, but how is it really feminism?

Part 11: The New Catholic Feminism

Despite the claims of liberal egalitarians, men and women have a natural complementarity, each with strengths and weaknesses resulting from their biological differences.