The New Catholic Feminism

Part 10: The New Catholic Feminism

The darkest period of European history for women was marked by a drive to restrict women to the home and the convent, and also by the witch hunts that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

Part 9: The New Catholic Feminism

Throughout the Medieval period, but especially during the early Middle Ages, it was considered neither unusual nor offensive for a woman to reign and rule as Queen. What are we to make of that?

Part 8: The New Catholic Feminism

Whatever the local influence of the barbarians may have been in different areas, throughout the age of Christendom women often attained places of major significance in society as a whole.

Part 7: The New Catholic Feminism

The eras of greatest exaltation of the Blessed Virgin Mary were also eras of improvement in cultural respect for the dignity of women.

Part 6: The New Catholic Feminism

Despite what Liberal Christian Feminists believe, the Catholic Church has long exalted the role of women and the Blessed Virgin Mary as playing an absolutely essential role in our salvation. Here's why ...

Part 5: The New Catholic Feminism

Needless to say, however, the fall of the first parents of the human race into sin did a marvelous job of messing things up!

Part 4: The New Catholic Feminism

Jesus said "from the beginning," God made us "male and female" (Jn 19:3). And the Bible indicates that he made them different, but equal in dignity and value, right from the start.

Part 2: The New Catholic Feminism

New Catholic Feminism and Liberal Feminism both are utterly opposed to the myriad of ways that women in the world today are denigrated, marginalized, or beaten down.

Part 1: The New Catholic Feminism

Over the past few months, whenever I would speak to anyone about the new web series I was working on, they would invariably turn to me and reply: "The New Catholic ... what?"