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Mercy Unbound - Sacred Conversations in a Digital Age: Insights from Dr. Christopher Reed

Episode 151 with Dr. Christopher Reed
Dr. Christopher Reed delves into the heart of meaningful communication with his latest book, “Sacred Conversations – How God Wants Us to Communicate”. Chris’ work aims to inspire and educate individuals to utilize their God-given talents for the betterment of society.

Mercy Unbound - Models of Perfect Contrition: An Interview with Steven Nelson

Episode 150 with Steven Nelson
Steven Nelson shares insights into inspiration behind his book, “Magdalena Prayer Book - Devotions for Perfect Contrition and Spiritual Communion,” and delves into the lives of Mary Magdalene and St. Vibiana. He also explains the mission of Gaudent Angeli, a non-profit organization based in Claremont, Calif.

Mercy Unbound - To Jesus through Mary: Stories of Conversion with Christine Watkins

Episode 149 with Christine Watkins
We're diving into the story of Christine Watkins, a remarkable Catholic speaker and author who's been through quite a journey. Once a ballet dancer with the San Francisco Ballet Company and a staunch atheist, Christine's life took a dramatic turn after a miraculous healing from cancer.

Mercy Unbound - Raised from Rock Bottom: Joe and Nicole McGivney’s Story of Divine Healing from Addiction

Episode 145 with Joe and Nicole McGivney
We delve into the remarkable journey of Joe and Nicole McGivney, who share their inspiring story of Joe's miraculous recovery from end-stage alcoholic liver disease and associated psychosis. Their story is deeply intertwined with their Catholic faith and the legacy of Blessed Fr. Michael McGivney, a distant relative of Joe's and the founder of the Knights of Columbus.

Mercy Unbound - Love and Suffering with Dr. Paul Chaloux

Episode 144 with Dr. Paul Chaloux
Dr. Paul Chaloux, a Catholic theologian, delves into the profound themes of love and suffering in his latest book, “Heaven’s Currency: A Study of Love.” Reflecting on Jesus' commandment to “love one another as I have loved you,” Dr. Chaloux emphasizes the sacrificial nature of love exemplified by Christ’s suffering and death.


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