Dr. Bryan Thatcher

Mercy Unbound - Tales of Catholic Resilience in the Face of Communist Oppression

Episode 139 with Kristen Thierault
Today, Kristen delves into her book, “When the Sickle Swings: Stories of Catholics Who Survived Communist Oppression.” She points out that throughout over half of the twentieth century, across nearly half the globe, the Catholic faith encountered repression, restrictions, or outright illegality amid the atheistic, false messianic doctrine of communism. This ideology, pledging "equality for all," often led to totalitarianism, slavery, and slaughter, with the Catholic Church as a primary target.

Mercy Unbound - The Shroud of Turin: A Doctor’s Lifelong Exploration

Episode 134 with Dr. Gilbert Lavoie
Dr. Gilbert Lavoie, M.D., is a dedicated medical practitioner whose fascination with the Shroud of Turin has spanned over four decades. In the late 1970s, he stumbled upon a remarkable book by French surgeon Dr. Pierre Barbet titled, "A Doctor at Calvary." Today, we will delve into Dr. Lavoie's own work, "The Shroud of Jesus, and the Sign John Ingeniously Concealed."


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