Fr. Donald Calloway

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 110

What does it mean to be a Marian Father of the Immaculate Conception? Father Chris Alar, MIC, and four of his brother priests share stories of their vocations. All have different ministries, but are all effective in their own way in spreading God's Divine Mercy. Then learn about the Hillybilly Thomists, a group of Dominican Friars who, in a ministry that is both entertaining and educational, inspire us to our Faith through music.

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 102 - The Rosary

When Our Lady presented the Rosary to St. Dominic, she said it would be used as a battering ram against falsehoods, a kind of "spiritual sword." Saint Paul says the Word of God is sharper than any sword, and the Rosary is, after all, the Bible on a set of beads. Join Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, as he shares his personal testimony of the life-changing power of this devotional prayer. Then be inspired by the story of Joni Seith, as she shows us how prayer and faith help her to persevere amid great suffering.


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