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Blessings to all Consecrating on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

May Our Lady lead you into the depths of her Immaculate Heart, embrace you with her motherly love, and enlighten you along the path with faith, hope, and love. May she help us all to turn away from sin and live in the truth of the consecration of Christ for the entire human family in the modern world.

Entrusting Everything to Mary

"Instantly Mary was encircled and enriched in the light of the Holy Trinity, and penetrated through and through with the divine glory; arrows of divine love pierced her soul to its inmost depths; and thus was she made to be the Mother of God." Fr. John Tauler, O.P.

Console The Heart of Jesus During His Passion

"Lord, I can't offer much right now except for my weak trust and love. Jesus, I do trust in you and I love you. Praise you, Jesus, and thank you for everything, especially what you are suffering right now out of love for me. I've come to be with you, my friend. Don't be sad. I love you and there is nowhere else I'd rather be than right here, praising you, thanking you, and consoling your broken Heart."


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