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Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 131

There are many legends surrounding St. Patrick, whose feast day is celebrated on March 17. But what is the real story? Join Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, as he reveals how an extraordinary young priest brought Christianity to Ireland, and in doing so, inspired a movement that spread the Catholic faith throughout Europe. Then, as you think about celebrating St. Patrick's Day with corned beef and cabbage, hear about “Cooks with Collars,” priests who build community and spread God’s love, one recipe at a time. 

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 130

All of us have heard the term “woke.” According to the Oxford English Dictionary, woke originally meant “well-informed” or “up to date,” but now chiefly alerts us to racial or social discrimination and injustice. Father Chris Alar, MIC, explores the true meaning of “woke” and whether the Church rejects it or embraces it under the realm of Catholic social teaching. Then hear the story of Joe Kennedy, a high-school football coach who, because of wokeism, was fired for praying with his players. His case ended up going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 129

One of the most beautiful things in the worship of Our Lord at Mass is music. Marian Postulant Austin explains how sacred music, the song and the language of the angels, is a gift from God that gives expression to the soul and dignifies ritual and worship. Then hear from "Floriani," a talented group of men who believe in the importance of fostering a rebirth in sacred music. 

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 128

A lot of Christian prophecy is justified because we have prophecy in the Bible. Our Lady also brought us much prophecy in places like Fatima and Akita. But much is equivalent to crystal balls and fortune telling. Father Thaddaeus Lancton, MIC, explains what to look for, as we all share in the prophetic mission of Christ as baptized Catholics and are called to share God’s Word, trusting in the teaching authority of the Church. Then watch a clip from the film, “Love and Mercy,” about the day Jesus first appeared to St. Faustina and gave her the pattern by which He wanted her to paint the Image we know today.

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 127

This year, Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day fell on the same day, Feb. 14, 2024. They have more in common than you might think. Join Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, as he explains the opening of the holy season of Lent, a time to think about God and not ourselves – similar to how we think about our Valentines and not ourselves.  Then hear a great story about Camp Veritas, where teenagers learn to grow in virtue thanks to the message of Divine Mercy.

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 126

Father Michael Sopoćko (1888-1975), now beatified by the Church, was the priest-confessor to St. Faustina and, as such, an incredible man of mercy. Join Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, as he introduces this great theologian, the principal instrument that Our Lord used to fashion the soul of St. Faustina, and learn how he commissioned the very first Image of Divine Mercy. Then hear how the message of Divine Mercy has brought joy and hope to an autistic boy named Royce Guzman and his family.

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 125

It is God's will for you to be a part of His mission to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. To accomplish this mission, God has given you personally two great spiritual weapons of our times: Mary and Jesus, the Divine Mercy. Join Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, as he shares how God’s manifested mercy in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are our only way out of the mess the world is in today. Then join Fr. Chris in conversation with the Zannetti brothers, Gene and Fr. Gregory, on the importance of the First Saturday devotion and the message of Our Lady of Fatima to our world today.

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 124

Get to know one of the great men of the Church, known to the Marian Fathers as “The Renovator”: Blessed George Matulaitis (1871-1927). Father Thaddaeus Lancton, MIC, explains how, at the brink of extinction of the Marian Congregation, Blessed George rescued and revitalized the religious order which thrives today. Then hear the story of another great priest, Fr. Timothy Reid, a pastor in North Carolina. Like Blessed George, Fr. Timothy no idea what God had in store for him who he heard and answered the call to the priesthood.

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 123

Many people do not realize the connection between contraception and abortion, nor do they understand Church teaching as so many Catholics unfortunately use birth control. Join Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, as he delves into the Marian archives for a video to understand anew why the Church teaches what she does about these very important topics. Then hear the amazing story of St. Clare's Home in South Carolina, where mothers facing an unexpected pregnancy or who feel there's no alternative to abortion find help and hope.

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 122

With war waging in Europe between Russia and Ukraine, and in the Holy Land between Israel and Hamas, the evils of war are all around us. But war seems to go against Christianity and the Fifth Commandment, “Thou shall not kill.” Father Chris Alar, MIC, explains whether war can ever be justified in the eyes of the Church. Then hear the amazing story of Robert Gannon, who experienced the traumas and tragedies of war, but also the difficulty of living at home before and after.


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