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Mary, Merciful Queen of Heaven

This is the fourth column in our series, a response to the question about why we call Mary "Mother of Mercy." (Read part one, part two, and part three.) By now, after three installments of this column, some of my readers may be wondering just how many reasons we can find for rejoicing in Mary's title, "Mother of Mercy"!

How One Divine Mercy Critic Misses the Mark

It sometimes happens that well-intentioned, doctrinally "orthodox" Catholic believers get a hold of wrong information about the Divine Mercy message and devotion, and they end up discouraging their friends or parishioners from having anything to do with it. This seems to be the case with an essay that is circulating among traditional Catholics, an essay written by a priest who questions the orthodoxy not only of devotion to The Divine Mercy, but also of the teachings on Divine Mercy of our late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II.