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Questions and Answers for Clergy

  1. How can I explain to my parishioners the difference between the plenary indulgence available to the faithful on Divine Mercy Sunday, and the extraordinary graces of Divine Mercy Sunday mentioned in St. Faustina's Diary?
  2. Is "Divine Mercy" just a theme for the Second Sunday of Easter, much like "Good Shepherd Sunday," or "World Day of the Sick"?
  3. Is the Pope just trying to impose "Polish spirituality" on the wider Church by canonizing St. Faustina and establishing Divine Mercy Sunday?
  4. Isn't the Divine Mercy devotion based primarily on private revelations given to St. Faustina?
  5. Isn't the devotion to The Divine Mercy just another devotion? Why do we need another one?
  6. Some of my parishioners say that I have to lead the recitation of the Chaplet and expose the Image of The Divine Mercy on Divine Mercy Sunday, otherwise, I am being disobedient to the Pope. Did the Pope ever require or even request for every parish to use these devotional forms on Mercy Sunday?