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Q. Is it required to pray the Divine Mercy Novena in order to receive the extraordinary graces on Divine Mercy Sunday?

A. No, the graces of Divine Mercy Sunday are obtained by receiving Holy Communion worthily, with great trust in God's mercy. The Novena is a devotion which is a good preparation for Divine Mercy Sunday. It actually consists of a novena of chaplets, recited from Good Friday through the Saturday before Divine Mercy Sunday. Jesus promised: By this novena [of chaplets], I will grant every possible grace to souls (Diary 796).

The longer Novena dictated by our Lord to St. Faustina (Diary 1209-1229) is often used together with the novena of chaplets. Unlike the novena of chaplets, it seems to have been intended for St. Faustina's personal use. This can be seen from our Lord's instructions, which address her with the word "you" in the singular.

But, since St. Faustina was commanded to write it down in her Diary, we believe that our Lord must have intended this longer novena to be available for public use as well. Many people pray this novena not only in preparation for the Feast of Divine Mercy, but at other times as well.

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