Blessed Fr. Sopocko

The Right Priest at the Right Time

Father Michael Sopocko walked among saints while on earth, and now he has been confirmed as among them in heaven. On Sept. 28, 2008, he was declared Blessed Michael Sopocko at a special Mass at the Church of Divine Mercy in Bialystok, Poland.

Saint Faustina praised him greatly in her Diary, and now those praises will be echoed by the Church.

Here is a passage in which St. Faustina refers to him and asks Jesus about him:

'A Priest After My Own Heart'

Sanctity is infectious. If your heart is open, you can catch it merely from being around people who are already on the road to holiness. In fact, saints sometimes catch it - and increase it - from being with each other.

Father Sopocko Told Faustina: 'Write a Diary'

The following is from Divine Mercy: A Guide from Genesis to Benedict XVI (Marian Press), by Robert Stackpole, STD. In this excerpt, Dr. Stackpole discusses the role played by the Rev. Michael Sopocko - St. Faustina's confessor and spiritual director - in putting the Lord's requests to Faustina into action. Father Sopocko was beatified Sept. 28, 2008. His feast day is Wednesday, Feb. 15.

Divine Mercy's Greatest Gifts: The Eucharist and Mary

In recent articles in this series, we have been meditating on the blessings and graces that our Lord provides to aid us on our journey to the heavenly kingdom. Now we come to His greatest gifts of all: the Holy Eucharist and the loving care of the Mother of God.

Blessed Michael Sopocko, the confessor and spiritual advisor of St. Faustina, writes that the Eucharist "is a masterpiece of the love of Our Lord," for in it He plunges into the very depths of our hearts with His mercy:

Divine Mercy Refreshes Us in the Sacraments

Take any long hike through the hills and valleys of the countryside, and you will need refreshment along the way or you will not make it to the end of your journey. Along the road to heaven, our Merciful Savior has provided us with fountains of refreshment, grace, and peace in the sacraments of His Church. Blessed Michael Sopocko, the spiritual director and confessor for St. Faustina, writes:

How Does Divine Mercy Deliver Us from Despair?

As a seasoned spiritual director, Bl. Fr. Michael Sopocko was no stranger to the human struggle against spiritual desolation and even despair.

A Reminder of What God is Willing to Do for Us

Many people these days see their lives as little more than a seemingly endless string of frustrations. As the playwright Oscar Wilde once wrote, most men lead lives of "quiet desperation." The Holy Scriptures assure us, however, that they have been deceived: God is not asleep! He is at work in your life and mine, if only we have eyes to see, and He will work even more powerfully in our lives than we can ask or imagine if only we open our hearts to Him in prayer and trust.

Divine Mercy Takes the Shape of a Cross

Life can be brutal at times. For all the goodness in God's creation that we discussed last week, there are many experiences in life of nature's seeming indifference to human happiness - sickness, accidents, disease, and death - and beyond that, of "man's inhumanity to man" (e.g. murder, rape, theft, adultery, war, and injustice, lies and deceit). In short, God may be "loving us into being" at every moment, as we said last week, but the kind of world in which we must exist often does not seem to manifest the mercy of God at all.

Divine Mercy Loves Us Into Being

Where does Divine Mercy come from? Sounds like a silly question at first. After all, if it is Divine Mercy, surely it must come from God, because He alone is "divine."