Blessed Fr. Sopocko

The Right Priest at the Right Time

Read about Fr. Michael Sopocko's early years, before he met a certain nun whose revelations would change the world.

A Reminder of What God is Willing to Do for Us

Many people these days see their lives as little more than a seemingly endless string of frustrations. Time for a lesson from Blessed Michael Sopocko.

Divine Mercy Takes the Shape of a Cross

Life can be brutal at times. For all the goodness in God's creation that we discussed last week, there are many experiences in life of nature's seeming indifference to human happiness - sickness, accidents, disease, and death - and beyond that, of "man's inhumanity to man" (e.g. murder, rape, theft, adultery, war, and injustice, lies and deceit). In short, God may be "loving us into being" at every moment, as we said last week, but the kind of world in which we must exist often does not seem to manifest the mercy of God at all.