For Clergy

Dear Father:

MOMM is at your service

Under the banners of the Eucharist and Penance, MOMM's goal when visiting your parish is to support YOU, the pastor, in the spiritual feeding of your flock.

One of the Best in Catholic Evangelization
MOMM's programs have a solid record of leading souls to the Holy Eucharist and Penance. These sacramental founts of mercy spark renewal, increased devotion, and greater involvement in parish life. See video clip and written testimonies of priests describing the effects of MOMM.

Something for the Entire Parish
A variety of programs and flexible formats makes MOMM a "one-stop shop" for evangelizing one and all. Plan presentations for religious education and Catholic school students so they can bring the Divine Mercy message into their homes. (See related article.) Ask about Spanish options.

We Make it Easy

  • We bring or arrange for all equipment
  • We have all our documentation
  • We have years of presenting experience
  • We help with planning and promotion


We're Just the Beginning
An official Church apostolate under the Marian Fathers, MOMM is one small part of a big and powerful team. The Formation Manuals for small faith groups by our sister apostolate Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy are just one example of the powerful resources available for the continued development of your flock. Many resources are available in Spanish.

Ask MOMM for More
Make your event as memorable and grace-filled as possible by incorporating any or all of these Additional Activities:

  • Eucharistic Procession
  • Consecration to the Blessed Mother
  • Consecration to The Divine Mercy
  • Divine Mercy Image enthronement
  • Blessing of Images for Homes
  • Holy Cards for Students


Your Voice Matters
In addition to saying "yes" to a MOMM visit, your help is especially needed to get the people out! Posters and bulletin announcements are important, but the most effective way to increase attendance is for you to personally encourage your parishioners — and particularly the members of every ministry — to be there.


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