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Mother of Mercy Messengers

Planner Pack

Easy ways to plan and promote

Want to make sure your event is a success? Want everything to run smoothly? Want to reach as many souls as possible?

MOMM knows from experience what it takes, and they provide you with direction and materials to help you every step of the way. Using these resources and following MOMM's advice will save you time, avoid confusion, and make the most out of your Divine Mercy event.

All About MOMM
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Two page document explaining program options, set-up details, and promotional support. Includes short bio on Dave and Joan Maroney.

MOMM in a Nutshell
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One page "who, what, how" fact sheet. Great for meetings with pastor, parish councils, school principals, etc.

MOMM Reaches Youth
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Fascinating article ideal for conveying MOMM's youth programs to pastors, principals, youth directors, and parents.

Keys to a
Successful Event

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Start here to learn how to bring the message of The Divine Mercy to as many souls as possible.

Advertising Tips &
Promo Pointers

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Tried and proven tips that take the guesswork out of how to successfully advertise and promote your event.

Advertising Checklist
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Places and ways to advertise. Assists you in planning and tracking your promotional efforts.

Live Event Details
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Thorough explanation of who and what are needed at the parish from MOMM's arrival to departure. Answers the most common questions and helps all go smoothly. A must read!

Volunteer Checklist
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Helps you line up the help needed for every part of your event.

Exposition and
Confession Preparation

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Helpful notes for priests, sacristans, and anyone who will be preparing for or assisting in the sacramental portion of the event.

Bulletin Write-Ups
and Announcements

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A variety of write-ups for parish bulletins and announcements at Mass.

Press Release
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Just add the details about your local event and forward to newspapers and radio stations.

Letter to Parents
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Invite parents to attend MOMM youth presentations along with their children. Just fill in the information for your local event and copy on your school or parish letterhead.