Live Program Options

Divine Mercy becomes bigger than life with the help of MOMM’s big screen.

MOMM has a Program for You

MOMM has developed programs to reach all age groups and all levels of familiarity with the Divine Mercy message. Here are some suggested uses for programs.

Youth and School

Divine Mercy For Young Hearts
Uses the captivating story of Saint Faustina to highlight the greatest riches of the Catholic faith. Illuminating for adults, too.

Introduction to
Divine Mercy

The Spark
The adult and high school version of Divine Mercy for Young Hearts. An ideal kickoff for multi-day events or conferences.

Parish Renewal
or Penance Service

Tell All Souls About My Mercy
This dramatic flagship program delves into the Divine Mercy message as it brings the Diary of St. Faustina to life. Draws souls to the Sacraments.

Stations of
the Cross

St. Faustina's Way of the Cross
Traditional Stations of the Cross are each enhanced with quotes from the Diary of St. Faustina. Alone or part of an event. Ideal for Lent.


Messenger of Mercy Workshop
Learn the practical ways to live and spread the message of Divine Mercy every day.

Presentations usually take place in a church sanctuary. If a church is not available, a hall, gymnasium, or theater may be used. Programs may be used alone, combined, or in a series.  If you have any questions about fees or your special situation, contact MOMM.

Invite MOMM as Guest Speakers

Dave and Joan Maroney of MOMM are available as a team or individual speakers. They have experience addressing many topics for Womens and Mens Groups, Youth Events, Conferences, and other special events. See Themes and Specific Talks.