Divine Mercy Workshop


Learn about Divine Mercy tools and how to use them.  Invite MOMM to bring a Divine Mercy Workshop to your group or parish.

Practical ways to live the message

Presentation Length:
Generally a morning or afternoon session.
Adaptable to situation.

Suitable for all.
Recommended as an aid to parish life.

This workshop works well alone or as a followup to other Divine Mercy presentations. Adding a workshop to a conference creates memorable blend of teachings, inspiration, and practical applications.

"For example," explains Joan Maroney, "we gave this workshop one time after another speaker talked about the need for trust, forgivness, and mercy in our lives. Dave and I followed it up with the How To's — like how to forgive after being deeply wounded."

MOMM takes the lesson to the next level, and tells why we need to go to confession, sit before the Blessed Sacrament, and meditate on the Passion.

MOMM also shares testimonies about the value of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

This presentation is great for pastors who want to incorporate the message and devotion in their parishes. Here are some of the recommendation MOMM offers for parishes:

  • All those who take communion to the homebound are encouraged to bring the image of The Divine Mercy and to pray the chaplet with the communicant.
  • CCD programs are encouraged to incorporate Eucharistic adoration and the availability of confessions during class time whenever possible.
  • A Divine Mercy enthronement program is promoted for the parish church and homes.
  • MOMM promotes a parish "Confession Campaign."

MOMM also recommends related materials available from the Marians. "It's like a pots and pans demonstration," Joan says. "A demonstrator not only tells you all reasons why you need the pots or how great they are, but also shows you how to use them! I love this workshop!"

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