"The Spark" Program

Adults and teens benefit from this pictorial and dramatic introduction to the Divine Mercy message and devotion.


Truth for Youth

“'It puts you in the right mood of being willing to let Jesus into your life and to listen to what He has to tell you,' says Danielle DeLeon, also a high school student.”

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"As we read St. Faustina's Diary," says Joan Maroney, "it really amazes me how much the Lord is talking to us about the struggles we're facing in our lives these days."

"My daughter," says Dave Maroney as the voice of Jesus to St. Faustina, "be diligent in writing down every sentence I tell you concerning My mercy, because this is meant for a great number of souls who will profit from it" (Diary of St. Faustina, 1142).

A pictorial and dramatic introduction to the Divine Mercy message and devotion.

The pictorial essay "The Spark" begins with a brief biography of St. Faustina's childhood and her journey to religious life where she experienced extraordinary encounters with Christ Himself.

These encounters are brought to life through dramatic readings by Joan and Dave Maroney of MOMM. They also discuss practical applications of this message to meet and overcome critical situations facing families and the world today.

Presentation Length:
About 1 hour.

“We see that faith does not take away our troubles,” says Joan. “It just opens us to the grace we need to do the right thing.”

The Spark touches upon the major Divine Mercy themes:

  • Divine Mercy image
  • Role of suffering
  • Power of Holy Eucharist
  • Sacrament of Penance
  • Chaplet of Mercy
  • Feast of Divine Mercy.


A particularly memorable moment arrives during a musical interlude (Marty Rotella's "Touch Me Lord") as the projected images dissolve to reveal the correlation between the Shroud of Turin and the original image of The Divine Mercy.

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