"Divine Mercy For Young Hearts" Program

MOMM is flexible and has lots of experience with youth. Presentations can be tailored to grade level,
full-school participation, or mix of youth with their parents.

Principal Approved

“It's not often that a program can appeal so dramatically to such a wide range of students (pre-K through 8th grade), let alone a religious one. This was excellent!”
—Mr. C.M, Principal, San Antonio, TX

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Each presentation is a well-rounded catechism, delivered in a heartfely way that make sense.

Gentle music prepares young hearts for a moving experience. In the darkened church, illuminated images slowly appear. The Divine Mercy Image, crucifix, tabernacle, image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, or Shroud of Turin photograph help tell the story of St. Faustina Kowalska and her mystical experiences with Jesus, The Divine Mercy.

The Passion of Christ is discussed, and His wounds are pointed out on the image of the Shroud of Turin. Children are fascinated by the Shroud. Pondering the Passion reinforces an appreciation of Christ's love for each of us, and our responsibility to love others in response.

Students also learn about the special image Christ desired be painted to remind us of His mercy. Being merciful by deed, word, and prayer is discussed. The program concludes with a great act of mercy: praying the Chaplet of Mercy for the sick and the dying.

Parents, teachers, and principals are consistently amazed at the attentiveness and responsiveness of students of all ages. Students are encouraged to share what they have learned with others. (Read Can we Stay and Pray? an article about how children have responded.) For a more powerful impact, see How to Make the Most of MOMM's Visit.

The following programs can be adapted to suit your school, religious education class, or youth group.

Elementary Grades
Presentation Length:
About 60 minutes.
Students are invited to actively participate. The presentation is usually in a church, but a hall or gymnasium may be used. Elementary age students can be addressed as one group, pre-k through 8th grade, or split between the younger and older students.

Middle School
Presentation Length:
Options of 60 or 90 minutes.
Middle school students respond well to both the elementary and the high school program. Addressing this age group separately allows for age sensitive issues to be directly addressed. Life can be very confusing for adolescents. Trust in "something" is what they seek. The "Young Hearts" program helps them to know who The Divine Mercy is, and how He can heal and save when they put their trust in Him.

High School
Presentation Length:
Options of 60 or 90 minutes.
"Touch Me Lord" is the title of this dynamic presentation. Constantly faced with a culture of decadence and death, young people have a critical need to experience the love and mercy of God, especially in the midst of suffering. Being introduced to the mystical life of St. Faustina exposes students to a spiritual reality which they are eager to learn about and experience. "Touch Me Lord" begins with the same basics as for younger groups, but it concludes with one of the most powerful and moving passages from St. Faustina's diary known as the "Conversation of the Merciful God with the Suffering Soul" (Diary, 1487). This program works especially well when students and parents attend together.

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