Youth Matters

Hope & inspiration for young lives

Husband-and-wife team Dave and Joan Maroney of MOMM have presented this material since 1999 to thousands of students.

The following Events & Materials are adaptable for students in age groups from Kindergarten through High School:

Live Events
Divine Mercy for Young Hearts
The Spark

Divine Mercy Worksheets & Activities for Kids

"It has become quite clear to us," says Joan, "as well as the parents, teachers, and school administrators, that the Holy Spirit goes to work in a powerful way in these programs. (See related article.) We believe it is because young people are searching for truth and hope, and this is what they find when MOMM speaks to them." 

Whether MOMM speaks to youth in person or through their materials, their message encapsulates the fullness of the Catholic faith as conveyed through the life and mission of St. Faustina.

MOMM explains that Divine Mercy is not merely a "devotion." It is about embracing God's love and mercy, asking for it, being open to receiving it, and then reflecting that mercy toward others in deed, word and prayer.

MOMM presents young people with the reality of Christ's love for them and His desire to enter into their hearts and souls in a very real way.

Students learn that, through God's grace, particularly through the Most Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, all is possible, even in the most difficult situations. This knowledge helps young people to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

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Among the topics covered in MOMM Materials & Events:

  • Our call to sanctity
  • Saints as our role models
  • A brief overview of the life of St. Faustina
  • The mystical experiences of St. Faustina with Jesus
  • The iconography of The Divine Mercy image
  • The power of meditating on the Passion of Christ
  • The Shroud of Turin and how it relates to the Image of The Divine Mercy
  • Healing and grace dispensed through the Sacrament of Penance
  • The power of the Holy Eucharist
  • The Tabernacle — God's throne of Mercy on Earth
  • Reception of the Most Holy Eucharist
  • The promises of the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy, especially for the sick and dying
  • The promises of the Feast of Divine Mercy
  • The importance of Works of Mercy
  • The role of Trust in God