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Divine Mercy Minutes with Jesus

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By Sarah Chichester (Dec 21, 2011)
"Come, Lord Jesus, hidden in the womb of Mary!"

During the past week we've kept vigil at the side of Mary, accompanying her and Joseph to Bethlehem. With every step, our expectation and desire grow. He's coming! The Messiah!

We watch for recognition in the faces of those whom we pass on the way. Here He is — the Christ! But no one seems to notice. They don't even look at Mary and Joseph, and those who only glance at them dismiss them just as quickly.

As Mary and Joseph are turned away from the inn, we stand there in disbelief. What? Can't the innkeeper see this is the Mother of God? That she carries our Savior?

Without complaint, Mary and Joseph prepare the stable for Jesus' coming. We run to help them, and as we help we complain to Mary about the blindness of others, that they didn't even notice that Jesus is here.

She begins to tell us about the hidden Christ, Christ hidden in each of us, Christ hidden in her womb, Christ hidden in the Eucharist. Ah, how often we fail to recognize Christ in others. What pierces our hearts more, though, is when we realize how often we fail to recognize Christ in the Eucharist!

Christ fully present, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist. And how many times do we receive Him while our minds and hearts are occupied by thoughts about bills, work, or what we're going to do later in the day? Christ hungers for us. He calls to us each time He comes in the Eucharist.

Our hearts begin to burn with an even greater desire for the coming of Jesus — especially in the Eucharist. We say with St. Faustina, "Today, I prepare for the coming of the King. ... O my heart, are you aware of who is coming to you today?" (Diary of St. Faustina, 1810).

We're little, broken, but let us ardently prepare to receive Him in the Eucharist. How? Let's start with an examination of conscience and then go to confession if we're conscious of any grave sin.

Then, after reflecting on our unworthiness and observing the fast required by the Church, let us receive Jesus lovingly and reverently, "Jesus I love You. Jesus I love You. Jesus a thousand times, I love You! Thank you Jesus for coming to me. Thank you Jesus for the greatest Christmas gift — You!"

This week, this fourth and final week of Advent, as Christmas fast approaches, let us continue our cry of expectation, "Come to me, Jesus, in the Eucharist. You who comfort me in my brokenness, You who heal my wounded heart!"

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ics - Dec 24, 2009

Thanks. To love Jesus Christ, Son of God, is to adore the Eternal Heavenly Father for His remembrance and mercy in the union of the Holy Spirit. To have faith is to be witness of this faith and love and mercy. This message of God's Peace is not only for the Christians but for all the world. To return to the will of God is a choice I want and to be a blossoming fragrance of His will as His Son Jesus Christ gives us to pray in thougts , words and works. This is the time to pray with our Blessed Mother Virgin Mary, the first Church and the hoy Catholic Church. Let us run like the shepherds to the manger of Bethlehem of the Catholic Church where Jesus Christ is always present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and thank Him and receive Him with true repentance. " JESUS, I trust in You". Jesus, I love You. Happy Christmas.

Lb - Dec 23, 2009

Jesus I am so sorry I haved forgotten to see You in People and Not tell You enough How Much I LOVE You and ADORE YOU when I receive You at Mass but it has been so dark for me..Thank you for this .