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By Sarah Chichester (Nov 30, 2013)
If you have suffered the death of a loved one, if you've lost your job, or experienced financial hardship: this is the season for you.

If you are lonely, sad, sick, hurting, separated from family, whether by arguments or distance: this is the season for you.

If you are broken, weak, and tired: this is the season for you.

For the Advent season is especially suited for you and me, for the suffering in need of a Savior. As St. Faustina writes, "And of ourselves, what are we? — Less than nothing" (Diary of St. Faustina, 1655). We long for a Savior, for someone to make whole our brokenness, to comfort us as we mourn, to heal us from the ache of loneliness. Life is very difficult for many of us, and Advent allows us the time to call out to Jesus: "Come! Come! I need you!"

Note the words "Many of us ... ." Often we forget that others feel as we do. We forget in the midst of our sorrow that others are sorrowing as well. Sometimes we find it hard to see beyond the pain in our hearts, and because of it we seem so alone.

You are not alone. You are not alone in your suffering, and you are not alone in your need for Jesus.

So let's cry out together, "Come Lord Jesus! Come to me in my grief! Come to me in my joblessness, in my anxiety, in my fatigue!"

Throughout the following days, repeat this prayer to Jesus. Let us groan with all of nature for the coming of our Savior! (see Romans 8:14-28)

We need Jesus, and we long for Him.

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queen - Dec 13, 2013

Come to me Lord, fight against my enemies since I feel defeated, fight against my financial barreness, come against my heart ache and failures. Be my reference for the job I have applied, put my name in their payroll, show me favour, show my children favour. I need you father I need you God. Please rescue me from all am going through. Show me good Lord that I am not alone

Mamita - Dec 5, 2013

come to me Lord Jesus ,Come to my heart and change help me , help me resist sin and temptation.Come Jesus to my Job ,business ,come Lord Jesus and have mercy on my family members.

Patty - Dec 5, 2013

Please bring help and healing to my family and return to Holy Mother Church for my family as well. Please draw us all more closely to Your Heart. Please help me to get well enough to return to work. Please heal our broken hearts and help us with the family finances, and most importantly family conversion as well. Maranatha, Come, Lord Jesus.

maria - Dec 3, 2013

Come Lord Jesus come, I need you ..please come Lord I need you and my family needs you..especially my husband because he is lost..I need you please, I have so much anxiety that it is breaking my family apart..

debra - Dec 2, 2013

Come Lord Jesus, save me, my family, relatives, friends, neighbors and enemies from sin. Forgive my ancestors and all souls in purgatory. Grant us unwavering faith and undying love for you.

Sharon - Nov 19, 2013

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I came before your kind-self pleading you with full of hope to bless me and guide me in completing my research works promptly. This is very important as I need to graduate successful. I highly hope that my university authority would approve my appeal as a registered student. Amen. Thank you.

Judy - Mar 3, 2013

Jesus please come to me,please help me in my financial burdens I beseech you Lord to help all those in need.

Mike - Dec 18, 2012

Jesus, bring peace and healing to everyone in Newtown.

Meghan - Dec 17, 2012

Please come to me oh Lord!

Suffering UD - Dec 11, 2012

Dear Merciful Jesus and Our Merciful Mother Mary. On this CHRISTmas preparation time (Advent)may we be thankful for all you have given us. May I also ask Dear Jesus, Mary and Joseph to mend all broken families especially those who have left YOUR family.

Thesalonia - Dec 9, 2012

Come Lord Jesus come in to my broken family. Me us whole again, especially my husband. Jesus Jesus Jesus

alg - Dec 9, 2012

Come Lord Jesus and allow me to surrender everything to you, my fears, anxieties, doubts and grief. Help me release the grip I have on all the earthly things I cling to and make myself an empty vessel into which you pour your love and mercy!

Arlene - Dec 3, 2012

Lord, Emmanuel, come into my life. I need you. I love you. Amen

Kathy - Dec 2, 2012

Please help me Lord Jesus, I am missing my mom so, I am so heavy with loss, and caring for my dad, I feel alone though I have loved ones that are helping, please uplift me this season, help me to feel relief and weightlessness, O God you are merciful, have mercy on me a sinner.

chris - Dec 1, 2012

Come to me dear Lord, I am suffering from the loss of my families love especially my daughter. My heart aches and is very sad this season. I don't know what to do except pray for them all and hope if it is God's will he will change their hearts and mine.

Josephine - Feb 20, 2012

Jesu my Saviour, come to me and be at my side through time of loneliness and fear.

Romanus - Feb 10, 2012

Come lord Jesus! Come to me in my studies ,come to me in my sickness ,come to my dady in his sickness ,come to the aid of our family ,come lord Jesus to the help of your church.

Romanus - Feb 10, 2012

Come lord Jesus! Come to me in my studies ,come to me in my sickness ,come to my dady in his sickness ,come to the aid of our family ,come lord Jesus to the help of your church.

Joanne" the miserable human being" - Dec 12, 2011

Come Lord Jesus! Come and relieve my suffering! Heal my broken spirit! Help us with our financial burdens!I beseech you Lord to help all those in need, even those that don't know you or pray to you.

Deb - Dec 11, 2011

Jesus please guide me through this grief! My soul is empty without you!

Elizabeth - Dec 11, 2011

Come lord jesus, come quickly in the barren land

John - Dec 10, 2011

Come, Lord Jesus. Come to me in my sinfulness. Come to me in my self-obsessed "need" to be the center of my universe. Save me from my sin!

AnneMarie - Dec 10, 2011

awesome, Sarah!

a suffering soul - Dec 9, 2011

MARANATHA!! Come Lord Jesus Come.... Come Quickly!!