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Pope Benedict XVI has declared the year that began June 19, 2009, as a Year for Priests. The faithful are asked to pray for vocations and for the spiritual renewal of priests. We asked several of our Marian seminarians what the priesthood means to them. The following is the response from Br. Thaddeus Lancton, MIC:

I gazed at the full moon last night, the symbol of Mary. She shines the graces merited by Christ at Calvary to all people. To be a priest is to be another Mary. Offering my blood, my body, my very life for the sake of sinners, priesthood means to be another Christ.

Receiving the nails are taking the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, which bind me forever to Jesus crucified. The collar joins me to my bride; I wear no wedding ring besides the white that signifies my imitation of Christ chaste.

I cannot plan to live out the priesthood; I simply let the Holy Spirit direct me to the lost sheep. The priesthood is a business of persons; I purchase with sacrifice and love. The receipt is eternal life, where forever I will be offering praise and thanksgiving to God for so many graces.

To make a gift to help the Marian seminarians, visit marian.org/seminarians, or call 1-800-671-2020.

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Guy Bowering Jr - Dec 15, 2010

Brother Thad,

It is truly an honor to have met you personally a few years ago and now to experience the incredibly poignant words expression your intense love for Jesus, Mary, and your vocation means more than I can say! May you be blessed, brother, as I know you are a blessing!

Ray Flores - Jun 1, 2010

Thanks be to God that we have by the grace of God young men who are not affraid to answere the call of Mary, and to recieve Christ. Let us remember that Thad wants to be another Christ, in doing so he and others will be Prosecuted and false witness will come against them and those that follow Christ. Let us keep all our seminarians in prayer.

Deacon Jim McCormack, MIC - Jan 11, 2010

Dear Br. Thad,

Beautiful reflection. God bless you in your time in the Philippines!

Michael - Jan 9, 2010

I wish all the faithful would have your courage and devotion.

Ziiggy El Salvador - Jan 7, 2010

Dear Thaddeus, fine thoughts and inspiring. Cannot wait to meet you and work with you ib the Philippines -God Bless