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Experiencing His Divine Mercy in Prayer

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By Br. Leonard Konopka, MIC (Sep 25, 2006)
Saint Faustina clearly demonstrates in her Diary that one of the greatest privileges we have in life is prayer. God calls each of us into a relationship that only He can satisfy. Our Lord knows that when we invite Him in, only then will the deep longing within our hearts be assuaged. Fortunate are those who have an awareness of the void in their hearts — a void that is waiting to be filled with His love, presence, and grace.

In her Diary, St. Faustina writes how Jesus made known to her how very pleasing to Him were prayers of atonement. She quotes Him: "The prayer of a humble and loving soul disarms the anger of My Father and draws down an ocean of blessings" (320).

Jesus reveals the secret of what pleases His Father. Through our prayers of atonement, we are given an opportunity to become irresistible to God.

Our prayers of intercession for those in need are also vital in the eyes of our Lord. For instance, Our Lord gives overwhelming encouragement for praying the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy. Saint Faustina writes: "The Lord let me know that everything can be obtained by means of this prayer" (Diary, 1128). Our Lord specifically said that the dying would be assisted by our praying the Chaplet, so that they would have trust in His mercy (see 687, 834, 835, and 1797).

We also have a great opportunity for saving souls by simply praying for the conversion of the world. Our Lord said: "The prayer that pleases me most is for the conversion of sinners. This prayer is always answered" (Diary, 1397).

We see His Mercy reaching out with hope to those who are fearful. He reaches for us in order to bring us through the door to eternal life and to His eternal embrace. We need not fear any longer since He always keeps His promises.

When we want to know whether our prayers are truly benefiting others as well as ourselves, Our Lord again gives us assurance. One of the greatest proofs of His mercy is manifested in the following statement: "There is more merit in one hour of meditation on My sorrowful Passion that there is to a whole year of flagellation that draws blood; the contemplation of My painful wounds is of great profit to you and it brings Me great joy" (Diary, 369).

We can see that through no merits of our own, other than dwelling on His Passion, His mercy is extended to us to depths that are beyond human understanding. We, of course, need penances and self-mortification; yet Our Lord raises the standard of what is pleasing to Him. We are reminded of that passage in Mathew 9:13: "I desire mercy and not sacrifice."

Our Lord continues to provide us with directives on our journey to Him. Many of us struggle in bearing our crosses, overwhelmed with responsibilities that seem to have little light at the end of the tunnel. Jesus does not remove these burdens of ours, but He does help us to bear them. "When it seems to you that your suffering exceeds your strength, contemplate My wounds," He says (Diary, 1184).

In a certain way, we can become grateful to God for sending us those specific burdens and setbacks and struggles. They force us to surrender to Him. He knows how we are made and supplies the graces for us to see our utter vulnerability.

Still, how many of us find ourselves questioning why bad things happen to good people? Well, the following passage may answer those questions: "My daughter, consider these words: 'And being in agony, He prayed more earnestly.'" Saint Faustina then writes: "When I started to think about them more deeply, much light streamed into my soul. I learned how much we need perseverance in prayer and that our salvation often depends on such difficult prayer" (Diary, 157).

That passage illustrates clearly the need for continued prayer. Now consider the following passages from the Diary:

"Jesus told me that I please Him best by meditating on His Passion and by such prayer much light falls on my soul … I get a clear understanding of many things I could not comprehend before" (267).

"Divine light can do more in one moment than I, fatiguing myself for several days" (1250).

After spending three hours in what St. Faustina considered fruitless prayer and increased discomfort, she persisted, after which Jesus said: "I often wait with great graces until towards the end of prayer" (268, 145).

Note how St. Faustina had to persevere in her prayers, and only then did she receive light.

It may, likewise, take our own perseverance in prayer before Our Lord reveals to us His will. But in the meantime, be assured that He is permitting certain unpleasant events to happen to us in order that they will lead us to Him. Without His light on the subject, we may not be as open to accept all "these things," which come from His merciful heart.

The Diary contains a profound lesson on the need for continuing our effort in prayer until we become so united with Jesus that even questioning Him is no longer deemed necessary.

Let us pray with St. Faustina:

Jesus, friend of a lonely heart, You are my haven, You are my peace.
You are my salvation, You are my serenity in moments of
Struggle, amidst an ocean of doubts.
You are the bright ray that lights up the path of my life.
You are everything to a lonely soul.
You understand the soul even though it remains silent.
You know our weaknesses and, like a good physician,
you comfort and heal, sparing us sufferings - expert that You are (Diary, 247).

Brother Leonard Konopka, MIC, is on the staff of the Marian Seminary in Washington, D.C. He also provides spiritual direction, retreats, and seminars. Brother Leonard has a leaflet available that has a series of meditations on the five wounds of our Lord. The meditations are intended for use while praying the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy. Click here to order Contemplate My Wounds. He also has a CD available with the meditations on the five wounds, interspered with the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy. Click here to order A Musical Interlude.

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Michael Whitney - Feb 11, 2009

Thank you, Jesus for increasing your mercy!

Kristen - Feb 25, 2008

While I was driving about a year ago to pick up my son from school, a man in a much bigger heavier car started to try to run other cars off the road. He would swerve into their path and try to ram them. I don't know why he was doing this. I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the time while my two daughters slept. The crazy man started to come after me when he made two other cars swerve off onto exits that looked like they did not want to exit off of. All of a sudden as he was inches from ramming my bumper from behind he pulled over and stopped. I was driving over 90 mph at the time to get away, but his car was faster. Like I said, he just stopped and pulled over for no apparent reason. I continued to pray the Chaplet throughout and I'm convinced God protected us due to this.

Jo Ann Riggio, RN - Sep 27, 2006

Yes , our Lord is an Ocean of Mercy. I say the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily and the Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ Chaplet and Prayers, as well as the Rosary, etc........ If anyone is interested in learning more about the devotional prayers above which are in honor of our Lord's Five Wounds, please contact me. May the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ save us and the whole world. !

lpn - Sep 27, 2006

please help me all of you who have such devotion, when i am at my lowest the last thing i can do is pray, help me by your prayer to be able to direct myself to Jesus when i am there again, overwhelme and scared by my silly anxiety which can happen over seemingly small things such as doing exams and doing badly in two questions

Emma Pe - Sep 27, 2006

Hello & peace be with you---i feel we are not doing enough to let the people know about the message of the Divine Mercy - we give a 2day symposium-we invite Don DeCastro from the Philippines as the speaker (dynamic speaker) he was formed by the Marians-Stockbridge i think 1996 - he attended the "FORTHNIGHT" and he was commissioned to propagate the message--i wish you can bring him around or somebody---we invite him here in Los Angeles California at least once or twice a year to give DM symposium and people are overwhelmed by the message (heres their question) howcome we did'nt know this---everybody is grabbing the Diary of St Faustina --- its conversion (im one of them) 10years ago i was a "dead catholic" but now i want everybody to know the message - learning & praying the chaplet is not enough - SOULS need to hear the message---i wish we can have a big event like in a convention center--we usually do it in a Parish Hall - we give out thousands of flyers but only few respond 20-30-40-60 people--its sad-we are planning to invite him back in March next year and do it at MariottHotel---please pray for that--the rest will be at Parish Hall--the one who attended recently want it in their parish-so by January they will get the venue (approval from the pastor)---our main problem is financial ($) Don DeCastro is running a 24/7 TV Channel in the Philippines and full time doing DM propagation---i wish a rich man will discover him and give him support financially---he is the one who in 1985 let all the radio-tv station say the 3O'clock habit--so if you go to the Philippines at 3PM everybody-everywhere pause and say the prayer (mall/bank/school name it)**lets talk more later--i need to get some advise/ideas how to get people to attend---

Helene - Sep 27, 2006

This article was very encouraging to me not to give up praying even if I don't 'feel' God's presence, to rely on Jesus' promises to St. Faustina and not be discouraged by my own feelings of inadequacy.

kathleen - Sep 27, 2006

Thank you for the article! I have read the Diary many times and each time I read it I find something new. I wish everyone would read it! The message is very simple: Trust in God, surreneder to Him and leave the rest in His hands.

Pat - Sep 27, 2006

Oh Lord have mercy on us all, You are the God Hero!

fran - Sep 27, 2006

i live in florida and it saddens me that so many of our catholic priests here have never heard of st faustina or divine mercy..I try to tell them but they say the mass is the highest form of devotion ..How can I spread gods mercy here

Jeff Johnson - Sep 27, 2006

I was helped so much by these remarks. I pray the Chaplet every morning while I run; usually, I pray it after my Rosary.

I try to read her diary, but honestly, I feel like such a loser in comparison. Faustina had such a tender love for Christ; it astonishes me every time I pick it up

Joseph - Sep 27, 2006

Thanks for the article! Prayer is the key. It's our open connection to God.