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Friend of the Month: Kent Bois

Just Trust in God, and He'll Help Hammer Out the Details

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By Kent Bois

My wife and I have been devoted to Divine Mercy for many years. Indeed, God's mercy has been a mainstay in our house, though, at times, I've been too thick-headed to even see it! Allow me to explain.

We have always intended our home to be a house of mercy. We even consecrated our house to God and vowed that whomever He wants in our home — whether they be foster children, friends, or even family members in need — we will take care of them. There have been many over the years. It has gotten a little snug at times, but we've managed.

My wife and I have three kids. We wanted more, but we weren't able to conceive any more. Then, two years ago, through the foster-care program, our Merciful Lord sent us two little girls. The first was about three months old. She was in the hospital and was in pretty rough shape, medically. The second girl was only two days old. Both desperately needed good, loving parents and would probably be available for adoption.

Then, things got interesting. The social worker told us that, under state regulations, our house didn't have enough bedrooms for us to adopt the two girls. Unable to build an addition by our own means, we started to look for grants or possible donors that might want to help. Our pastor spearheaded a fundraiser, which raised an amazing $25,000! So what was my reaction? At first, I was elated and overwhelmed . But then I started focusing on the funds that we still needed to finish the project, and I became anxious and worried.

A year went by as we had lost the chance to start building due to winter. This past spring, we knew we had to start building even if we did not have all the funds. What does God do this time? He arranged for me to meet a wonderful young couple from California who were visiting the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA, where I work. We spent time together, and really enjoyed each other's company.

Soon after the couple returned home, the man — his name is John Belies — called and said he wanted to donate a month of his time to help me build the addition. Oh, did I mention he's a building contractor? But once again, after my initial amazement, what did I do? I focused on the negative. I started thinking, "What if John can't finish in the time he's here?"

After about a week of all this negativity, I was sitting in the adoration chapel in my parish and thinking about how uncomfortable I was with my attitude. I knew I was wrong to be worrying about what I didn't have. God must have sent the Holy Spirit because, suddenly, my attitude changed. I asked myself, How many people are given $25,000, then sent a builder just when they need one? The answer: no one!

I started to really see how much God's mercy was at work. Has He given us all we need all at once? No. Do we still have needs? Yes. But, for every step we take in faith, God has blessed us. I have learned to be thankful for the miracles of mercy He is sending.

By the way, did I mention my hours at work were switched? Now I have off on the days that my friend can work. God even arranged that little detail for me!
If all goes well, and I'm betting it will, our addition should be finished by Christmas — about the time our social worker says our two foster children's adoptions may go through. So can God bless a spiritually thick-headed man like me? Yes, He can! Jesus, I trust in You!

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ss - Feb 27, 2007

may your faith help me increase mine
i saw the picture of divine mercy for the very 1st time in india at my cousin's house -iwas a teenager & she explained - this is very powerful ...
over the yrs i grew / married - had faith but nothing specific to divine mercy
3 yrs ago - i became pregnent ( i already had 2 children -didn't ever think i needed another ) i was over come with frustrations
i expected the worst - that either some thing horroble would happen to me or there would be a problem with the baby
not knowing what to even pray i just used to say the chaplet on my way back from work
i have this bouncy naughty full of life 3 yrs old who we all literally worship...
i still worry ...
health / finances children's studies / job etc etc
so now i started saying the chaplet again regularly on my way to work
i started the 1st week of lent 7 my resolve is to say the chaplet at least thru out lent & may be every day if possible

Juan - Feb 24, 2007

I have read all the comments, I just want to add that please don't lose faith, for god is with us 24 hours a day he knows what actions we need and what direction we need to follow he will never let's down. So please be patient and it will come.

lalan - Oct 21, 2006

I am very devoted to the Divine Mercy and pray alot, although, when my problems are never ending and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, I doubt if my prayers are being heard.
But I keep on praying and wait and try to listen to what He has to tell me in His own time and in His own way, then I am filled with hope and courage, because I know He is listening to me.

Kent - Oct 16, 2006

Respond to VTS
I will add your intentions in our family rosary. I know you have faith, ask God to increase it.

Kent - Oct 16, 2006

Responding 0-4 I was just telling my nephew, who is staying with us as he needed some help, that when you surrender to God look out because things can get pretty interesting. This was in reference to our accepting a 'hotline' baby boy foster child who needs a place for a couple of weeks.

VTS - Oct 9, 2006

I do know God works in mysterious ways. He has never let me down, but like you I am filled with worry. Let me explain. We built a house so my elderly mom could live with us. The contractor was less than cooperative with items (significant) that needed to be addressed. I tried to resolve them amicalby but to no avail. I have hired a lawyer who is very expensive yet has an excellent reputation. I have asked for guidance, but I am filled with fear about things getting financially out of control. All I want is what was promised in our contract. I guess I just needed to share. Thanks for listening.

jjleonard - Sep 29, 2006

How wonderfull for you!

My wife and I adopted a baby girl, that turned into 2 girls and a boy. My wife then conceived and gave birth to a son!(after years a infertility)

We now have 4 children in our home. We went from 0 to 4 in a year or so.

God is mercifull and also has a sense of humor!

God Bless You.