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Fr. Frank invites Yadira to share with the congregation the story of how she came back to the abortion facility after Shaelyn was born and held a sign proclaiming how grateful she was that she did not abort this child.

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Jesus said to St. Faustina, "I demand from you deeds of mercy, which are to arise out of love for Me. ... You must not shrink from this or try to excuse or absolve yourself from it" (Diary of St. Faustina, 1317). The following story shows the fruits of such mercy — how hearts can be changed.

by Fr. Frank Pavone, MEV

God chose us in Christ, before the world began, to be holy and blameless in his sight (see Eph 1:5).

On Saturday, July 12 I had the joy of baptizing three babies, chosen by God from all eternity to live. A cause of particular joy and celebration was that two of these babies were rescued from abortion. Their mothers had gone to an abortion mill in Allentown, Penn., but sidewalk counselors intervened and helped them to find the strength to say no to abortion and yes to life.

The church was filled with pro-life advocates, including the sidewalk counselors who intervened, and all were immersed in the joy of the victory of life. Once this ceremony was scheduled, I announced it nationally, not only so that as many people as possible could come, but also so that the whole pro-life movement could be encouraged by this celebration of victory.

Yadira, one of the mothers who turned away from abortion had already gone into the facility. But a few moments later she found the strength to come out, because she looked at an image on a brochure that one of the sidewalk counselors gave her. That image showed an aborted child. It revealed the reality of what abortion does to a baby, and Yadira knew she could not do that to her baby.

And so her baby Shaelyn, along with baby Brandon, also rescued from abortion, were blessed, anointed, and bathed in the waters that make an end of sin and a beginning of eternal life.

These babies, once marked for abortion and inscribed in a scroll of death, now have their names inscribed in the Book of Life. During the ceremony, I preached about how the Church and the pro-life movement say to these mothers and fathers, "I am with you." We come to their side, rescuing them from despair and giving them the strength to do what is right.

We help them to see through the lies of the devil. In fact, in the baptism ceremony, everyone renews the vows of their own baptism. The question resounded through the church:

"Do you reject Satan?"

"I do!" the response thundered back.

"And all his works?"

"I do!"

"And all his empty promises?"

"I do!"

Jesus taught that the works of the devil are lies and murder. Abortion continues because of the lie, the empty promise, that freedom can be found by killing a baby.

We renounced this lie together, and we baptized the babies together. There is no such thing as a private baptism. The Church's ritual calls for baptism to be celebrated as a communal event. The whole Church welcomes the lives that God has chosen from all eternity. His choice is more important than ours, and comes before ours. We choose life because God has already chosen to entrust us to the care of each other.

On July 12, we joyfully affirmed God's choice for Shaelyn and Brandon.

Father Frank Pavone, MEV, a friend of the Marians, is national director for Priests for Life. This article first appeared in priestsforlife.org and has been posted here with Fr. Pavone's permission.

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Ann - Aug 21, 2008

Praise God. Thanks for the counselors who were there when she went to have the abortionl.

P - Aug 11, 2008

The basic truth that God alone IS The Author of our lives and the trust that even in the midst of so much pain and suffering in the world, life can be good for the love to be given and recieved have to be the counter points when the devil comes in bringing fear of The Cross , for the child as well as for the parents !
'Get behind me satan!' - our Lord's harsh rebuke to St.Peter - may it ring out in many more hearts !

May the hope and joy of being able to choose for our Lord , time and again , in the lives of the parents and the children and the aid of the prayers of the saints, be the strenght !

MARIA - Aug 8, 2008

Yadira, God bless you for keeping your baby.You will realize how nice it is to be a mother. Your child will give you so much happiness and joy. A child is a gift from God and I am very happy that you accepted that gift from God.
Treasure your bundle of joy. Remember to love your baby unconditionally.I have 5 kids and I adore them. Because of them, now I am a grandmother of 6 lovely and adorable grandchildren.
Think of this,if you had an abortion, you will never be a grandma someday. You just do not know how wonderful it is to be a grandma.
God bless you and your baby always.
Take care!

Rhonda - Aug 6, 2008

As I read this article I cry, You will forever be closer to God, he called out to you and you heard. You will look at your child as a blessed gift,as what could have been, was intervenied. My husband and I could not have children after my husband gave a kidney to his brother, I thought for sure we would be blessed with a child, we stilll struggled, finally 7 years later, we received a call from a young mother from an Abortion clinic, afraid,crying,she asked if we wanted to adopt her baby and she would leave... I was at work- of couse I said-leave immeadideatly!-months later, and now our daughter ( THE BOSS) is 15 years old, 4.0, competes in dance, has a voice that sings from the angels, and dreams to be a surgeon, and volunteers at the hospital and her heart is with the children and elderly people, I know I am glouting as her mother, but deep inside I know she at one brief time was not going to be given a chance in life.But now OTHERS will be blessed with her presence becasue of the love of her Birthmother she rethought-they met a couple of years ago with a huge hug and tears. strangly our daughter always gives reports at school on human rights, and I came from a childhood of sexual abuse- I awalys tell her we are all born of God, we are all here to do his will and give in love for others, we just need the chance. Bless you "Yadira and your baby, as your action of love will show to others what God has done for us.

Steph - Aug 6, 2008

Thank you for a wonderful article. Praise be to God!!