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Good, Good Father

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By Marc Massery (Nov 12, 2018)
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Turn to any page of the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska and you find spiritual gems. Like this one:

God, how much I desire to be a small child. You are my Father, and You know how little and weak I am. So I beg You, keep me close by Your side all my life and especially at the hour of my death. Jesus, I know that Your goodness surpasses the goodness of a most tender mother (242).

A small child cannot do anything on his own. He needs to be fed, clothed, washed, taught — completely cared for. We consider anything less from a parent a form of neglect.

Good fathers want nothing more than for their children to be happy and healthy. At the same time, good fathers do not shield their children from the adversities of life, but with loving support teach them how to overcome.

So if God is our Father and if His goodness surpasses that of the most tender mother, then what do we have to fear?

Imagine if a child did not have a father at all. Or imagine if a child falsely believed that his loving dad wanted to hurt him. How sad of a situation that would be! Unfortunately, that's how many people in this world live, and that's how we often act. Instead of leaning on the care of our Father, in our weakness we try to do things on our own hoping in our own strength.

And we fail.

But when we fail, we do not need to worry for a moment. We just need to turn back to the Father and ask Him to take care of everything.

And He will.

The Holy Spirit says to us today: If only you knew how weak and little you are. If only you knew how good and loving my Father is. Rely on Him for everything. Ask Him to take care of you, trusting in His goodness, and He will intervene in the best possible way.

My prayer: Jesus, sometimes I try to do things on my own instead of relying on You. When I fail, help me not get discouraged. Instead, let me realize my own littleness, turn to You in trust, and watch as you make everything alright.

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