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Photo: Courtesy of the Hynes family

I Met Jesus in a Nurse Named Janice

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By Julie Camp

Our precious son Daniel was killed in a car accident on Easter morning, April 20, 2003. It was a devastating experience, but one that brought my family and I closer to the Lord. We have one woman to thank. Her name is Janice Hynes, of Kenner, La., and she works as a patient liaison in the hospital where Daniel's body was taken.

Janice was wearing a Divine Mercy pin. When she saw how my family and I were suffering upon the news of my son's death, she took the pin off and pinned it to my shirt.

About four days after the accident we received a card and a letter from Janice. In it, she offered soothing words. "The faith and love of your family was so evident that many of the emergency room staff have commented on it," she wrote. "We see much death, but rarely such beauty and love."

She also wrote how her heart was broken for us, and had it not been for the professional air a nurse must carry, she too, would have broken down crying with us.

But she also offered another message — one of hope, one that has brought my family and I a great deal of comfort. She informed us she carried the first-class relic of St. Faustina discreetly on her while she was with Daniel and us. She informed us that St. Faustina was there with us, interceding for Daniel and us. In fact, Janice had been praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy shortly before she got beeped that Daniel was arriving at the hospital.

In addition to bringing us great comfort, her letter helped us to focus on the fact that God is still in control. Even though he allowed Daniel to leave us at the age of 18, we knew it was the divine work of God to have Janice there that painful evening. Since Daniel had already died when he arrived at the hospital, he did not receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Last Rites. The news Janice revealed to us not only brought us great comfort, but also showed God's divine power and love.

Since Daniel's death, we pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at least once a day. I have given the tape of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with the meditations of St. Faustina to 25 or more people. I have also given out almost 100 of the little pamphlets that contain revelations from St. Faustina.

For months after the accident it was so obvious God was giving us signs He is with us. Even while shopping one time, I came across a little card with a picture of St. Faustina, and under it were the words about her mission — that she would draw aside the veil of heaven to convince humanity of God's goodness. I knew that was exactly what was happening and continues to happen.

Whenever people ask me how I am doing, I tell them that by praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily, meditating on the passion of Our Lord, I ask Jesus to help me to carry my cross as He carried His cross. I join my sufferings to the sufferings of Jesus and offer all my sufferings to Our Heavenly Father for the salvation of souls. I think that knowing our suffering can in some way have value — that it allows us to participate in God's divine plan of redemption — helps us to carry this deep pain in our hearts and souls.

Jesus told St. Faustina: "I am not surprised, My daughter, that you cannot understand this now: Because your heart is overflowing with pain and longing for Me. Your vigilance pleases me. Let My Word be enough for you: it will not be long now" (Diary of St. Faustina, 1787).

Our family met Our Lord Jesus in His nurse of Divine Mercy, Janice Hynes. We are eternally thankful to Him and to her.

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mary sumalinog - Feb 17, 2008

I for one lost a son his name is Benson Sumalinog Jr. who was onboard on a shipthat time ,this coming March 31 will be his 4th year death anniversary,Yes it was a devastating pain that I have experience.for it was also a tragic death,he was murder on the ship bound in Durban,South Africa,He was able to communicate me before his death,I have no signs that he will be gone with no return after 2days,I was able to save the texts he wrote during last of his days,this are my precious memories that left behind.I ask God "why"give me a sign,the sign was My son sent dreams for 3times always at 3:00 dawn,that he was killed,in the ship.My life now revolves with my Divine Mercy Apostolate here in Davao City,Philippines,for I know my son loves and want me to do.so when I read this article I was touched and feel the pain.God bless us all.

J Stolle - Jan 28, 2007

What a beautiful message that Nurse Janice passed on to this grieving family. It does show how Our Lord works in mysterious ways. I too pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday, and I hope all those that I have given the Diary of St. Faustina to will continue to pray for all the peoples of the world for reconciliation of heart and mind. God Bless this family and may they to continue to spread the Word of Our Dear Lord and Saviour.

THE CHAPLET - Nov 26, 2006

without IT (THE CHAPLET)my sorrow would be unbearable..