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If God is so Merciful, Why do the Innocent Suffer so Much?

Answers to Your Questions About Divine Mercy

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By Dr. Robert Stackpole, STD (Nov 29, 2006)
Not long ago I received a most poignant letter from a man named "Mr. Weaver," who poured out his heart on a subject that touches all of us at one time or another: the mystery of innocent suffering. Mr. Weaver wrote:

I have a few questions I need to ask. I have read a lot about the Divine Mercy and I recite the Chaplet every day. Now, according to Sister Faustina's Diary, Jesus told her that no one was excluded from His mercy. Also, He promised us we'd get whatever we ask of Him by reciting this chaplet.

I have put my trust in Him and asked for His help. My health has been poor in recent years and I cannot work. I've tried, believe me. I applied for Social Security disability but don't seem any closer to getting it than the day I first applied back in 2001. I also applied for Medicaid to help with medical treatment I desperately need. I still haven't been approved for that either. These are the things I have asked Jesus to help me with. My situation is desperate and it is really frustrating not getting the help I ask for.

Although Jesus did say that no one was excluded, how can we be sure? I'm not asking for anything I don't really need (financial help and medical treatment) yet where is His mercy? And Jesus did say we'd get whatever we ask for through His chaplet. Of course, He did attach strings to that. What we ask for must be in accordance with His will. Okay. My health problems are quite serious and need to be treated, and how could getting treatment not be in accordance with His will? Look in Matthew where Jesus told His apostles about the birds of the air and the flowers of the field. He told us the Father cared more about us than the birds and the flowers, and would always provide for our needs. "Seek first the kingdom of God and these things will be added to you." Well, I have been seeking God's kingdom, so where is the help I need? Medical treatment is a very basic need, and Jesus did promise help with these needs.

Mr. Weaver, I read your letter several times over, and my first, second, and third reaction was the same: you sound a lot like me. I have a 10-year-old daughter who was bullied in the first school we sent her to, so we switched schools, and she was bullied in the second one, too. After a year and a half we took her out of that school, and six months later started her in yet another one. Things went OK the first year, but as her fellow students realized that she was a straight-A student and a brain-box, they started to ostracize her there, too. Last week her belongings in school were vandalized. As usual, the school does virtually nothing to help or protect her. And so on it goes...

My little daughter's social sufferings (by the way, she has never done an ill deed to anyone at any school she has attended) have been the object of countless novenas, chaplets, and even pilgrimages by her mom and grandma — all, it seems, to no avail. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I look up at the sky and ask: "Lord, do you still work for a living? Why can't you DO something? Is a little humane treatment of my daughter by her peers too much to ask?" I shudder to think what kind of lasting damage she will suffer to her sense of self-worth as a child of God.

In short, Mr. Weaver, I know and share your feelings of frustration with divine providence. Often, I just cannot figure out what our allegedly merciful Lord is up to. It does not make much sense to me, and it makes me really angry at times. And when I look at the Bible, I am in good company. Read Psalm 77 on this, or the book of Job, or the Lamentations of Jeremiah. They couldn't always figure God out either. Even Jesus felt that way on the Cross: "My God, my God, Why have you forsaken me?" (Mark 15:34).

So, what is God up to when He permits innocent people to suffer — prolonged, grinding misery — and prayerful appeals to His mercy seem to fall on deaf ears? I honestly don't know.

But I have to set what I do not know against what I DO know. There IS a God of infinite power and wisdom and goodness; I know enough philosophy to be sure that we have very strong rational grounds for believing in the existence of an all-knowing, all-powerful Creator of this universe. And I know that Jesus Christ was and is the true Son of God; I know enough historical evidence about Jesus to be able to say beyond a reasonable doubt that He was not a liar nor a lunatic, but just who He claimed to be. In addition to all that, I have known and experienced Him personally — His merciful and undeserved love for me — in the gospels, in the Blessed Sacrament, in prayer, in times of solitude, in the sun rising in the morning, and the wind rustling the trees, in His whisper in the depths of my heart, calling me to do good and shun evil. So I have met Him: I cannot deny that. No matter how far away He may seem to be at times, I cannot deny that I have known Him when He was near!

I wish I could understand why the infinitely powerful and merciful God has not granted my prayers about my little daughter — an innocent sufferer for sure. I wish I could understand why He does not grant your prayers for medical aid in a way that, to us, seems only merciful and right. But I can't fully understand these things. I just know that He knows so much more than we do — infinitely more — and He sees so much more than we see. Saint Paul wrote: "all things work together unto good to them that love God" (Rom 8:38). Saint Paul did not promise that we would be able to SEE how all things work out for good to those who trust God — only that they will. Only in heaven shall we see all things clearly, and all the reasons why (I Cor 13:12).

That's why the heart of St. Faustina's spirituality is not the Chaplet, or the Image, or the Feast, but the simple signature at the bottom of the Image: "Jesus, I trust in You." It means that we need to trust either that Jesus will grant us what we ask for in faith, or if not that, then He will grant whatever He knows is best for us, which somehow, some way, must be better for us than we could either ask or imagine. It has to be — just because He Is.

Got a question? E-mail me at [email protected].

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Anon - Aug 6, 2019

Suffering - God permits it, Satan does it. If there was any less painful way to cure us of our selfishness (great or small) we are all born with then my guess is that He sure would do it that way. He is after all Our Loving Father you know, and it would be clearly very much less painful for Him too! What good Father likes to see His child suffer? The story of Job is the clear example. God (you might say with tears in His eyes) permitted Satan to mercilessly, cruelly and brutally torture Job. Job ultimately exercised patience in the end and was cured of the remaining and very dangerous flaws of his soul and was raised to a better, safer, healthier and more wonderful state. God permitted it out of love because, sadly, there was no other way and God, out of love, put a limit on Job's suffering and God mysteriously assisted Job in his suffering, although to Job it may have very well seemed he received no help at all, but just the opposite. That's my guess. I'm certainly not going to judge any of the completely unfathomable, unsearchable, bottomless and mysterious designs of God. It's not my place to do so as if I was God and I knew everything. When in doubt, I always give God the FULL and ABSOULUTE benefit of the doubt, that's the safest way. What do I, who is nothing more than an infinitesimally small and puny speck, truly and really know compared to God??? TO GOD???? Who am I to judge GOD????

Chris Mill - Jun 9, 2019

My friend is a devoted catholic and says god will protect her! I admire her faith but when I read an 8 day old baby raped and murdered why did that happen? She are innocent animals and babies tortured and murdered? How if god can stop it? How can I ask to be protected when this happens please help me understand!

Mr.E - Apr 9, 2019

Jesus being God and innocent voluntarily subjected himself to injustice, violence and suffering, So if God chose for this to happen to himself there must be a very big purpose we cant grasp! We are sown in corruption and raised incorruptible! We are like seeds being sown in a big manure pile. Look at the elements in nature, those formed under the greatest of pressure are the most rare and valuable... This life feels hard and unfair and often disgusting... but the end product has yet to be revealed, would faith have value if it were easy? God bless.

Rana - Jan 9, 2019

So that when he destroys Satan and the wicked no one can possibly say it is not justified. So that when he says do things the way I told you we have myriad examples of how being disobedient ruins everything not just for us but for others and how much we need his help and to follow his good guidance. Sometimes I imagine that he will roll back the scroll of time back to the garden of Eden or even before, but wants Adam to see what would happen should he eat the fruit. Certainly, Adam would make the right decision then. But back from the fantasy, there are people out there who think sin and the devil is not that bad, or that he is the good guy somehow. But when you think of an innocent child being abused and murdered he is responsible for that. God is letting Satan come to the full of his crimes so that evil will be evil and good will be shown to be good no question about it. God needs us to realize that sin is leading to death, and gives us time to choose life. The suffering of the innocent is a consequence of sin. Unfortunately, not necessarily their sin. So forget asking why God doesn't do something and realize that when we do the wrong and fail to do the right there are consequences. We humans are more powerful and responsible for our world than we want to admit. For example, if the government gave rules that garbage should be disposed properly and your community decided not to obey and the garbage piled up and incident children became sick and died while the government could have come to clean the neighborhood do you blame the government? No. The government will however eventually come to clean if the need persists, and also to give out punishments for the offence and the neglect that allowed innocent children to die because the rules were already made and that community chose to disobey.

Daganerabus - Aug 30, 2018

Personal philosophy or analogy:

An Angel once asked God; "How do I know that I am an Angel of Light?"
God replied; "First My Child, go to the farthest reaches of the Darkness, then return home to me."

I do know that in life; we cannot have one without the other. We cannot fully understand and appreciate love without experiencing hate and some sufferings.

Truly, there are many philosophies and analogies...

But in all honesty; I too, am conflicted spiritually.

Mike - Jul 17, 2018

God is Love but God is also Reason. Our existence here has to make sense if it is to have meaning. And without meaning there would be no purpose; life would be ridiculous and ultimately, for intelligent beings, pathetic. Meaningless and in fact. So the suffering and evil prove the existence of God. Leaving us with purpose and meaning, which is beautiful.

Mental anguish - May 27, 2018

I've been suffering spiritual for almost a year now and I wonder will the suffering finally come to a end so that I can happily go on with my life

Charlotte - Mar 11, 2018

Paul's comment a little below mine does a good job of summing up the frustrations and concerns many of us have regarding deistic religion.

I keep looking for and reading religious arguments and justification--apologia, I guess you could say--for the classic "problem of evil" and I have yet to find a satisfactory explanation for a supposedly benevolent, all-powerful creator who cares and who answers (some) prayers, yet allows many to suffer right up until they die. There are children around the world praying for deliverance from war, from abuse, from sex trafficking. Their prayers are not answered.

If there is a God, it seems that this entity is as capricious and cruel as any alien being from a Stargate movie or a Star Trek episode. And the heroes in those stories don't bend the knee to such beings. They say NO to the tyranny and injustice.

And that includes saying NO to "passing by on the other side", as Jesus put it in his parable of the good Samaritan. Praying for things to get better is a cop-out, a "passing by on the other side." The Samaritan, it must be remembered, did not tell the beaten and robbed man left to die on the road "my thoughts and prayers are with you" (as so many parents must hear from morally compromised politicians whenever another group of children are sacrificed to the almighty gun lobby). He did not "have faith" for God to do something. He got off his mount and helped the victim.

Maybe that's what we as people need to do--stop concentrating so much time and energy in theoretical beings who demand tribute in exchange for little-to-nothing, and get off our mounts and DO something.

David - Mar 7, 2018

God is good

Paul - Feb 23, 2018

You people often approach this thorny and intractable problem from the wrong end. The question you should be asking is not "why didn't God intervene", but rather, "why did God create a world and then deliberately subject it to evil and corruption"? Before anyone jumps in with Adam and Eve, there are troubling aspects of that story which seem to suggest that Adam and Eve were doomed to fail, that God lied, and the parallels with Pandora's Box of Greek mythology. In my mind, if I must hear responsibility for my sins, then God must also bear responsibility for introducing evil on this planet. With each passing year, humanity becomes a little more corrupted. Those who suffer because of this are innocent children and animals, and the elderly and infirm. God shows no sign of bringing this ailing planet to its end, and humanity shows no sign of becoming more spiritually aware. So therefore we have a situation which can only get worse, especially for the innocent and those who try to follow a faith or philosophy. We can sit on our hands and keep muttering 'have faith' to ourselves, but that's about all we can do, because it is nigh on impossible to wake humanity up. It is too busily engaged in building up its funeral pyre.

Angelo - Sep 28, 2017

My mother was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer last August. All her life, I witness how she searched for the "kingdom of God", she goes to church every sunday, she always thank God for all the blessings , she always asked for forgiveness, she never missed praying the rosary. She did nothing but to care for her family, to care for us her children and her grand children. When My father got sick, I saw how she devotedly cared for her husband until my father passed away last February. And now , she's just recovering from that pain of loosing her beloved husband, it hit us all like a lighting that she has already a stage 4 cancer. Why ? God could have at least let her live for a while with us, see her grandchildren grow. At least He could have given us a sign about her illness at an early stage so we could have done something to save her. Why now? If God is so merciful and loving, why did he let such things happen to good people?

All I Wanted From God - Jul 20, 2017

All that i ever wanted from God was for him to bless a good man like me with a good wife and family that i still don't have today.

Ben - May 7, 2017

... "If I were to use my logic, His intervention and protection convey love. Enduring such suffering, for a good that might not be revealed is a tough faith-pill to swallow. "

Well said. Exactly. It makes no sense.

And for me its not the ordinary pain that I question. A little pain can be good when it's teaches us, fosters gratitude, love, etc.

Its the completely senseless acts especially to the innocent that I don't understand. What could possibly be the justification? Or the necessity of this??

How can we dismiss what we see and just contInually say .. "oh well, it'll make sense later on??"

How can we dismiss being a person who's humbled, loving, and caring left, and the thanks you get are more problems, issues, left only to weep helplessly in despair?

These are all fair questions.

We didn't ask to be born either. How do we make reasonable and satisfiable sense of this, but yet expect to continue living with peace and a healthy sense of wellbeing??

The only half way comforting answer I get is they went to a better place. Yet, the more you wonder it makes you think if heaven or hell is really just all here on earth? After all... why would we be here? Why would it be such a significant thing?

It makes no sense that we would be here for such a short time and have to "earn" our way to a completely separate place of bliss based upon a certain set of "rules" restrictions, and guidelines.

I'm not saying there isn't a god or a creator. And I am not saying that there is not a heaven of bliss after we pass which I certainly hope there is.

But while we are here we need the right questions based upon on what we see if we want to better understand why or the reason these things happen so we can live with some sort of peace of mind and inspiration to move forward.

We should all be at a point to where we don't take life so seriously either, and that we have no fear when ending up in bad situations.

We can also live to create the world we want for our children too. I certainly don't have a clue what to teach them...tell them... or what to inspire them..

jeff m. - Apr 19, 2017

I hope my recent experience can shed some positive light on the doubters.
If you've ever seen the movie "Love Story", then you know what I mean when I say I just lived it for the last year and a half.
Being both in our late fifties, the likelihood of meeting anyone is slim, but we did. In retrospect, a divine intervention for sure.Our relationship quickly meshed in all ways. Bliss, finally has arrived in our lives.
She was diagnosed with terminal metastatic breast cancer one week after we met. Condensing a year of hospital trips, many painful procedures, enjoying the moments we could together.
I lost a pretty good job after the year. A blessing ! We get to spend the holidays together, manage a trip south, side by side for 6 months, 24-7.
After caring ,loving, and watching her deteriorate to being there for her last breath, certainly leaves you with some questions to God. She was the most generous, loving, caring, respected woman i ever met. I am still guided by her in my daily life, my beliefs in the Trinity, how to respect that gift of life we are given here on Gods planet created for us. Everyone dies, some suffer as Christ did only to be raised to Heaven in eternal peace. Death and suffering are a part of life. lIve happy, healthy, kind and respectful to others. Thats what God wants. Do this and you too will live in peace forever. I now know this.

Lisa - Apr 5, 2017

That sounds like a bunch of carp to me. I used to have faith, and hope and prayed for everyone. Yet since I was brought into this world it has been nothing but heartbreak,struggle and pain. For so many years to have my prayers fall on deaf ears has now lead me to believe that there is no God. No powerful and loving being. There's nothing but people putting false hopes into something that really doesn't exist. I'm sorry just my personal opinion on the matter!

David Z - Feb 12, 2017

What is the bottom line of God's plan? Why the sufferings, what's the point in praying? Why did Jesus have to die when God knew what was going to happen. What is the point of all this?

mamoun mohamed mukhtar - Dec 10, 2016

i will approach this subject from a different angle , yes there is god and he exists other wise from where all these creation has come? nothing can not come out from nothing , god is all knowledge all power all wisdom all merciful? sure he is , contradiction why then he allowed sin to enter and sufferings to continue and all evils to take place? easy questions as these are the ways to pay for our sins , but if i am innocent why should i suffer and pay ? you believe you are innocent but what about last lives you lived before this life time ? who knows ? can you tell what was the origin of your sinning soul some time back in the process? does that mean that god is punishing us through them sufferings ? the answer is no as god is the absolute moral , but at least he can stop sufferings and evil?, yes he can do and also able to do , but why he will not do ? let me explain now first you came from somewhere only god knows about your origin and back ground you may sinned before or after your birth and you did not repent so god will have no guard of you and you will be exposed then you have to confront the devils ,evils and all sufferings of life until you totally surrender to god and humble before him then he will guard you again and you are safe , gut when that will happen ? it depends on your response , but suppose iam ignorant about my sins and also i do not know about my past lives why should i held responsible ? in your past lives you had the religions at the time , you half conscious built into your system to understand what is right and what is wrong you inherited wisdom's from your ancestors , you have brain to discern things to think ,realize ,experience all facilities are there ,what is the excuse then ? , no way come back to god totally and no more sufferings or evils , if it comes to any body a belief like that then this is the end time about which every body is asking when? at this point hod purpose is fulfilled

anon - Oct 16, 2016

Please pray that very soon everyone, starting with myself, completely orders themselves correctly in their mind and will by a great trust in God's Mercy and stops preventing God's Boundless Mercy from fully entering into themselves and all the world. We are are own worst enemies. If we all were as wise as we are foolish, this world would be a paradise in anticipation.

Suffering has a purpose, it is for the salvation of souls - Sep 15, 2016

I agree that God has infinite power, wisdom and mercy; and that we have to keep trusting Him regardless of the suffering we experience. He knows what is best for us and sometimes that best thing is suffering. Because of the well-being-seeking society we live in, we tend to think suffering is all bad, however though Saint Faustina's diary I am starting to understand that suffering can also be good when it is offered up to God to cleanse our souls and for the salvation of other people's souls, and when we unite our suffering with the suffering of Jesus. I highly recommend you to read Saint Faustina's diary, the path God made her walk had a lot of suffering, not just for her soul but also for other souls; also read about Saint Pio of Pietrelcina who suffered continual agony; so many saints have suffered so much that we can't expect the path to Heaven to be free from suffering. Also, please meditate about the suffering of Jesus, if God Father allowed his Son to suffer like that is because it was the best; besides the intense suffering of His Passion, I imagine His life in earth wasn't easy either because since His birth nobody was receiving his pregnant mother and he had to be laid in a manger (which is an animal feeding trough), so I imagine there were animals around, and where animals are kept tends to stink like poop and be very unsanitary for a newborn; and even when we was older he would walk around preaching under the sun, thirsty; his 40 days in the desert were probably very hard as well because besides being thirsty and hungry he was constantly tempted by the devil. So suffering can also serve as a way to test and strengthen our faith, that is why we have to keep trusting him despite of the circumstances. I am sure there is a good purpose for suffering in this world; we can know it because God made his beloved Son to suffer, as well as so many Saints.
I recommend you to keep trusting in God and His Divine Mercy. I also recommend you to offer up your suffering to Him. It is ok you keep telling Him you want your suffering to end, but also add to your prayer "if you are willing, take this cup away from me. Nevertheless, let your will be done, not mine." (Luke 22:42), and then tell Him you offer up your suffering for the salvation of your soul and the souls of your beloved ones.
God bless you!

Jeff - Aug 18, 2016

I don't think that the question being asked by Mr. Weaver is why am i suffering. His question is why isn't something working as he was told it should.

God loves us! He hates Satan and has sentenced him to death! - May 23, 2016

In the beginning, God created the earth. And it was good. Satan was His favorite angel chosen to guard God's throne. But Satan became zealous and wanted the power of God. He rebelled against God and persuaded a third of God's angels to rebel. There was a great war, the catabult, and God threw Satan and his angels out of heaven. Satan knows his destiny and wants to take as many people with him to the fire pit. He tried to overthrow God's plan to send His only son to save us from death. God loves us so much that He sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins, to destroy death, which is the Dragon, serpent, Satan. But Christ has bruised the head of Satan, and ordered him behind him. Christ sits at the right hand of God. He is the truth! Satan is behind him where he is being held by the archangel, Michael. Satan's spirit and angels roam the earth today.1 Peter 5:7-8. Evildoers are everywhere. There will be suffering and evil on this earth until Michael releases Satan for a short time on the earth. He will come in peace, claiming to be Christ. If you are in your flesh when this happens, you will know he is the false Christ. Do not worship him! God will allow him to deceive others for five months. Many Christians will be deceived. Those who do not worship him will be raised into heaven when Jesus returns to destroy Satan and his angels. There will be a revival among the people who worshipped Satan and they will be taught the truth. Revelation 12:12. The Lord is longsuffering so that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:2-18.

1 Corinthians 13 Prophesy for God
and be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God to stand against Satan and evil. Ephesians 6. Seek His truth through the living word of Christ. We are born into what we deserve. We must work hard to honor our Father. Study the word and be blessed. Follow after God, not the traditions of man. Worship Him, not materialism. Faith comes by the reading and hearing of God's word. Matthew 10:6-33. Please God, not man. Go in peace, serve our Father! Amen    

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Dead Thyroid - May 19, 2016

It's terrible when the suffering is meaningless. My life is pointless, painful and fruitless. It's not God's fault. Satan is culpable. But why does God allow the devil to have so much power??? I don't know. I'm not a theologian or a saint. Just a tired Roman Catholic. I work in a factory on a production line. I know nothing...

LiftMyEyes - May 12, 2016

As a believe I often struggle to understand how suffering is allowed, especially to the innocent. Especially since those who suffer, it seems, are more likely to commit the same sin themselves, and pass on that trait to the next generation. Hurt people, hurt people.

I mean, physical, emotional and sexual abuse for example, are so common there is no need to use a world view. We can look at our own communities and see this intimately if we choose to.

If I were to use my logic, His intervention and protection convey love. Enduring such suffering, for a good that might not be revealed is a tough faith-pill to swallow.

I've also read and heard many speak and write on this topic. One thing I notice is that the responses rarely make sense, or at least that are hard for me to grasp if it's made to fit a child, and that individual has been sexually abused.

Then we hear about the abundance of blessings that some receive. Some huge new church in Texas, a new car, a new house, a new job, etc. etc.

Yet, daily children suffer the sin of someone else. Even those who were Christening and Baptized and have confessed with their own mouth.

Aquaram1274 - Apr 10, 2016

I also have those kind of questions everytime I see in the news that children and women become victims of war or abuses. But the bible says in Romans 3:23 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. God is saying here that nobody is innocent. Even babies are sinners in nature. That eventually they will become sinners by choice. Even the Lord Jesus suffered from evil deeds of man, but God has a purpose. When Jesus suffered abuses, He prayed for those who did it to Him. I think thats what Gid wants us to do. Sometimes we witnessed or experience sufferings in order for us to see that the world needs our help thru prayers. If we who have been faithful to God had suffered, how much more those who did not know Jesus? God is showing us that we need to fight these evil things around us, or we become victims too. We need to share God's Word and pray for others who experience the same sufferings as we had.

Our Father Loves Us - Feb 28, 2016

everyone that thinks god lets us suffer cause he wants us to. that he is a cruel unmerciful god that does not care about his creations WELL YOU ARE ALL WRONG! he doesn't want any of us to suffer! but we all have to die! because of the serpent let out death and harm. if you think god is a selfish god well your the ones that are selfish people.. I know he is real I might only be a child. that you correct yourselves that I am the seed blowing in the wind! but you should never trial a book from its cover! you think im a seed that blows in the wind! but you have mistaken the seed for a mighty tree that you can never chop down her belief of her father and brother. my hands might not be as clean as my brothers. BUT I DO NOT REBEL AGAINST MY FATHER AND BROTHER!
I know they are real. I have seen their signs, I have been protected from death and harm. I have never broken a bone, stung by a bee or a wasp, or bitten by a deadly spider, I have been saved from drowning twice, getting hit by a truck, and today fell over on the road and survived, he had given me a good place to live in. intelligence wisdom, A.S, and his peace. he talks tome through music and dreams, many have told me he is dead, but I stand up for my father and brother. he protects me. SO NEVER EVER DOUGHT ON HIM FOR YOU WILL SIN AND AFTER DEATH WILL BE TRIALED AND IF GUILTY. YOU WILL ENTER A PLACE NO ONE WANTS TO END UP! please if you get dreams that you do not know about. think about it. dreams aren't just dreams love the lord and Christ and keep in mind OUR FATHER DOES NOT LIKE LETTIING US SUFFER! HE IS FORCED TO BY THE ONE YOU CALL THE SINNER! (NOT US the devil SAINTIN! DON'T FALL INTO THE WWEB OF EVIL FIGHT. OBEY THE LORD AND YOU WILL NOT GET HURT HAVE FAITH, TRUST, AND LOVE! ND YOU WILL GET PEACE FROM MY FATHER AND MY BROTHER. if you do you will share my peace with my family thankyou

disgusting - Dec 28, 2015

whoever knocked medicare as a "godless" system - people who receive ssd and ssi receive money from what they earned. they had to go on disability for a reason. people who claim to be christian and knock such people may be judged by god as well.

Estrella - Jun 20, 2015

Thanks so much for your answer. We can't always understand the workings of God, for His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts,but He IS the infinite I AM and like you say, we, His children, must trust in Him that He is capable of getting good out of even the most direful circumstances, and He will because He loves us.

Hyena - Apr 17, 2015

I have suffered from Hirscprung's Disease all my life along e/Cushing's. The Hirschrung'spain is Rey diabolical while Cushing'rs ruined my looks. Very broke and always in debt on top of learning disabilities and being out of work for eight years. Bullied out of my job at a Catholic establishment.I have been praying to Saint Anthony and he seems to answer my prayers. I love God and Jesus,but this is way to much; This disease,Hirschprung's, is way too painful to enjoy all the good in the world

Kne - Feb 13, 2013

SSI and Medicare are a godless system were money is taken from one who earned it to be given to another who has not. No wonder God hasn't granted the request. There are places he can get help without getting into that system.
As one whose son is very ill with a chronic disease who has never done anything wrong to anyone have myself questioned the existence of a God. But doesn't the Bible teach that we will suffer? The innocent will suffer? Didn't God warn Adam that death, pain and suffering would enter this world if he disobeyed? How would we know we have a severed relationship with God if we lived in a paradise or if only bad things happened to bad people? We all have evil within us do we not? Can anyone honestly say they have never committed a sin? Besides, it is not about what we have or have not done, it is the fact that we are fallen beings who will not become fully restored until we see Him face to face.
I wonder what would happen if every person on earth bowed down and asked God to forgive them at the same time, and and said it sincerely? Perhaps it is not God who allows it but we who prevent it.

JNo - Dec 16, 2012

People are murdered raped and tortured. We say God will judge the person who commits this atrocity.
What about the suffering in poor countries, children dying of hunger in mass numbers, this not the result of any human action? Who will take responsibility for this?

Mr.caleb mezie - Nov 7, 2011

For my own contribution,i must say that God's time and man time are not the same,so he do things in his own appropriate time,On like the time of Lazarus,it was not the same with God time that was why he die and time of God came and he make him to raise from death,so my beloved friend my word is,In any situation you find your self don't ever depart from God because he must answer you when the time came.

N8 - Jul 19, 2010

I just want to thank all those that responded positively to this question. I also ponder on this a lot. But I think it's because there is evil everywhere in this world. The Devil feeds on it, so he picks the innocent to try to get us to steer away from God. He knows that they(the innocent)will only suffer temporarily, and will soon be in heaven where no such suffering exists. He IS All-knowing and ALL-merciful. He sees an 'infinite' amount more than us as someone else stated. I will never lose my faith, never. No matter what happens in my heart I know that God had a plan, and that plan is love. We are not suppose to comprehend it all, He want not have given us free will if that was so. "Blessed is he, who does not see, but still believes".(Matthew 11:6)

God Bless you all.

B Wool - Jul 6, 2010

"So let's take things to their barest essentials, shall we?

The Catholic church CLAIMS that their interpretation of God casts him as 'infinitely merciful' as well as 'all-knowing.' Therefore, by this definition: not only is God AWARE of the suffering of all innocents trapped in suffering, but God ALLOWS it. I submit to the good doctor that this is a fundamental dichotomy: A god that is all knowing and all merciful would, by it's very nature, be INCAPABLE of allowing such suffering to continue if it knew of that suffering's existence.

Therefore, one of two conditions must result: either God is NOT all knowing, or God is NOT infinitely merciful." -TME

TME, I would like you to think about love for a moment. What is love? Is it a natural feeling we have when we see someone, such as love at first sight? No, that is more or less defined as infatuation. So what then is love?

Love is the decision, the free choice, to put another's desires and needs above one's own desires and needs.

Now, let us look at suffering. Not all suffering is bad. Many times suffering is used to teach something. A little boy, about five years old is playing in the kitchen while his mother cooks. The young boy is on a stool by the stove so that he is allowed to see into the pot of boiling water that he so enjoys watching. Today, however, the young boy reaches over and touches the pot out of curiosity. Almost instantly the boy cries out and withdraws his hand as his nerves shoot the message of pain and suffering to his mind.

The next day, the boy is in the same position, but this time he knows that touching the pot of boiling water is bad for him, and he will not do it.

That is suffering used as a natural tool for teaching. Granted, the mother could have told the child, and she probably did on many occasions. However, the boy is still curious and experience is the best teacher. Why? Because of suffering.

But what about suffering that is not used to teach? Starving babies, for example. Well, God is all-good and it does not make sense for him to allow this. What does not make sense to be caused by God is normally a sign of evil. Babies starving is a work of evil forces, who despice the innocence of youth. Well, why does God allow such evil?

Now we shall go back to why God created us. Was it not for love? We were created to love God, who is love, not because He needs it, but he, being love, desired someone to share this love with.

Well, what is love? As defined earlier, Love is a free choice.

But what does this have to do with this unexplainable evil? Evil is a lack of God, just as dark is the lack of light and cold is the lack of heat. Evil does not exist within itself. So why is there a lack of God in some places? Because God gives us free choice, and with free choice, there is rejection and acceptance of Him. Why does God not take away this free choice and make an evil-free enviroment? Because of love. Love would not exist if there was no free choice, and love is what we were created for.


"You should simply have said, Dr. Stackpole, that you really don't know, or that it's a 'mystery,' and left it at that." -TME

Well, let us look at it this way. You spend time writing out how you feel about a difficult situation you are in, pleading for help. When you ask about this situation to someone, all they reply is nobody knows. How would that make you feel? Defiently not inspired. Maybe you might give up on life, fall into despair? The fact is, it would have a negative effect on a person's mental and spiritual health. As a doctor, it would be the exact opposite of what his job is. So, what does he do? He shares his story, connects with the man, and lets him know there is hope. Granted, he said he didn't know, but he also took care of the man's spiritual and mental health instead of leaving it to diminish to nothing.


"Catholic theology has been extremely presumptive, from time immemorial, in putting forth the concept that it has 'exclusive rights' on the 'correct' interpretation of the nature of the Creator" -TME

You disproved that in your own writing. Like you said, Dr. Stackpole said he didn't know.


Peace to all who enter.
B Wool

I AM - May 16, 2010

TME - it's easy to throw stones. I guess you have no sins of your own, since you cast them so easily at the Catholic Church and Dr. Stackpole, who admitted he did not have the answer & did his best to give the man hope and strengthen his faith. Just because God may allow evil in this world, caused by man's freewill and sin, doesn't mean that God is any less merciful. Could it be that evil exists to show the ultimate mercy and glory of God in the next and eternal life, even if this world isn't a bed of roses? hmmmm - now there's a thought, Timmy! (TME) Things don't always work out in this life - this isn't suppose to be Heaven...if it were, we would have no need to go there!

I see that you have all the answers (NOT) since you did nothing to answer Mr. Weaver's question yourself and only chose to run down a fellow believer and the Catholic Church - very Christain!

For your information, without the Catholic Church there would be no deposit of faith at all, including the Bible that protestants cling to as the sole authority of faith - who do you think comprised it? Did it just fall from the sky/heavens as a completed work - not!

You would do better to focus your energy on Christian unity, look for common ground, set your own ignorance aside, trust more and have faith in Jesus Christ, the all knowing & infinite God that you seem to trivialize and pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as there are many mysteries that we will not and are not supposed to fully comprehend, much less understand, in this life. We do the best we can to grow in faith & understanding and leave the rest to trust and faith.

God bless you - I said a prayer for you, Timmy and us all...May God bless us all.

TME - May 5, 2009

I do not share Mary W, of Omaha's view that this response is 'perfect.' In my opinion, it is flawed and ultimately, a cop-out. Put succinctly, in his fourth paragraph after his account of Mr. Weaver's letter, Dr. Stackpole clearly states "So what is God up to when he permits innocent people to suffer - prolonged, grinding misery - and prayerful appeals to his mercy seem to fall on deaf ears. I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW." (my caps) What this means is the the good Doctor really hasn't got a CLUE.

So let's take things to their barest essentials, shall we?

The Catholic church CLAIMS that their interpretation of God casts him as 'infinitely merciful' as well as 'all-knowing.' Therefore, by this definition: not only is God AWARE of the suffering of all innocents trapped in suffering, but God ALLOWS it. I submit to the good doctor that this is a fundamental dichotomy: A god that is all knowing and all merciful would, by it's very nature, be INCAPABLE of allowing such suffering to continue if it knew of that suffering's existence.

Therefore, one of two conditions must result: either God is NOT all knowing, or God is NOT infinitely merciful.

You may also dispense with the apologetics: I've heard it all before.

Catholic theology has been extremely presumptive, from time immemorial, in putting forth the concept that it has 'exclusive rights' on the 'correct' interpretation of the nature of the Creator. Age is NOT a precondition of accuracy. We ARE, after all, talking about an organization whose earliest thinkers were closer to the inception of philosophical and cognitive analysis, than to later and more substantive permutations of metaphysical thought. This reliance of the Catholic church upon the 'venerability' of its dogmatic theology is an insubstantial pretext for reliability and accuracy. I should further point out that the Catholic church's record on astrophysics is notably ridiculous - as is their record for taking responsibility for error - they didn't even get around to apologizing to Galileo until 1992...

The bottom line of Dr. Stackpole's answer to Mr. Weaver is that he doesn't KNOW the answer. The rest of his reply is just so much window-dressing to make his lack of knowledge more palatable.

It is not, in fact, rendered more palatable to those of us who are sick and tired of the same old didactic obfuscation: on the contrary, it is all the more insipid and odious.

You should simply have said, Dr. Stackpole, that you really don't know, or that it's a 'mystery,' and left it at that.

I would submit, however, that the Catholic hierarchy would do well to avail itself of some progressive thinking...as oxymoronic as it may seem to use two such diametrically opposed concepts in the same sentence. Mr. Weaver asked a legitimate question, for which you, by your own admission, had no real substantive answer.

Don't you think, then, that it might behoove you to TRY TO FIND OUT?

The Catholic church's hierarchy are a pathetic group of cowards hiding out in libraries whose books are covered with dust, relying upon the writings of a handful of thinkers that have been dead for centuries...

...and you wonder why we have been leaving the church in droves?

I'll spare you my thoughts regarding the recent turn of events surrounding the Catholic church in the United States. Every religion has its share of bad apples, I'm sure...and this includes Bishops and Cardinals...

You're living in the twenty-first century, Dr. Stackpole.

GROW UP...and take some responsibility for your lack of knowledge.

Mary W., Omaha - Apr 10, 2007

This response is perfect, this is faith the way I believe Jesus wanted it.