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By Sarah Chichester (Feb 21, 2010)
The following is the second in a series of Lenten reflections, written as a dialogue between the Lord and the soul. These reflections are inspired by the Diary of St. Faustina and Scripture.
+ + +

"My child, where did you go? Come to your merciful God."

I'd rather not Lord. For a second, I thought that I could follow You and be with You, but I'm a hypocrite! I say that I love You and that I want to follow You, but then I walk away and commit a sin. Very often the same sin, over and over! I say that I love You and then turn around and hurt You. I'm a terrible friend to You.

"Do not get discouraged when you see yourself as you are, when you see yourself as weak and helpless. You can do nothing without Me — of course! But you forget the importance and power of My mercy. As often as you fall, return to Me, and throw yourself upon My mercy. Trust in Me and My love for you. Your sins do not offend Me as much as does your lack of trust in My goodness."

But Lord, don't You ever get tired of my continual (and often repeated!) sins?

"Little one, fallen human love is imperfect and conditional, whereas My love for you is unfathomable. Only in eternity will you understand how much I love you. My love for you stretches from heaven to earth and pierces though your brokenness. Every time you humble yourself and approach Me with all that you are and have — all your brokenness and frailty — and ask for My mercy, My Heart melts and I rush to gather you in My arms."

+ + +

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Sarah Chichester works for the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception, based in Stockbridge, Mass.

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a Lover for Jesus - Mar 2, 2010

This is Beautiful.!! I really needed this tonite because what I gave up for lent I fell from it on sunday and I feel so awfull ..and had just went to confession friday..and reading this...it really helps me sooooo much. Thankyou...

Johan - Feb 25, 2010

I needed a reminder that as a weak human God is always there for me I need just go to him for love and forgiveness. The two greatness gifts he gave us.

Ann -Feb24, 2010 KIGALI - Feb 24, 2010

Thank you very much, this is real me and iwas begining to feel so desparet .now i feel greatand eleveted.GOD BLESS YOU.

Patrick J. Mack - Feb 22, 2010

This is so real. I can so much relate to it as if I was the one talking with Jesus. It brings light to my remorse! I feel so much loved by Jesus. Thank you for such an inspirational dialogue.

Ziggy Chodzko-Zajko - Feb 22, 2010

Inspirational - thanks Sarah

deb - Feb 22, 2010

your reflections go hand in hand with the beautiful book, Consoling the Heart of Jesus, a book with is certainly worth reading to enrich the Lenten Journey.

Michael - Feb 22, 2010

Recognizing our weaknesses and failures; being aware of them, is part of the progress of coming closer to Him. It proves that we are trying, that we want to become perfect. It's the effort that counts with God. This is an excellent reflection.

forHim - Feb 22, 2010

Thank you. I needed to read something to renew my confidence in His love. He loves me through this pain I am going through. Ahh, isn't He kind and understanding.

JP - Feb 21, 2010

I find this extremely touching...