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Prayers for Faithful Departed Souls

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By Br. Leonard Konopka, MIC (Nov 27, 2006)
"We do not know the number of souls that is ours to save through our prayers and sacrifices; therefore, let us always pray for sinners."
— St. Faustina (Diary of St. Faustina, 1783)

We are about to conclude the month dedicated to interceeding for Holy Souls in Purgatory. Needless to say, the needs of countless souls never dimishes. In gratitude to God for His mercy upon them, and seeking that same mercy someday for ourselves, we join with the entire Church in praying:

Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for bringing me to this moment of grace.

Father God, I also want to praise and thank You, for all You did through Your Son Jesus Christ, who came to teach me how to live life to the fullest.

I now pray for (N)_________ and ask that You take him (her) into Your kingdom of eternal happiness and peace.

Release them from any suffering. In Your Mercy do not hold any sins against them, but free them today to be in Your loving embrace.

I humbly ask Your forgiveness Lord, for not doing this sooner.

I ask that (N)__________ may now know my personal love and complete forgiveness. I similarly ask to be forgiven for any of my sins against him (her).

In Faith, I am now certain that You have always desired this prayer. You have shown me so many times:

That in the sacred bread I will receive at Mass is Your life, Your Body and Blood, Your brokenness and wounds. I believe there is healing through Your stripes; that in Your Precious Blood is the free gift of freedom from guilt and stain of sin.

Through Your Mercy, we have direct access to You. In Your rising, You defeated Satan and all the forces of evil and became available to all the living and deceased.

Now may the angels of mercy with (N)_________ see You open heaven's gates. May they be accepted and reunited in Heaven with all Your saints and angels.

Lord Jesus Christ, now that I have surrendered (N)_________ to you, I will pray for them whenever You choose to bring them to my consciousness.


I now ask to be healed from any negative influences that I may have acquired from any of my past relatives or ancestors. Forgive them, and in Your Mercy, do not hold anything against them. May your loving compassion, love, and peace be with me and my entire family and friends forever.

Thank You Lord Jesus, for Your Mercy and patience that has allowed me to express this prayer to You today. Amen.

(References to Purgatory in the Diary, numbers 20, 21, 412, 515-16, 518-19, 594, 748, 973, 1375, 1382, 1399, 1426, 1435, 1185-87; 1556, 1723)

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mammy - Jan 2, 2013

As I was saying the Chaplet of Mercy for my husband as he was dying a wonderful thing happened. As I said the last Oh Immortal One my husband breathed his last breath. A wonderful sense of the Lord taking him home came over me at that moment. I truly believe that he went to heaven at that moment.

Cathy - Aug 9, 2011

My friend told me about a prayer for the release of souls from Purgatory which she prayed on Divine Mercy Sunday for her father. Is this the same prayer?
(I should also tell you that she believes she was blessed with a very instantaneous apparation of her father as she prayed for him.)

THE CHAPLET - Dec 2, 2006

THE CHAPLET - Dec 2, 2006