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The Loss of a Parent, a New Beginning

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first in a series of testimonies from our readers who share their stories on the power of the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy. To share your own testimony, please email us at [email protected]

By Kathy Wabick

My mother's death had a profound influence on me, and her visions of heaven at the time of her death changed my life forever. For years I asked God why He chose my mother. Why was she blessed to share with us a glimpse of heaven? I began to seek God for answers.

What I discovered is that my mother was simply called upon to be an instrument for God's greater glory. She was a mere vessel, a humble person who God utilized at the time of her death, to draw aside the veil of heaven. This unveiling would be the beginning of a long journey for me. It opened my eyes to see God in His mercy and love.

How is it possible that the loss of a parent could bring about new beginnings in one's own faith and a new life centered in Christ? How could God use a simple, ordinary woman at the time of her passing to manifest His great mercy? Why, before she spoke of her visions, had she told us to get paper and a pen and write it all down? These are some of the questions I have pondered in my heart in the years following my mother's death.

God can and will use us in ways we never thought possible because He is so merciful. We have to be open to hear Him speak. Our hearts should be ready, waiting for Him to enter, and in our readiness, we should be prepared to answer Him with, "Yes, Lord, Thy will be done!"

Finally, an Appreciation of My Faith
My mother's astounding visions of heaven at the time of her death had a major impact on my life. They were a seed God had planted that would take many years of searching, deep within my soul, before they were cultivated. Once enriched, it gave me a greater appreciation for my Catholic faith. I grew more and more in love with Jesus truly present in the Eucharist, really yearning to receive Him often into my heart. I discovered that I, like many, was a sinner who needed to be healed by the One True Healer. Yes, I went to Sunday Mass, but I would soon realize I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; the One who died on the cross for me, the One who was patiently waiting to reveal His divine love.

I can still vividly remember that cold October day in 1998 as if it were yesterday, the day I made a distraught phone call to my friend, telling her of my unwillingness to accept my mother's grave illness. I was not ready to let go of the woman who gave me life, who nurtured me and cared for me. I was simply not ready, and I knew it. Can we ever be ready to witness the death of a parent or loved one? Even if we prayed and asked God for the grace to get through this most difficult time in our life, could we ever really be ready?

My friend knew of a treasure that would bring many graces to my dying mother, and she was about to share with me a remarkable devotion, one that would explode into a great mystery. This incomprehensible mystery, called the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy, became for me a devotion that I came to know and love with all the fervor deep within my heart and with the utmost passion in my soul.

Moreover, for me, it became a way of life.

As I sat at my mother's bedside, I held in my hands a new rosary I had just purchased the week before. She told me how much she admired it and relished the fact that I was showing an interest in praying the Rosary, this powerful devotion she had long treasured. Needless to say, I never thought one week later I would be praying on that same rosary, imploring God's mercy for my mother through the powerful prayer of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

My mother's death was drawing near, and I knew the time was approaching when I would have to say my final goodbye.All the years of tending to her needs would soon come to a complete halt. How would I accept this drastic change in my life? What would arise from this simple yet extremely powerful prayer would bring about many changes in my life, give me a new, restored faith in God, and bring me closer to Jesus and His Blessed Mother.

I sat silently, looking at my mother lying there so peacefully. I decided to open the devotional booklet to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, given to me by a friend. Knowing very little about this prayer, I reached for my rosary and began to follow the prayers that Jesus gave to St. Faustina Kowalska so many years ago. For me, this is where it all began — the beginning of my journey towards Jesus.

'Write Down Everything'
It was the day after I prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at my mother's bedside that she began to lapse into a semi-comatose state. She remained in this state for almost 12 hours. Then, to our amazement, the next day at midnight, she opened her eyes and asked us to sit her up in bed. We honored her wishes. She requested that we get a paper and a pen.

"Mom, you can hardly sit up in bed. I don't think you will be able to write," I replied.

"I am not going to write; one of you will. Write down everything that I say," she said.

We looked at each other in astonishment. Write everything down ... is she actually going to begin to speak to us? How is this possible?

From this point on, my mother slowly revealed her visions of heaven. She told us that Jesus and Mary were in the room with us. She saw a beautiful gateway that she would be passing through, and above this gate was the word "Laude," meaning glory and praise. She spelled it and pronounced it correctly even though she only acquired an eighth-grade education.

Through this gateway, my mother told us that many souls were praising God, although they were praising Him in a language she could not understand. She heard heavenly chanting along with beautiful angelic music. She also told us she would be wearing a long white robe as soon as she passed through this heavenly gate.

For three long hours, my mother shared her visions of heaven with us and then peacefully died to be with our merciful Jesus.

Christ's Gift to Us
After her death, I discovered that my journey in faith provides me with an opportunity to one day be united with God forever in eternity. Sometimes I will fall, but with God as my strength, I will pick myself up and continue to walk with Him.

Consequently, the road can become rough and difficult to travel. The crosses we carry can become heavy. It is in times like these that God has shown me I am nothing without Him.

Everything my mother was able to tell us points to a gracious God who, out of complete love for us, gives us only what is beneficial to our soul. He gives us the gift of His Divine Mercy. Our omnipotent God will remove the darkness and provide us with the light of life.

I do believe that God used my mother, graced by these beautiful visions of heaven, to bless us with messages of His Divine Mercy. My whole family witnessed firsthand God's great mercy through her beautiful death. Even though she had amazing visions of heaven, we still offer Masses and pray for her soul.

Through my mother's death I have learned that God is full of compassion, love, and mercy. Heaven is real, and God wants all of us with Him in eternity. However scarlet our sins may be, He stands before us with open arms, waiting to grant us forgiveness.

I am presently part of a ministry that prays at the bedside of the sick and dying. Our Divine Mercy prayer group continues to seek God's guidance in spreading the message of Divine Mercy.

God's mercy is endless. God's mercy is unfathomable. God's mercy is His gift to us because He loves us with an unconditional love.

May we all delight ourselves in the healing rays of God's omnipotent mercy!

You may contact Kathy Wabick at TreasuresofGraceLLC.com to either purchase Open My Eyes or to have prayer requests prayed for and placed under a relic of St. Faustina.

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Alberta Sequeira - Mar 3, 2011

I also had a spiritual renewal after being by my father's bedside for two weeks before his death.
I lost my husband and daughter from alcohol abuse.
Since these tragedies, I have become an author, writing about losing all three and became a speaker on "My Spiritual Change Within" and "The Effect of Alcoholism on the Whole Family."
My mother heard God talking to her after my brother, Walter, had died at seven years old from polio. He had been gone for 20 years. He told her that my parent's tears were keeping Walter from coming home to Heaven to him.
I now reach out to Christian organizations and substance abuse locations.

Mart1963 - Feb 18, 2011

Similar out of body experence happened to me. To cut it short I saw Jesus and He was a Giant of a Man and around Him was a glowing white throng of people/angels who were singing in a language that I could not understand and then Jesus said "Go back" and instantly I was back in my own body.

"Through this gateway, my mother told us that many souls were praising God, although they were praising Him in a language she could not understand. She heard heavenly chanting along with beautiful angelic music. She also told us she would be wearing a long white robe as soon as she passed through this heavenly gate."

Editor - Feb 18, 2011

To read in depth about Kathy's experiences, her book is available through her group's website:


God bless.

Tina - Feb 17, 2011

I too was disappointed.
It is a long article which does not make justice to its title. It is missing the connection between what was revealed and how that made a new beginning for her.

Mary K - Feb 17, 2011

This is a wonderful passing. My mission in this life is to pray for the dying and those who have passed and still suffer and every time I read about such stories, it inspires me more to pray. Thanks for sharing!

pilgrim - Feb 17, 2011

Thank you for your testimony! Where can "Open My Eyes" be purchased? I would very much appreciate prayers for my parents and grandparents especially to die in the grace of God! Thank you again and Praise be to Jesus, our Merciful King!

kiki - Feb 17, 2011

Well so what were the visions of heaven
did I miss this part what did she see when there?
this story was badly written where was the visions?

Kathy - Feb 17, 2011

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thank you everyone for your wonderufl comments but this is truly God's work. He is the Source of all I do and without Him I am unable to minister to the sick and dying. This article is a story about my own personal journey with God. The visions are explained in the book Open My Eyes. If anyone has any prayer requests, please send them to our website and a group of very dedicated prayer warriors will pray for them on a daily basis. They also will be placed under a relic of St. Faustina Kowalska. You may also call our prayerline at 716-662-6025. God be with you now and forever!

Joan - Feb 17, 2011

Wonderful story and well done. I had heard about the Chaplet, but didn't want to take on another prayer besides the rosary. But, the Good Lord knew better. I slowly made it a practice of mine until now, when I try not to let the 3pm hour go buy without saying this beautiful prayer. It keeps the passion of Jesus in each day of our lives. I had the chance to recite the Divine Chaplet in the presence of my dying mother a few years ago, with my siblings. I believe in the power of the Chaplet and the promises of Our Lord. He always knows what works best for the place and time we are in, in order to keep us thinking about Him. This prayer, along with the daily rosary is wonderful.

Maria N - Feb 16, 2011

I too lost my mother recently to liver cancer last September. She suffered much during her last 3 weeks but I made sure that she received the last sacraments and be able to receive communion whenever it was possible. Although it was physically tormenting for her she was able to prepare herself spiritually and on the last minutes of her life on earth I was able to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet for her. Then I held her hand and told her that I have talked to Jesus and Mary to take care of her. She loved our Lord so much and I pray that Our Lord received her in the next life. Despite her many illness she would drag herself to church everyday until it was no longer possible. She thank God in her diary everyday of her life and wrote her motto 'Thy will be done'. I thank God for his great mercy and love. On the days I am able to go to church when work permits I make sure I am there for the 3 pm Divine Mercy Chaplet recitation in front of the Blessed Sacrament that is open to parishioners 24/7. Another grace from God.

Mike - Feb 16, 2011

Thank you for sharing this story about your Mom. I am in the midst of grieving for my Mom who just passed a 2 weeks ago. While we are in grief, we too are in joy because like you we believe Mom is with Jesus (although like you we still pray and have Masses being said for her). Mom was ill and on hospice in my home and we too were blessed to pray Divine Mercy with her and she was annointed. Like your Mom, mine was semicomatose for several hours and just before passing she opened her eyes looking above us all gathered around her bed and with eyes wide open smiled and three times clearly said "Love you". She then closed her eyes and peacefully slipped into what we hope and believe was her eternal glory. We miss her so much, but feel so comforted to have invoked the Mercy of Jesus through the Chaplet. We felt the strong presence of Our Savior, Our Lady and the saints who we we also asked for in the Litany of Saints to be present. Your ministry of bringing Divine Mercy to the sick and dying is such a gift and we will keep you in our prayers. Please keep Mom in your prayers as well as for my family as we go forward missing her here on Earth bu filled with hope that we will see her again in Heaven.

Disappointed - Feb 16, 2011

Three long hours of describing heaven and we only get two or three sentences? Where's the story about the vision? This story is mainly about the author, her daughter.

Joan Degagne Feb 16 2011 - Feb 16, 2011

This reminded me of my mother's death. I lived 3000miles away from her and was not able to be with her at her passing. My siblings called me that she was dying. At the same time i was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. A great source of comfort to me and peace as well knowing that I was sharing that moment with her. Thanks be to God and thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

Sue - Feb 16, 2011

I find your story wonderfully comforting during a difficult time in my life. During this time of affliction I am going through I have been very drawn to Divine Mercy. I pray each day now at the three p.m. hour, pray the chaplet, implore God's mercy on me and the world throughout the day and read daily the Diary of Faustina along with telling others about the Mercy, love and compassion of God. I also submit my prayer intention if you could pray it would be so deeply appreciated- to simply hear from a dear friend of mine a conclusive answer from him very soon so that we may both move forward with our lives according to God's will and plans for us. I pray that this be placed with all other intentions you receive. I would be so grateful. Also, might you be willing to share the visions of heaven your mother related to you more fully? Or, are they included in your book? Thanks much for your great article.

Gail H. - Feb 16, 2011

In July Mom was in the Brothers of Mercy Nursing Home for several months. She was stopping her eating and drinking, then I got call she was comatose. We rushed in and I asked the priests for the sacrament of the sick and found as soon as she was put in hospice, she received it. At her bedside we prayed the rosary and Chaplet of Mercy and every day thereafter I added another for her. When we started the rosary, although she was not opening her eyes, she moved her hands to her tummy and was moving them as we prayed the rosary. I moved the sheets and the nurses had the rosary I had given her from Lourdes in her hands and she mentally prayed with us. That was Sunday evening and the next evening Monday, I got a call around ll pm that she had gone to God.
I praise God for having given us the devotion of the Chaplet of Mercy for her. Previously I had worked as a volunteer at a hospice where all the Catholic volunteers pray for the patients no matter what denomination they are..until they meet Jesus. Praise God for showing me the specialness & importance of this prayer!

MARIA C. - Feb 13, 2011

What a great testimony to be able to see God at the time of our death. Our Divine Mercy Apostles of Brantford group is currently doing this works of mercy of visiting the sick and the dying. It is such a very peaceful and grace filled experience to be able to bridge the gap between the person who is dying and our Lord, Mama Mary, all the saints and angels in heaven. Imagined being welcome by these HOLY people and to be with them in eternity is such a blessing. Our group is trying to seek the intercession our beloved Pope John Paul II for healing and conversion of people whether dying or sick or just not of the same faith as we do. Please continue praying for each other as we will pray for your group as well. THANKS BE TO GOD OUR LORD JESUS, THE MERCIFUL KING OF THE DIVINE MERCY AND OUR MERCIFUL MOTHER, MARY. AMEN.

Mary Lou Pimentel - Feb 9, 2011

It is with joy that I read your testimony Kathy. Joy with a touch of missing two wonderful persons.I can fully relate with your story. I too found my Divine Mercy journey through my dearest parents. They were the one who introduced me to His Loving Mercy. My mother was the one who planted the seed of knowing Him. She died in 2005, a grace-filled moment where I experienced the workings of His Mercy. At her dying bed in the hospital, she too found immense comfort in the chanting of the chaplet. On her burial day, all we did was to chant the chaplet till earth closed-in. A year after I buried my beloved father doing the same thing what we did for my mama. The legacy of the Divine Mercy became their spiritual legacy far encompassing the material one. Now, the Divine Mercy Apostolate Holland was born because of this awesome gift from my faith-filled parents. Yes, His sparks shines on....on...on !