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Welcome Joy

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By Terry Peloquin (Dec 24, 2018)
When I was a small child, I wasn't much of a sleeper. So, my parents had no qualms about taking me to midnight Mass for Christmas. I felt it was somehow the most joyful of the Christmas Masses. My mother was in the choir, and she practiced all the songs and the different parts of the Mass at home. I loved them all, and I loved to hear her sing.

Living in Massachusetts, we would generally have snow built up by Christmas. One year, it snowed so heavily that my mom was one of a very few who showed up. She would not allow a Christmas Mass without a choir! So she crossed a courtyard to the convent, and she begged the Sisters of the Assumption to help. Which they did. Even without the benefit of weeks of practice, this choir was — miraculously, I thought — the most beautiful and joy-filled.

As St. Augustine said, "He who sings prays twice." To my young impressionable heart, these sisters were praying their words. It was heavenly, and it helped the church members pray, too.

Decades later, when I think about midnight Mass, I also have to consider, "Will I be able to stay awake?" Still, part of me wants to relive that joy.

In her Diary, St. Faustina experienced beautiful Christmases. Due to her suffering from tuberculosis, however, she was weaker at some times than others. The graces and revelations she received helped her to persevere.

Take a look at some of these Christmas passages that show the intermingling of her weakness and joy:

During the Midnight Mass ... I saw the Child Jesus in the Host, and my spirit was immersed in Him. Although He was a tiny Child, His majesty penetrated my soul. I was permeated to the depths of my being by this mystery, this great abasement on the part of God, this inconceivable emptying of Himself. These sentiments remained vividly alive in my soul all through the festive season. Oh, we shall never comprehend this great self-abasement on the part of God; the more I think of it, [unfinished thought] (Diary, 182).

Twelve O'clock, December 25, 1934
Midnight Mass. As Holy Mass began, I immediately felt a great interior recollection; joy filled my soul. During the offertory, I saw Jesus on the altar, incomparably beautiful. The whole time the Infant kept looking at everyone, stretching out His little hands (Diary, 347).

Christmas Day.
Midnight Mass. During Holy Mass, I again saw the little Infant Jesus, extremely beautiful, joyfully stretching out His little arms to me. After Holy Communion, I heard the words: I am always in your heart; not only when you receive Me in Holy Communion, but always. I spent these holydays in great joy (Diary, 575).

Although I wanted to keep vigil for some time before the Midnight Mass, I could not do so. I fell asleep at once, and I was even feeling very weak. But when they rang the bells for Midnight Mass, I jumped to my feet at once and dressed, though with great difficulty, because I felt sick again and again (Diary, 1441).

My soul was languishing with joy. But toward the end of the Mass, I felt so weak that I had to leave the chapel and go to my cell, as I felt unable to take part in the community tea. But my joy throughout the whole Christmas Season was immense, because my soul was unceasingly united with the Lord. I have come to know that every soul would like to have divine comforts, but is by no means willing to forsake human comforts, whereas these two things cannot be reconciled (Diary, 1443).

346 December 24, 1934. The Vigil of Christmas. During the morning Mass, I felt the closeness of God. Though I was hardly aware of it, my spirit was drowned in God. Suddenly, I heard these words: You are My delightful dwelling place; My Spirit rests in you. After these words, I felt the Lord looking into the depths of my heart; and seeing my misery, I humbled myself in spirit and admired the immense mercy of God, that the Most High Lord would approach such misery. During Holy Communion, joy filled my soul (Diary, 346).

Whichever Christmas Mass you attend, it is my prayer that you will be open to all the graces and joy that the dear Christ Child wishes to give you. Merry Christmas!

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I love midnight Mass! - Dec 30, 2018

When I attended it once or twice before, there was something special about it. :D I went to mid-day Christmas mass this year though, and it was joyful too -- my Mom even visited with me (she's non-Catholic)... my Legion of Mary friend told me to invite her again for Sundays, but my Mom just wants to wait till next Christmas. (Maybe Easter?) Pray for my Mom. :) I actually grew up visiting a few Christmas/ Easters (and some sundays too but not many) with my Catholic relatives when I was young... then when I was of age and was converted, I chose to start going daily... I feel like I have so much to catch up with all that time I missed. :) We are so blessed to have Emmanual, God with us -- every day. :D I love the Christmas passages from the Diary too. I love the part in this article's story about bringing over the singing sisters! :D They do have miraculously marvelous voices at any given moment... like when I used to go caroling with the Carmelites until I reached the age limit to be in the Handmaidens (https://carmelitesistersocd.com/category/handmaidens/ ). :) We didn't even practice the carols... and the Sisters didn't have to... they sound like angels walking through their nearby neighborhoods, caroling for neighbors who love them. :D

Anthony - Dec 27, 2018

I ask the baby Jesus that all will be blessed by him and come closer to him I went with a friend who lives on her own for coffee after Christmas mass it was a joy to be with her to me that was a gift to spend time with someone who lives on there own Blessings to all I love Divine Mercy Message and attend monthly 1st Sunday Mass and Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3pm .

Edyta - Dec 25, 2018

Merry Christmas! May the newborn Christ bring blessings to all in the new liturgical year. I enjoy reading St. Faustina’s diary. I read it in Polish several times. Love it every time.

Mellie - Dec 24, 2018

We will never fully comprehend God’s Unfathomable mercy. His love for us is so
Immense that The Holy Trinity would allow the
Son to be Incarnated and be one of us, His lowly
Creation , just so we can be redeemed and
Be with Him for all eternity . Jesus I Trust in You

Karen Kopins-shaw - Dec 24, 2018

May everyone receive Jesus into their heart and especially for the Jewish community. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Susan - Dec 24, 2018

Thank you Dear St.Faustina for sharing you Christmas Joy of seeing and experiencing the love of the Baby Jesus!
Thank you Baby Jesus for coming to St. Faustina!

Sharron - Dec 24, 2018

Thank you, St. Faustian, for these beautiful and holy words. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Coreen - Dec 24, 2018

How beautiful to read these words from St Faustina’s Diary on the eve of Our Lord’s birth!

Angels - Dec 24, 2018

May the world have peace as experienced when Jesus was born! Joy to the World to all!
Christ is born!!