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The Divine Mercy Message and Devotion

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Why is Divine Mercy So Important?

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By Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC (Dec 7, 2006)
The Lord makes clear in Scripture that when He returns He's not going to deal with sin, because He's done that once and for all. When He comes again, it's "to bring salvation to those who eagerly await Him" (Heb 9:28).

So when people ask me why is the message of Divine Mercy important for the world today, the answer is simple: Through the message of Divine Mercy, our Lord is preparing us for His final coming.

He told the great prophet of Divine Mercy, St. Maria Faustina, in one of a series of revelations in the 1930s: "Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My Mercy" (Diary of St. Faustina, 300).

Helena Kowalska, known today throughout the world as St. Maria Faustina (1905-38), was designated by Our Lord Himself as the "Secretary" and "Apostle" of His Mercy. The Lord told her: "You will prepare the world for My final coming" (Diary, 429).

The mission the Lord gave her was not only to remind the world of the great mercy of God as revealed in Sacred Scripture, but also to teach us new forms of devotion to The Divine Mercy and to initiate a movement of apostles of The Divine Mercy who show a childlike trust in God and love of neighbor.

Private revelation
Still, some people pay no heed to the message of Divine Mercy because it comes by way of a "private revelation." But it's important to remember what St. Paul said. He said the Church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets (see Eph 2:19-22). Then St. Augustine and St. Thomas after him identify the prophets of the Church as the people who receive private revelations.

But why does God resort to private revelations? Father Karl Rahner, SJ, the great German theologian writing about private revelations, said that all the mysteries of the Church, taken together, can not be emphasized all at once — and to the same degree. So from time to time, he says, the Holy Spirit puts a spotlight on a particular mystery that the Church and the world need to pay special attention to at a given time.

Message tailored to our times
The revelations of The Divine Mercy are particularly tailored to our times.

It is quite evident that Pope John Paul II took these revelations very seriously. In 1981 he wrote an entire encyclical dedicated to The Divine Mercy entitled Dives in Misericordia (Rich in Mercy), illustrating that the heart of the mission of Jesus Christ was to reveal the merciful love of the Father. In 1993 he beatified Sr. Faustina.

In 1997 he visited Blessed Faustina's tomb in Lagiewniki, Poland, and proclaimed: "There is nothing that man needs more than Divine Mercy. ... From here went out the message of Mercy that Christ Himself chose to pass on to our generation through Blessed Faustina." In 2000 he canonized St. Faustina, the first canonized saint of the new millennium, and on that same day he also established "Divine Mercy Sunday" as a special title for the Octave Sunday of Easter for the universal Church.

In his homily on Mercy Sunday in 2001, Pope John Paul II called the mercy message given to St. Faustina "The appropriate and incisive answer that God wanted to offer to the questions and expectations of human beings in our time, marked by terrible tragedies. ... Divine Mercy! This is the Easter gift that the Church receives from the risen Christ and offers to humanity at the dawn of the third millennium."

In Lagiewniki, Poland in 2002, at the consecration of the new Shrine of The Divine Mercy, the Pope referred to a passage in the Diary in which the saint recorded: "As I was praying for Poland, I heard these words: I bear a special love for Poland, and if she will be obedient to My will, I will exalt her in might and holiness. From her will comes forth the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming" (Diary, 1732).

The Holy Father said: "Today, therefore, in this Shrine, I wish solemnly to entrust the world to The Divine Mercy. I do so with the burning desire that the message of God's merciful love, proclaimed here through St. Faustina, may be made known to all the peoples of the earth and fill their hearts with hope. May this message radiate from this place to our beloved homeland and throughout the world" (the emphasis is the Holy Father's).

Then, with direct allusion to Our Lord's statement to St. Faustina, and quoting the last part of it, the Holy Father declared: "May the binding promise [writer's emphasis] of the Lord Jesus be fulfilled: From here there must go forth 'the spark which will prepare the world for His final coming' (Diary, 1732). This spark needs to be lighted by the grace of God. This fire of mercy needs to be passed on to the world. In the mercy of God; the world will find peace and mankind will find happiness! [Holy Father's emphasis].

The Pope calls this a "binding promise." That's a startling phrase. Some people just gloss right over it. But the Pope took the word of the Lord seriously, and he calls it a "binding promise."

Prophetic revelations
Why did Pope John Paul II so strongly recommend that we pay heed to the Divine Mercy message and devotion given to the world through St. Faustina? Clearly, he did so because he saw it as more than just a collection of "private revelations"; rather, he saw them as prophetic revelations. In other words, revelations given to us by God to proclaim the heart of the Gospel in a way especially suited to meet the needs of our era.

Now, 101 years have gone by since our dear saint's birth on Aug. 25, 1905. And on Oct. 5, 69 years will have passed since her departure to take the place destined for her, close to God. However, we who wish to stand ready and "eagerly await Him" should not forget her promise to us: "Poor earth, I will not forget you," she wrote. "Although I feel that I will be immediately drowned in God as in an ocean of happiness, that will not be an obstacle to my returning to earth to encourage souls and incite them to trust in God's mercy. Indeed, this immersion in God will give me the possibility to boundless action" (Diary, 1582).

May our going ever deeper into St. Faustina's life and writings, and our counting on her promised help, bring about what our Lord so much desires from us and needs from us to be able to fulfill His divine will in us: boundless trust in Him who is the unfailing Divine Mercy in Person.

Father Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, served as vice-postulator for North America in St. Maria Faustina's canonization cause.

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Please help me - Jan 18, 2017

I have been diagnosed after seeing seven doctors with ulcerated colitis. But the pain is excrutiating. I have been praying but the pain only gets worse. The Doctor has not been calling me back. I beg of you it has been two years this March that this started and I cannot take it any longere. Please pray for me

anon - Aug 14, 2016

It all hinges on our trust, may God give us all boundless trust in His boundless Mercy!

chris - Jul 1, 2016

for somebody who received a new chance in life DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET is a gift from GOD

Frances - Apr 1, 2016

I ordered the 33 Days to Merciful Love, it was noted on my credit card as paid, but was sent no info on how to get the book online, as I had ordered. I would still like to receive the online book. Please sent me info on how to contact the online source of the book. Thank you.

AJG - Aug 3, 2010

Please pray for me. I have depression and anxiety and it is getting very hard to live day by day.
I am from an Asian family and it is part of the culture to obey your parents and elders. I always wanted to be a priest or religious when I was young. But my parents decreed that I would have to take up nursing instead, as it was the "in" thing then, and nurses made a lot of money. So, obeying them, I took up nursing, but ended up being asked to resign because of being "incompetent". Owing probably to my searching for a father image, I fell into certain homosexual acts too. Inadvertently, some so-called "friends" found out and now, I am constantly being harrassed over the phone with really ugly epithets. That plus the guilt over being an incompetent nurse. I really have no one to talk to. I envy some of the people I know who have found their niche in the world and are living really happy lives. Compared to me, having to suffer all these issues. I do not even know how to pray anymore. I do not know what else to do, or where my life is going. It seems that I have no direction in life or future waiting for me. The phone harrassments, plus not having a job has really taken a great toll on me. I wish no one would have to undergo the pangs of depression. It is too much to bear. IT can really consume a person. Everyday I have to take medication for my depression, plus medication to make me sleep, and more medication to take away the nervous anxiety. I am sick and tired of all the meds that I have to take. I have forgotten how it is to enjoy life anymore. Sometimes I wish I was given a terminal illness instead of depression and guilt. Please I really need understanding and prayers.

Marysia - Feb 11, 2010

The Divine Mercy is the message that will unite all Christians, Catholic,
Orthodox and Protestant as we all know
and believe in His Mercy and the necessity to TRUST in HIM. The more a
soul TRUSTS the more it pleases HIM.
We must all work for the Canonization
of the Blessed Michael Sopocko to fulfill Gods' Desires.

Francis - Jun 1, 2009

If lay apostle 'Anne' was to continue the Divine Mercy mission of St Faustina, why does she promote another image and why does St Faustina according to 'anne' who doesnt reveal her real name ? promote another image. It doesnt make sense. This is I believe to cause confusion and to take away from the Divine Mercy image. Annes message regarding St Faustina is clearly in contradiction to Our Lords messages about the Divine Mercy Image and devotion which is specifically for these times. satan stops at nothing to try and destroy it even by using seemingly good and holy people to do it. We must stay with what is already approved. We need nothing else.

john - Jun 1, 2008

I've had a great love for Divine Mercy since around Divine Mercy Sunday 2001 of 2002. I was very depressed and full of anxiety and was on pyschiatric meds. I was going with my family to my brother's College to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. And I remember I didn't like to socialize at all, and stayed away from people. Well, I ended up going with my family, and I rememeber praying the chaplet before Mass in a small chapel, and then going to the gym for Mass at around 11am in the morning. I sat in the back away from my family. And the priest, Father David was saying Mass, and when it came to the homily, he told all the students that he was so happy in a very hoarse voice. That God was so Merciful. Fr. Dave explained that he was in the back seat of his car, when he recieved a phone call from his doctor, who told him that he had throat cancer and had about 6 mnths. to live. He went on to say that today we celebrate God's Mercy, and that God had been so merciful to him because He had this suffering and soon he would be with God. I wondered how can this man be so happy about this, and what is my suffering compared to his. He also said that Divine Mercy is like..He said what is favorite store? and he said it's like the worldwide manager of this store said, you can have anything and everything you want the company anything, but all you have to do is ask preferably at 3:00. Well, Christ promises infinitely more, anything and everything is possible even the immpossible through Divine Mercy praying the chaplet at the hour Christ died: 3:00pm. or any other time. Later on that day I was so excited and asked my whole family if they wanted to pray the chaplet at 3:00pm with me, and told them all about what the priest said. They said they had already prayed it in the morning. So, I went by myself to room that I'm in right now, and closed the door and went the Divine Mercy devotion book, from front to end preparing myself for the 3:00 hour. I was so excited, I really believed that whatever I would ask for would be granted if God willed it. There was no limit to what I could ask for. I remember on was praying so fervently and devoutly and asking for healing and everything I wanted for myself and others, and immediately after spending an hour in prayer, I felt a change. It was a burning radical change in my heart. I was on fire with love of God. I was burning to tell everyone about His Mercy, and I did. I remember being at a clinic for a sleep apnea appointment 2 or 3 weeks later. I was talking to the older woman next to me about Divine Mercy and I was so enthused. God had and has been so good to me. Please everyone prayed for me. I am going through such a hard time spiritually. The devil has really attacked me and I fear I am posessed. I have been unfaithful to my God, and have fallen into despair and I fear I have offended Him by doubting the Holy Spirit's ability to save me. Please I have been tormented. It's been a few years coming: grudges, extreme self-obsession, laziness extremely lazy, blocks, especially I have always been disobedient to the extreme, I abuse my friends by constanly pestering them and wanted them to pray for me,and give me advice. I have been so selfish. and deceitful and a total hypocrite, but most of all all these sins have led to a very weak will, and to despair and sinning about the Holy Spirit. What must I do? Jesus, have mercy on me! a sinner! Jesus I am the worst sinner in the world, what must I do. I only say this in public to deflate myself, but it has only inflated my pride. Mary, Mother of Hope, pray for me, save me! Mary help me to change, change from devil to saint if it be God's Will. God has given so many chances. Jesus Mary and Joseph pray help me, save my soul and mercy upon me a sinner O Lord Jesus! Jesus I know You are still here, but I don't know why I still reject You and pretend like nothing has happened. God save me! For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion have mercy on us and on the whole world. May I serve others with Your Strength and Your Courage to help others who have suffered like I did. Jesus use me. Allow myself to be used by You. Jesus I love you! Jesus, Divine Mercy, have mercy upon me a sinner through Mary, Our Mother and everybody's mother. Also Mary has come through for me so often Please pray that I can find a spiritual director and a good and holy regular confessor who will understand me. Peace in Christ, John, Also , for Jonathon, though I never was a homosexual, at around precisely that time, Sept. 8, 1998,I was half-way through my spiritual excercise in seminary at the young age of 15 and was really bothered by a deep worry about homosexuality, and through this worry I came to find in my mental illness after I came home to reach out for God, and in that way I found Divine Mercy. If I was a victim soul I do not know brother, but let us both praise God for His Goodness to us. Maybe you should try the priesthood? God doesn't call perfect people, but those who HE chooses. God Bless you Jonathon! Many blessings and peace to you all! May God bless all of us, and may the Most Immaculate Conception of Mary, be our Refuge and our Strength!Amen.In God's Peace and Love, John

Jenny - 2March 2007 - Mar 2, 2008

I was blessed to be given an Image of Divine Mercy in 2000 and some 10 days later had a healing experience with the Lord before The Blessed Sacrament. I promised to pray the Chaplet every day to help Jesus save souls and with the help of His grace He has enabled me to do so. I am in constant awe of His Merciful Love and the unfathomable graces that Jesus is gifting us all with.

Maggie - Jan 29, 2008

O my God , You are so Wonderful. I trust in you Divine Mercy. I look forward to saying the Chaplet and to Divine Mercy Sunday. I am asking for prayers for my children who have strayed away from the faith they were raised in. 2 were married by a justice of the peace and now one has joined a youth church and plans to be married by his fiances brother. Also my daughter has left her abusive marriage of 26 years and is having a very hard time making it on her own. She is really alone because she is not turning to Jesus who is the help of all. My nephew has just confessed to first degree murder and will spend the rest of his life in prison. I pray God will touch each of these and they will know his Divine Mercy. Pray for me also as I am a great sinner and can only Trust in Jesus. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!

Lubica - Dec 3, 2007

I love to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and know it for many years. This past year I pray it daily regularly. It brings peace into my heart and helps me persevere in doing good.

mary - Nov 9, 2007

yes this is one of the most powerful prayer,this help me a lot especially when trails come my way.please keep this as your daily routine in praying

donna - May 15, 2007

to christopher, i used to be a secular and lost invisible soul as you are now, its so empty and horrible i know how you feel and i sense your anger and jelously toward the people here because of their peace of mind and soul, you feel like an outsider and you have hate in your heart even though you dont know it you do christoper you do, i pray to our lord through the sacred heart of mary to bring you close to his heart through her love. just because "you" dont believe christoper believe me that does not make jesus any less real. i went through hell on earth, i was involved with the occult, unaware and blinded by the devil and his helpers i was attacked and i needed a priest to do an exorsism in my house and my car, afterward the miracles that came to me were so obvious and real its true christoper he is here, and so is she, its true, all of it, its true. please believe me christopher your eternal spirit depends on it. i am not joking around, its so scary i lose my breath.

donna - May 15, 2007

i love the divine mercy chaplet and saint faustina is my patron saint as she was part of my being saved along side our lord and the blessed mother, i pray the divine mercy and the rosary every week because it is a well rounded comfortable way to pray!!! i feel that the both of them together work beautifully throughout the week.

mary - May 11, 2007

I has been 3 years now with the Divine Mercy,it started when my son Benson jr death, truly I tell you its so powerful it help me find peace,for his death was very tragic,we have communication last march 29,04 and he die 0n the 31th of march,I know Jesus sees everything what had happened,no vengance to those concern.

David John - Feb 17, 2007

You know it is so very sad to read Christopher's comments on delusion. Every day I see and talk to so many young people that deal with reality, with no hope of the supernatural; Divine Mercy... And how sad and alone they are.
The hate, the anger, the venom for their
hopelessness, without the hope of Divine
Grace (the supernatural) is a terrible
tragedy of the secular reality. Secular
reality is only a grain of sand, as compared, to the whole beach of eternity
in Our Lord's presence, Christopher. Love is truly all, supernatural. Because
the suffering of love, is beyond that of any human reality Divine Mercy). It is our Lord, and His Holy Mother, and His Chosen Ones; the Saints.

christopher - Jan 31, 2007

You people are so very deluded. Deal with reality, not the supernatural.

Sue - Jan 23, 2007

Please pray for my 14 y/o dtr Emily, who took an overdose and is deeply depressed over a boyfriend breaking up with her. She and I went to daily Mass, weekly confession, and I home school. Then this happens. I don't know why our Lord has allowed this to happen, but I just have to Trust in Him, who Knows Everything. Pray that the devil is kept away from her by the intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary.

DodiMac - Dec 16, 2006

When i discovered Divine Mercy i found the purpose of my life-to serve Him and help spread His unfathomable love for everyone, Christians and nonChristians alike.I felt like finally coming home and being welcomed by my father after a long absence without any communication.

Lourdes - Dec 14, 2006

This is a message of Thanksgiving to God for giving us His Divine Mercy to help us. I have the picture of Divine Mercy in my home, and through this picture, we have received many signs of God's grace. I encourage everyone who does not own one to give themselves the gift of having Divine Mercy in their homes and in that way receive and share all that the Lord wants to give through His Holy Image.

M. Anne V. - Dec 13, 2006

I wept whenI read some of the stories.
I was introduced recently to this
prayer during Adoration. My former
s-i-l Naomi (42 years) is (dying) from
an inoperable brain tumor. My ex is
on his way to see her. My children are
with his former c/l an atheist to decorate her tree -- can life be any more ridiculous?? or convoluted???
I sent a Miraculous medal and Our Lady's blessing from Medujuorje for my
ex's sister and I'll pray the Chaplet
now that I know it!! A miracle may be needed to bring this lot to faith!!

harry - Dec 8, 2006

As I kneel down on entering the pew I say my own little prayer:Jesus I bring my soul into your presence,A Soul Stained With Sin,A Troubled Soul,But A Soul Seeking Your Divine Mercy:.

Bob St. J - Dec 7, 2006

To Brian: The mystic Luisa Piccarreta says, in the age of the Divine Will, we may all be here, on this earth, and live for literally at least a thousand years. You may have a lot more than you ever imagined to live your writing dream.
God bless you - Bob

Mariana - Dec 7, 2006

My little Mercy Prayer just fell out of my book and I thought I would share it.....
My Mercy Prayer
Wake me from my sleep.
Throw me in the sea of Mercy.
That I might drown in it.
Call me out when my life is restored.
Suffer me not to be separated from you again. Amen

Mariana - Dec 7, 2006

The postings here are very moving....
I invite all who can, who are reading this....to join me in a Divine Mercy Novena starting Friday Dec. 8th for all the intentions of those posting here now and for all future postings....
If you miss the start day, just pick up on the day we are on, or just pray your own chaplet when you can....
God Bless you all....

Joy P. - Dec 6, 2006

After reading everybody's testimonies about the intervention of Jesus Divine Heart of Mercy,I would like to request a healing prayer for I am having surgery on Dec.18(to remove my spleen).I was diagnosed with colon cancer last year,had surgeries and chemotherapy. I know God has His plans and surrendering my life to Him. I firmly believe that He will help me survive again. I need all the prayers that I could possibly get from all of you. God bless everybody!!!

Melissa - Dec 5, 2006

Divine Mercy is dear to my heart. I was in a religious bookstore about 3 years ago and prayed to God to choose a book for me that would draw me closer to him. Then a book stood out to me. It was St. Faustina's diary and gave all the information for the Divine Mercy devotion. I wasn't even a Catholic but I thought "OK God, if this is the book then I will see what it has to say." My first reaction was that I could't believe there was someone so devoted to God and so good. It made me feel quite ashamed of myself and my own selfishness. But then I decided to learn the chaplet but that the key to it is to immerse youself in recalling Jesus's suffering and death while praying it. My dad's good friend at the time was diagnosed with throat cancer and then they found he had it also in other parts of his body and was given between 3 and 6 monts to live. So I began praying for him and often at the 3pm hour of great Mercy where anything asked with love and confidence that does not oppose the will of God or the salvation of souls he has promised to grant. It has been three years and my dad's friend is alive with no traces of cancer, the doctors were stunned. Also, my mother asked me to pray for a man in kidney failure that doctors said it would take a miracle but he was healed. Also, if anyone will remember last year the plane that landed last year with some problem I believe with the landing gear and everyone hailed the pilot for landing the plane perfectly. Well, the plane landed exactly at 3pm the hour of Divine Mercy and people everywhere praying the chaplet at that hour. I was on my knees in front of the TV also praying for a safe landing. Yes, God is awesome and so are his promises and Divine Mercy devotion is one of them. I encourage everyone to learn it and pray it. Also two and a half years ago I joined the Catholic church and so did my husband. We have been very blessed and God has been so good and merciful to me and I can't believe how many things he has revealed to me since and how his Holy Spirit has filled me. I always believed in God and loved him but I wasn't always living that love and showing it in my obedience and willingness to completely surrender my will to his. We must live in the will of God thinking only of loving God and neighbor as self and of trying to save souls with our prayers and our love.

"johnathan" - Dec 5, 2006

No casey , but your intellect has been infultrated by a lie and believe me the Light-ning will strike if you sincerely pray and desire to love as God intended, i speak from experience and i can truely exclaim that i have never known such incredible freedom since i began to live a celebate life. i am not saying celebacy is for everyone. i chose it because i wanted to offer Him my very self completely, marriage life can/is a very holy institution of God, in the image of our Most Holy Trinity, believe me i would guard my re-gained life of chastity as so did many martyrs. Unashamedly i will say there have been a few times my heart swelled so much at what Gods Mercy and Love has wrought in my soul i could have fainted. i pray sincerely you someday you will decide and pray to obtain this joy and freedom, but you must choose, really wanting to in the worst way, as they say. Pray what you mean and mean what you pray. Amen In Christ Jesus johnathan

garry - Dec 5, 2006

It is indeed merciful of God to re-accept us who during our rebellious youth became incredulous of a possible amazing life after death and did stray so far. Only when we finally found ourselves in the very lair of the devil did wisdom set in for a fortunate few. I'm grateful to have been one of them.

Casey - Dec 5, 2006

Divine mercy spoken, offered by Christ. Unfortunately shrouded by judgement within the church. Can a lesbian darken this website? Or will lightning stike? Or have you all fainted? This website has been infiltrated. Don't worry it isn't contagious.

phil - Dec 5, 2006

"Father, I thank you. For what you have hidden from the learned and the wise you have revealed to the little ones."
It is child like trust that we are asked to have concerning things far above. This GIFT, the Divine Mercy message chaplet and novena are complements to the sacramentals that we already have and use as the means to rebuild an important temple...our hearts. While the repairs are underway and each "for the sake of His sorrowful passion" is uttered, another sweep of the mystical broom makes ready for the
Divine Master to reclaim His temple, my heart.

"Grace is not cheap" Archbishop Fultan Sheen has said. We have a great forman in this work, and we should LISTEN to HIM as Mary Our Lady, and God the Father are telling us in the Luminous Mysteries; (#2 and #4 mysteries of light) So many of the comments made on this site are from fellow sinners that are hearing His voice. God Bless you All.

Anne-Marie - Dec 5, 2006

Deb, you are the second one who mentions about "Anne" volumes. How can one get a hold of them?
Divine Mercy devotions have been part of my daily life since my return back to the faith fourteen years ago after an absence of over twenty five years. It has enhanced my prayer life, my spiritual life and most of all my love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. I pray daily for the sick and the dying and for the return back to the Catholic Church of my whole family who are not practicing anymore.

Deb - Dec 5, 2006

Read the "Anne" volumes, Climbing the Mountain, and Mist of Mercy, by Anne a lay apostle -- her mission is linked to Sr. Faustina's.

GB - Dec 5, 2006

Donna Jean, I will remember to pray with you for your brother. I too have 2 brothers who are Catholic in name only.

Bob St. J - Dec 5, 2006

Donna Jean. I will join you in the Divine Mercy Chaplet for your dying brother. I was blessed to be able to say the Chaplet over my dying mother in law. And again just a month ago over my sister-in-law. She died a holy death and through God's mercy, hours before her death became cojent, asked for a priest and reveived the Last Rights - after being away from the Church for 50 years. Praise be to God.

Regarding the End of This Age and Jesus coming again - The writing of the mystic Luisa Piccaretta are similar to those of Saint Faustina and other mystics. In brief the third "Fiat" - which Jesus pray in the Our Father when he says "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" is yet to be accomplished. But it will be accomplished. And I personally believe soon. All of the writing by the prophets in the Old Teastament will literally come to be. Every tear we will be wiped away and we will live on this earth in a new age as God intended when he created us. May God bless you and all mankind.

maureen - Dec 5, 2006

Maria, What are you really so ANGRY about? Where is your humility?? It is THE LORD who told us to ask for mercy over and over!..."Have mercy on us and on the whole world"... Do you know better than HIM??? Jesus said the just man fails seven times a day!! We all need His Mercy at every second of the day.It is not recognizing our own sinfulness that would lead us to believe we should not repeatedly ask for His Mercy. We don't have a RIGHT to His mercy, OR His Kingdom! That is His gift to give to whomever He chooses! May He heal you and bless you.

Jonathon, I am praying for you. Your words made me cry. Praise God for all eternity for what He has done for you! Please pray for my homosexual, 24 year old nephew, Michael. Your prayers will be powerful for him before Almighty God.

"A leper", I am praying most affectionately for you and your family. Trust God and be at peace. May the Father cover you in the protective Blood of His Son Jesus.

May God continue to be merciful to us all, dearest brothers and sisters. Keep the Faith.

Christi - Dec 5, 2006

I have to testimonies to the power of this prayer.
Although I don't always pray the chaplet, there have been times when I have been drawn to it.
The first is with regard to my Father. I awoke at 3pm to the inspiration of pray the Chaplet... because it is 3pm. I did . When I finished my Mom called to say that my Father was rushed to the hospital. He had a massive stroke. I believe that this prayer saved my father from death. He was not in the state of grace, in fact he was in rebellion, for him judgment might have been severe. He did reconcile with the church while in the hospital. He is still alive today after 6 six years however he is paralyzed and cannot speak, he just suffers. This may seem sad but it is God's mercy at work in his life.
My childhood friend just died of cancer at a relatively young age. She had time to prepare. My son and I ( he is her godchild) committed to pray the divine mercy chaplet for her every day as she was drawing near death. The family had restrictions on visitations so we were not able to be with her. I am not sure that anyone else was doing this for her but were able to keep this devotion for the most part. The last chaplet said for her was the evening of her death (and of course after her daeth as well). She died peacefully at 3:30 pm, and well prepared.
Thank you Jesus.

Robert A. - Dec 5, 2006

I agree, what a great message - Its ashame though that some of our Catholic priest who know of this devotion still do not promote it in there parishes - In fact the parish of which I did belong to, when I asked about it he (the pastor) told me it was only for certain parishes - like the one I went and joined after our conversation.

Ryan - Dec 5, 2006

Although I have failed to keep up with praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy it has been a strength for me in times when I felt so far from God. St. Faustina's message of mercy has been a reminder to me that God is always faithful even when I am not. This reminder here of God's infinite mercy and love is a reminder to me to come back to him and trust him all the more. Thank you for posting it. Again, I will turn to this message of mercy and seek out his help in all things! Jesus, I trust in you!

Donna Jean - Dec 5, 2006

Please pray for my brother who is presently dying at the age of 63...He is a Catholic yet not actively for years...I feel so consoled by all of your messages. I came upon this website by the grace of the Holy Spirit...I started the Chaplet yesterday for Myles..Thankyou for joining my prayer..

Mariana - Dec 5, 2006

I pray repetitive prayer from time to time simply because I believe we have been asked to do so through various revelations of known saints. The novena to Divine Mercy is especially useful as stated by Faustina (because she received them directly from Jesus)and though it is especially useful just before Easter, I think it would be a very good novena if prayed all year round. It only requires one additional prayer along with the chaplet.
All prayer is good if prayed from the heart, no matter its form. I have found repetitive prayer a great source of help in times of serious trials because at those times it is most difficult to think and focus....
Of course we do not earn heaven by any prayer or acts....prayer increases Love and shines Light on the Truth.

Unfathomable Divine Love & Mercy - Dec 5, 2006

Over the summer I weekly prayed with a shipmate dying of cancer. I started by saying "Roy, do you mind if I pray with and over you?" Roy responded, "Please, I need all the prayer I can get!"

This went on for July. Towards the EOM Roy was somewhat distressed as he had affairs that only he could complete. I asked Jesus in prayer to allow Roy the strength to go home and cleanup hi estate and affairs. I encouraged Roy to do the Chaplet with me.Jesus heard and Roy went home the 1st week of August 06.

Returning to North Van Hospital,he went right into pallative care. When Roy 1st got sick, his daughter Lorraine had been in great distress as she was from Ontario and did not know anyone on the West Coast. She asked me to make all of Roy's funeral atrrangements, which I did. Loraine returned to Ontario when Roy went home.

Marjorie, his eldest Daughter came from Vancouver Island for Roy's vigil and watched Roy and I talk and pray weekly. I gave Roy a Catholic Bible to record his family history, and I gather Marjorie and Roy spent enjoyable time together doing this. Roy died on Sept 29th.

At the wake, Marjorie came up to me to tell me she had called Holy Spirit Parish, and that Fr. James Comy had walked over to hear Roy's confession and receive the anointing of the Church and Holy Communion.

I was stunned,I had know Roy for years through the Merchant Navy Guild, The Vancouver Naval Veterans Association and as a neighbor.

I never knew he had been a Catholic, until the morning I read His Eulogy.

We had only manmaged to say one Chaplet in this time and Jesus took Him right to heaven.This after being 62 years away from the Church, its teachings, and the sacraments!!

I have experienced 1,000's of Divine Mercy Healings but this is the 1st time one came so close to me personally in the fullfillment of Jesus promise to StFaustina.

Ann - Dec 5, 2006

Since we're already into December, it would be nice if all the Divine Mercy Devotees would pray the Novena to this devotion to obtain Our Lord's mercy on all the particular groups noted in it. That way, at the end of 2006, we are asking Our Lord to help save souls before the year is over through His mercy. I hope everyone agrees with this. It's best to do the Novena of the Divine Mercy 9 days before the New Year. Does everyone agree with this?

Ann - Dec 5, 2006

I believe that this devotion is important in these modern times because many Catholics do not know the faith. And when they do not know the faith - they can't put it into practice. Many Catholics die without the Sacament of Extreme Unction for various reasons, and it's very sad. God saw this happening for our modern times when we are living the Great Apostasy right now. So, it is God's mercy - because of the era we are living in - that is the last hope for mankind because God's mercy is endless. Jesus has said this many times to Sister Josefa Menendez, Sister Mary of the Trinity, and Sister Consolata Bertrone - and in the 1930's - it was Sister Faustina Kowalska. He wants us to repent; forgive our neighbors; confess our sins; and receive the absolution in Confession. The Sacrament of Penance is the ultimate mercy of God for Catholics who are still practicing the Faith. Woe to those who do not take advantage of the Divine Mercy Chaplet. This is their last ditch effort to obtain mercy from Our Lord. Today, evangelization in many areas has grown cold. So, we just have to take on another mission when others have given up.

Wendy - Dec 4, 2006

I pray the Chaplet in my car with the tape sung by Still Waters and Friends. I have a special Divine Mercy Image placed on the dash and see a mirror image reflection with Jesus, I trust in You! Now I never get upset in heavy traffic. It's a wonderful prayer.

johnathan - Dec 4, 2006

Divine Mercy, these two words inflame the love in my heart second only to Jesus and Mary. It was Gods Mercy, His unfathomable love and graces which on Sept. 8 1998, 18 months after my conversion to the Catholic Church to consecrate myself to God and live a celebate life, a miracle as i had lived a homosexual life for 35--40 years, and 21 years with the same person, nothing is impossible for God,nothing! Then in 2003 through the intercession of St. Faustina, who i was introduced very early in my conversion, my mother was brought back from death after her whole intestines had to be removed, we were preparing for her death when on Divine Mercy Sunday she woke up and started talking, thanks be to God. i had gone into the chapel, before the Blessed Sacrament, praying for St. Faustina's intercession, that Gods will be done, but if it was permissable that all the graces that i might obtain that day in accordance to Jesus's promises for those who pray might be transferred to my Mother. It was within minutes of my prayer my mother awoke. Finally 5 weeks ago my brother passed from this life, but not before, again through St. Faustina, he made amends to three of our sisters, asking forgiveness, after not speaking to them the past three years, Jesus, Mary, Divine Mercy, how sweet the sound, Amen

anne - Dec 4, 2006

I feel so uplifted reading Fr's article and then comments. What a privilege to know this. Lets use our privilege to help the whole of humanity. The world is drowning in sin but we can immerse the whole of humanity in MERCY of GOD. Pray, pray, pray. God bless. Anne

Robert Allard - Dec 4, 2006

Right on Fr. Seraphim!!!!! There is nothing more than the world needs than Divine Mercy Sunday, which is the world's greatest evangelization tool. It will be the last hope of salvation.

Viv - Dec 4, 2006

Divine Mercy is about saving souls! Soooo many souls are lost....living in such sin. They need our prayers desperately. It's not about me it's about the whole world. Time is running faster and faster. I have talked to others and they agree that time is speeding by. Our Lord is asking all of us to help save his lost sheep.

Greg - Dec 4, 2006

Maria ; You ask "Why does everyone here sound like they have to beg God for his Mercy?" I have read scripture when Jesus explains how it would be better to pluck out our eyes if they cause us to sin.... or having a millstone tied around our neck and thrown into the sea instead of the punishment that awaits. I would assume that Jesus knew that we may react by begging for mercy and forgiveness. Would not be the first step for US sinners be to acknowledgement for our sins and then asking or begging forgiveness? Not everyone has great faith or knows God on a personnel level YET. I myself as they say have tread where angels have feared to tread and when I seen the light and realised how I have offended Thee "Believe me I begged for mercy and forgiveness" When I work out I do repetitions because once is just not enough. When I pray I do the same....for my salvation...to feel closer to God...in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus...for the conversion of poor sinners...To share my love...and sometimes I make my own little prayer that's if I feel it is true from my heart. Like repetition in the gym so it is in my prayers. And they both have a good positive affect in my life. I am straying from my point a little. I find the virtue of humility sets me at ground zero allowing me to see things as they really are or in there true light. I think begging for mercy is a true act of humility of a sinner. But Maria I think your main point really was what I call "fear praying" like an insurance type of praying...to which I find myself in agreement with you Maria. I know have done it myself. Boy was I ever getting sick of myself too. Then I asked my self why do I pray? If I am going to pray what should I pray for? Should I pray "for" something always? Then I said well if IM going to pray it better be for reasons that sit well with me (that just feel right) I have walked this earth and knew if I did wrong (sinned)...well that's OK cause I believe and will be forgiven later as scripture says. So if on Monday I knew by Friday I'll probably sin but no problem by at least by Saturday I will be forgiven if not sooner! But I prayed now -n-then just in case (insurance).See how I got sick of myself...Dear Father forgive me so (I) can feel better and go do it all again sometime soon OK!? Beyond neurotic hey Maria. There are so many GREAT reasons for praying...for forgiveness (if ya mean it)...to keep ourselves in check....for others...I know Our Lord has been offended by the sins of the world, self included so I pray in reparation...I pray to Jesus to show me how to Love my neibour...or to show me how to Love the way God would want me to. And so I find if I pray for the right reasons it becomes more than just doing it to get to heaven and not hell. It is more like participating in a GREAT thing or plan that is good and right the way it should be. So right now my prayer is that we all pray for the right reason Thy Will Be Done Amen...

Timothy - Dec 4, 2006

Why does every old copy eg 1944, 1957, 1958, of the Chaplet "quoting from the Diary" have "Through the most sorrowful passion of Jesus..." ( not His) JESUS is the allmighty Holy Name. Millions and millions of times this sanctifing Name of Jesus is ommitted. Find old coppies and see for your self! WHY?

Maria - Dec 4, 2006

Marc...Just boasting about God's greatness and how AWESOME He is.

I believe in spreading the message of God's mercy. I also believe that when someone believes in Christ Jesus, they should know that they belong to HIM. And he won't lose a single sheep. If he has hold of you nothing can separate you. There is soooo much FEAR in the world. Why? What a different world it would be if believers lived the truth, without any doubt. Then you would BE MERCY, as CHRIST IS.

Janice - Dec 4, 2006

I was unfamiliar with St. Faustina, but our church started the Divine Mercy Novena and distributed all the materials about it. It caught my attention immediately, so I bought the Diary and kept reading it for a few minutes during my hour at Eucharistic Adoration. What a change it has brought to me and how I view life and my fellow beings. I do pray the chaplet each day as I drive home from work, it keeps me focused on God and His Blessings and Mercy for all of us. God Bless!

TIMOTHY G. SMITH - Dec 4, 2006


Angela - Dec 4, 2006

God's Mercy, the Greatest Attribute of God, which inspires us, against human reason, to peacefully trust.

Kathy B. - Dec 4, 2006

A great realization is that our Lord's mercy became even more truly manifest in His passion on the cross, hence, the - blood and water - gushing forth from His side when pierced by a lance after His death. Another great saint is Bridget of Sweden, and the fifteen prayers honoring our Lord's passion given to her by our Lord Himself!

Mark - Dec 4, 2006

Brian, Pray at least 5 minutes more than you write, and then write a lot.
Steve, Pray it slowly, very slowly, and contemplate every word.
Maria, "I will rather boast most gladly of my weakness, in order that the power of Christ may dwell with me." (2 Corinthians 12:9) God Bless you all.

Norma - Dec 4, 20006 - Dec 4, 2006

Read the article, very nice. Just remember to always be kind to others that is what I believe God wants from us. I pray each day for others and the souls in Purgatory. OK, for me that is the Divine Mercy.

Rose - Dec 4, 2006

Our God is an awesome God… He gives us all forms, tools and ways to experience His Love and Mercy. A few people in this thread have difficulty accepting that God can be so generous that He is giving us another path to Salvation. But most of the readers agree that we have to invoke God's mercy (like praying the chaplet) for as Fr. Kosicki had written in another section of this website, "The Divine Mercy message is a call for a global consciousness. It's a prayer for the whole world. And if you don't realize the world is in bad shape, you are really in bad shape." This means that the Divine Mercy message is for our times. Three years ago, I knew little about Divine Mercy " only a bit about the image, the chaplet, the Feast of Mercy… But when the Lord inspired me to start a prayer group, I didn't understand why He led me to form a Divine Mercy Cenacle! Only after years of studying the cenacle formation materials approved by the Marian Fathers, did I understand why start a Divine Mercy cenacle. As a member of the Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy (there is a section on this website about these cenacles), we see Divine Mercy as a gift and as a way of life. If people really study the diary of St. Faustina (according to the guidelines established by the experts), they will come to appreciate God's tremendous love for us. By studying the cenacle materials " the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the encyclical of Pope John Paul II on Mercy and the diary of St. Faustina, I have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for God's unfathomable Love and Mercy. We hear some people say "we don't need another devotion, another means to salvation" … but when we say that, we are not humble enough to accept God's generosity in giving us various ways to get closer to Him. We limit God's graciousness to the confines of our small minds. Some people even say, I don't believe in Divine Mercy… but it shows that they don't understand what they have just said because Divine Mercy is Jesus, Himself " Mercy Incarnate. Be open to God's gift of Mercy and you will understand why He is so awesome!

Maria - Dec 4, 2006

Why does everyone here sound like they have to beg God for his Mercy? If you truly believe in God, and know Him, you also know he wants to give you even MORE than forgiveness, he wants to give you his KINGDOM. We're asked to abide in Him. Not to behave like unbelieving beggars who don't know if we are forgiven one moment to the next. Stand up and LIVE. He is POURING his blessings and increasing Himself always. Stop acting like you think you can make him love you less or like he'll drop or reject you. That's not how God is. If you belong to HIM there is NOTHING that can separate you. That is not why Jesus died, so we can act like a bunch of neurotic insecure children. If I do this (such and such) I'm more likely to go to heaven, but if I do this (a negative such and such) I'll go to Hell. RUBBISH! READ the WORD of GOD and BELIEVE HIS PROMISES.

See your Father for who He really is, and yourself as the child and rightful heir that you are. Go forth confident in His love and Mercy, for gosh sakes that's why Jesus died for you. Now smile and be the child that you ARE IN HIM. How could anyone move forward and live in the KINGDOM now as JESUS asks us to, if we can't get over obsessing about our own fate and how to manipulate it ourselves? That a sure fire formula for narcissitic neurotic behavior. Don't you see? Then its all about YOU again...trying to make it to heaven and stay out of hell.

Just BELIEVE what He tells you (Its all there in His PROMISES in holy scripture) and go forward knowing He is worth his WORD. Its that kind of belief and faith that make the KINGDOM NOW. LIVE!

Tony B. - Dec 4, 2006

I am a member of the EADM Hawaii cenacle, and I'm humbled and overjoyed to share this news with your readers. Amazing things had happened here in Hawaii after our new bishop, Larry Silva had consecrated the State of Hawaii to the Divine Mercy last May. In September we had our Divine Mercy conference at the Hawaii Convention Center. And just recently this past November, we got hit by a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. There's much structural damage to the islands, but amazingly no one perished during this cataclysmic event. We thank and praise God greatly for sparing us. Many thanks also to Mama Mary, mother of Mercy and to Saint Faustina for interceeding for us. I pray the Divine Mercy chaplet everyday, most especially at the 3 o'clock hour, the time when God's 'ocean of Mercy' is poured upon the whole world. Thank you and God bless!

Margaret Mary - Dec 4, 2006

Jesus I trust in You. I have prayed the divine mercy chaplet over our dying uncle. He recovered, slowly but surely. He is called the miracle man by the doctors, nurses and priests at our local hospital. Sure bad things happen to all of us, but the real test is how we react to these trials. Believe, have faith, and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. Think of Him, if only for a moment at 3 o'clock everyday.

Phil - Dec 4, 2006

Steve - regarding the idea that God doesn't like repetition...have you ever known a married person who said they didn't want their spouse to say "I love you" more than once? Or, how many parents get irritated at their children for saying "I love you, daddy" more than once? As a father, I could never grow tired of that. When I say, "Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son", I doubt that He is annoyed.

Pat - Dec 4,2006 - Dec 4, 2006

I have been praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet eevery day at 3pm for many years. I fear I have squandered God grace. If not for divine mercy I would have no hope. For the remainder of my life may His will, not mine, be done in my life.

GB - Dec 4, 2006

Steve,We don't have repeat words over & over for God's benefit (to get him to hear us) but for ours. For myself, I don't just sin once but over & over. Like others who've posted here, the Divine Mercy devotion, our Holy Fathers, ST Faustina are the words I see on a life raft which has been thrown out to me. St Faustina died on my birthday. That's a continual, daily confirmation to me that GOd's Mercy has indeed been extended even to me: someone who has broken every single commandment...many more than once! That's why I NEED to repeat these little prayers...to remind myself, not God, of his mercy!

catholic joe - Dec 4, 2006

Thank you Jesus...my brother...my God.

Let our trust lead to hope in the love of our Eternal Father. We already know the outcome...the good guys win. Be hopeful people...trust God in all things...and work like heck to accomplish His will!

The chaplet of Divine Mercy - Dec 4, 2006

Divine Mercy is my true lifebuoy. Jesus promised that if we agree to be a friend of all dying souls. He will bring them to meet us at our deathbed! it is good to be true!!! then fire away to say a chaplet for all dying souls daily.

Claire - Dec 4, 2006

I have lived life badly with many weaknesses. Pray for God to lift my weakness and save my beloved children Martin Michaela and Justin

Steve - Dec 4, 2006

How does saying the same words over and over again do anything. If God has heard me the first time, why would He want me to say it over and over. I would assume He would want me to simply talk to Him without repetition.

Diane - Dec 4, 2006

I started a Divine Mercy last night that I intend to pray for nine days for Gods grace to restore my daughters marriage. She loves her husband very much and I pray that he will open his heart to Christ and His Church and his oath to their marriage. We truly need God's Mercy to open up his stone cold heart to Christ and his wife. With a love that will be everlasting, strong and not abusive or self-centered.

donadei - Dec 4, 2006

Brian, the end of the world is not coming tomorrow. It may be next minute or next millenium. What is important is that you try to do God's Will. Always preparing for His final return is surely one of His desires, as He has emphasized so in the Gospels. I think He wanted to emphasize THAT through the private revelations through St Faustina. God's peace be with you.

Christy - Dec 4, 2006

Brian - your purpose is to fulfill God's will. If His will is that you write, then write only to please Him, and let Him decide who should (or should not) see what you write. Sometimes our Lord takes our gifts for Himself. It sounds like He is calling you to trust more deeply in Him, which is the heart of the Divine Mercy message - Jesus, I Trust in You!

David W - Dec 4, 2006

I have denied Gods love so many times in my life through lustful and sinful actions. I pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet several times a day for those who I have hurt and caused to sin for their and my salvation. May Jesus have mercy on my soul.

Carlyle - Dec 4, 2006

At one point in the diary it is noted that this devotion would be the shortest in thehistory of the church in terms of church history because the times are the end times.John PaulII 's earthly life ended at the last day of the novena of the Divine Mercy. We should all note this as perhaps a testament of his saying there are no coincidences in life because God see all always .

Maria Magdalena - Dec 4, 2006

I feel having a so-called "devotion" is utterly meaningless unless one comprehends fully its full meaning and its relevance to one's own life AND LIVE what the devotion teaces one to do. Many of us accumulate "devotion" after "devotion" but do not seem to know what it means to have love God and love our neighbor through Him and His Great Mercy through which we have been saved.

jo jo - Dec 4, 2006

First there was St. Faustina, then Pope JPII, now God has asked "Anne the Lay Apostle" to continue the Divine Mercy apostalate. Read her "Volumns", and her book, "Climbing the Mountain" by Anne a lay apostle, and Bill Quinn.
The Divine Mercy devotion has saved my life.

To Brian - Dec 4, 2006

Wisdom begins with the phrase "it's not about me." God's will is the ONLY thing that matters. If He wills that we be "great" in the eyes of humanity, so be it. Pray that He wills something greater for you.

Daniel - Dec 4, 2006

Yuor purpose is to touch as many hearts as possable in your life so that no one person that comes into your pressance will leave the lesser. Your crisis is not being able to recognize that the Lord does not want you to give up on fullfilling your dreams even if you knew the hour and day. Faith child, you have much to learn, seek your dreams with faith.

john S - Dec 4, 2006

yes I agree this a most powerful devotion for our times, for our so called the generation spoken in the Bible that need the most mercy from our lord, he is giving us the tools, the devotion, the love and his teaching in his mercy. If you read her diary you will find peace, secrets that the holy spirit will inspire you, this devotion is the must read and must act upon. I have read it now twice and I love it.

Margot - Dec 4, 2006

I have prayed the Divine Mercy daily (sometimes more)for the change of heart of terroists, protection of our boundaries against drugs, weapons of mass destruction, on and on - and sensed the LOrd to say, "Pray for my Divine Mercy for all" - this calls for praying for a change/healing of the heart for all, including self! This makes the prayer easier and more to the point. I am so grateful for the Lords timing - as we do indeed need it more than ever now before his coming again! Beautiful article! + M (rosaryworkshop)

A Leper - Dec 4, 2006

Please pray for my family. I may have brought a plague upon them.

Brian - Dec 4, 2006

Final Coming, huh? So, does that mean I should stop dreaming of writing great literature that will touch people's hearts for decades to come? Does that mean I should stop hoping for a civilzation of love? Please don't take this personally; I'm having a crisis of purpose.

char-coal - Dec 4, 2006

I am hoping and looking forward to the day that Divine Mercy Sunday becomes a feast celebrated in all our churches, and for more souls to know about and avail themselves of the promises attached to the devotion.

Alicea - Dec 4, 2006

I love the Divine Mercy Chaplet and pray it every morning before work. I too have led a wretched life and needed His Divine Mercy! Great is His faithfulness.

Ray - Dec 4, 2006

I was shocked amazed when Christ said to Sr Faustina''ask me anything you want, and I will grant it'' She said all I ask is that no people that die today go to hell. Jesus said you ask a hard thing but I gave my word.

AnnaMaria - Dec 4, 2006

In Oct.1978 I had a dream concerning the Vatican and Pope two weeks later the Pope died and John PaulII was elected. We share the same heritage and name and this happening brought me close to the Divine Mercy. I went to the Beatification of St. Faustina and am very devoted to her and the Divine Mercy.It has truly enhanced my spirtual life.

Bobby A. - Dec 4, 2006

I pray the Divine Chaplet EVERYDAY. Sometimes and often several times a day. Why? Because I have led such a wretched life that I know there are others like me who NEED Divine Mercy like I did, have, and will. Remember, when we are standing before our Heavenly Father our only recourse to all of our sins will be his Divine Mercy!

Judith - Dec 4, 2006

Divine Mercy has been my daily prayer ever since I visited Sr. Faustina's convent in Krakow.The church is beautiful.

Robert - Dec 4, 2006

Not to mention beloved pope John-Paul II died on the eve of the feast of the Divine Mercy

THE CHAPLET - Dec 2, 2006