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They Served to the End

Most of the people huddled in the church didn't understand what the Nazis were saying. But they knew it would probably be their last dawn.

Don't Merely Go the Distance.

When it comes to charity, Satan controls the remote.

'God Will Take Care of Things'

He poured himself out in service to the Lord's little ones.

Meet Vince Bresch: A Marian Helper Who Follows the Call

We are called to engage in works of mercy out of love for the Merciful Lord and our neighbor. Here's one man's example.

One Million? Let's Count on It.

How to make the practice of the works of mercy a habit.

Part 7: Forgive Offenses

It's a deed of mercy. And it's tough. Maybe that's why we saved "Forgive Offenses" for last.

What We Must Do 'in Turn'

In his 2016 Lenten message, Pope Francis makes a special plea to the faithful. Here it is. Let's get to work.

'She Transformed Her Grief into Acts of Love'

We hereby announce the winners of our Works of Mercy Contest!

Part 6: Be Patient With Those in Error

Many of the works of mercy come with some sort of emotional reward. Not this one.

Part 5: Console the Sorrowful

There are as many ways to comfort the sorrowful as there are people.

Part 4: Counsel Those in Doubt

Counsel the doubtful, and pray for them, that they may be blessed by God with a living faith and become some of the saints of God.

Part 3: Admonish Sinners

I'd never understood why people so often make fun of street preachers. Now I understand.

'This Is For You, Mom.'

Tears filled my eyes at the beauty that lay before me. I looked lovingly at him and said, "Oh, Harry! Thank you!"

Part 2: Pray for the Living and the Dead

Though many of the corporal works of mercy can take gobs of time, talent, or treasure, this one is a cinch.

Part 1: Teach the Ignorant

The following is the first in a seven-part series on the spiritual works of mercy.

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