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Good Fathers Wanted

This Father's Day, find out why we need good fathers and why fatherlessness has made our culture ill in more ways than one.

A Honeymoon with the Bridegroom

"I encountered Jesus in that course," Rosa said. "I realized how much I was offending God by our unmarried union."

Scripture Study: Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Unforgivable Sin — We can commit only one sin that God cannot forgive. Though that may seem scary, understanding this sin will impress upon you of the unfathomable mercy of God.

To the Heart of the Matter

To the Heart of the Matter — Obviously, when we speak of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we necessarily have to keep in mind the importance of not only loving Jesus, but also of loving one another.

Living on a Prayer

Living on a Prayer — The world feels like it's falling apart, doesn't it? Here's what we should do about it.

A Pioneer of Nursing

A Pioneer of Nursing — Blessed Hanna Chrzanowska revolutionized what it means to nurse with the hands of Jesus.

Scripture Study: Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Find out what you need to do to sanctify each moment of your daily life, no matter how mundane.

'If They Would Only Give Me Some Return of Love'

'If They Would Only Give Me Some Return of Love' — In December 1673, Christ appeared to St. Margaret Mary. "He disclosed to me the marvels of His love and the unutterable secrets of His Sacred Heart," she said.

Streams of Mercy, Part 2: Humility

Streams of Mercy, Part 2: Humility, the Lovely Flower — We continue our series "Streams of Mercy," reflecting on themes and lessons presented in the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska.

Make Enemies into Brethren

Make Enemies into Brethren — The Church around the world continues to confront some of the worst persecution she's ever seen.

The Meaning of Mary —¬†After Converting from Protestantism

Marian Devotion with Marian Seminarians — In this month of Mary, Br. Timothy, MIC, shares with you how he came to accept Mary as his spiritual mother after converting from Protestantism.

'Hail, the Victorious Dead!'

'Hail, the Victorious Dead!' — Memorial Day, celebrated this year on May 28, calls us to pause and remember. That's not something we're good at.

Blessed Hannah Chrzanowska and Saint John Paul II

Blessed Hannah Chrzanowska and St. John Paul II — Blessed Hanna is the first person from St. John Paul II's close "circle of friends" to be beatified. Learn more about their friendship here.

Scripture Study: The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Trinity — This Sunday, solve the mystery of the Holy Trinity as best your finite mind can grasp it.

Hug the Cross

Hug the Cross — On this day, I was wishing for a piece of driftwood to take home. None were in sight except a big log I walked past. Then came the fourth Sorrowful Mystery.

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