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That's Not Fair!

Much of our crying out against unfair accusations stems from concern for our own egos, not a pure thirst for justice in the world.

Beyond Lent: Cherish All Souls as Jesus Does

We can pray to see each person as a person: someone we are connected to as children of the same Father.

It's a Wonderful Life!

What would Bedford Falls be without George Bailey? What would our world be without mercy?

A Family of Mercy

"Not extending mercy and charity to one another is one of the main problems in the world."

Through the Chaplet, Lives are Saved

"We have the pleasure to brighten your day with an amazing story concerning the power of Divine Mercy."

Can We Help?

Being a medical doctor, I have always had the desire to assist in the building of a clinic for the poor.

True Mercy is a Reciprocal Act

I didn't know Rita, but I felt a degree of urgency to pray for her.

Link by Link

When he harvested his last field of corn and retired, he had plans to just go with the flow — literally.

The Gift You Give

Like many truths of Christianity, it's counter-cultural. More than that: It's downright contrary to human nature. After all, when we try our best to do good to others, we expect some thanks.

Cake is Great

As in a cake itself, there are a couple layers to this story.

Pope in England: Cameron Takes Up the Challenge

On occasion, it's good to let secular leaders do the talking, especially after the Pope has been speaking and they appear to have been listening carefully.

'Come Back to God'

Several years ago, during a time of personal crisis, I was forced to look at myself and ask, "Is this what life is all about?"

'A Resurrection Underway'

Each of them, at a dark point in their life, had a rock pushed aside and the light of Christ touch their hearts through similar means.

Aid Worker Tells About the Real Haiti

Utter devastation. The loss of life. Confusion. And a glimpse of hope in the Haitian people.

An Urgent Call for Haiti

We all have a role to play in helping. We need to put Divine Mercy into action through prayer and support.

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