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A Visit to South America

Some people came from the northeastern part of Brazil — four hours by bus — to participate. They were poor but incredibly enthusiastic and completely in love with Jesus Christ.

'In Front of Me All Along'

If one looks at our Church teaching objectively, one finds mercy. One finds a loving God. He has always been there. I don't know why we forget Him. We just do.

How to Intercede for Poor Souls

Through Holy Mass and prayers of intercession such as the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy, we can help the suffering souls in purgatory.

Inspired by a Saint to Remember Poor Souls

The poor souls desperately need our prayers and sacrifices. To these souls, we are indeed persons of worth.

How the Lord Helped Me to Know of His Divine Mercy

Until then, I could not appreciate the depths of His forgiveness and mercy. It finally dawned on me how patient God is.

The Choice That Would Make a World of Difference

Recently, I heard the correct translation of a Bible saying. The saying is, "Many are called, few are chosen" (Mt 22:14). But the correct translation is: "Many are called, few choose." That changes everything.

Another Reason to Pray the Rosary

During this month of the Holy Rosary, we can ask Our Lady to teach us about living our lives with greater meaning and purpose.

How the Diary Helps Us to Appreciate Mary

Saint Faustina was captivated by the virtues of Mary. Perhaps the attribute of Mary that most inspired St. Faustina was Mary's complete trust in God.

St. Faustina's Marian Devotion

It's October, the month of the Rosary. The Rosary was near and dear to Saint Faustina, who had a remarkable devotion to Our Lady.

Mercy in my Grief

In the chaos caused by my mother's death, I needed confirmation that I wasn't alone — that He was with me, that He was real.

Meet St. Faustina's Mentor: Mary

With October upon us, the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary, we can draw closer to Our Lady, as St. Faustina did.

Why Are We So Lonely?

We seem to spend more time deepening our relationship with machines — television, cars, computers, iPods, video games, and cell phones — than with each other.

Experiencing His Divine Mercy in Prayer

Saint Faustina clearly demonstrates in her Diary that one of the greatest privileges we have in life is prayer.

'Yet I Do Not See Love'

Why are we so important to Him? What is it in our souls that Jesus finds so appealing?

Trust Really is the Key

At one point, they stopped at a rest area along the highway. When they returned to the car, they discovered they were locked out.

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