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Why Did St. Faustina Need a Spiritual Guide?

After all, didn't she speak directly to Jesus?

Is Asking St. Faustina to Pray for Us a 'Pagan' Practice?

One reader writes: "When I told my Protestant friend I was going to pray to St. Faustina for her, she told me not to bother."

Why Do Some Doctrines Seem to Lack Biblical Support?

The Protestants say we are making all this up.

Is St. Faustina too Liberal or too Conservative?

If you live long enough, I guess, you will eventually find every form of lunacy somewhere in print.

Why So Many Images? Which One is Best?

Dr. Robert Stackpole's answer may surprise you ...

What Does Christ Mean by 'Simplicity'?

I suppose the first clue to what He meant is the fact that He connected "simplicity" with being "childlike."

Can We Really Console the Heart of Jesus?

Tim wonders, "I am especially intrigued by what you wrote about "consoling" the Heart of Jesus, and how St. Faustina believed we could do that, too."

Do the Forms of Devotion Really Foster Conversion of Heart?

That he sees little coming from the devotion seems at odds with the great promises our Lord makes to St. Faustina.

Do Catholics Trust the Bible More Than Science?

One reader asks: "How can educated people today really hear the message of Divine Mercy ... if it is all tied up in knots with biblical and ecclesiastical fundamentalism?"

Does Catholicism 'Revel In Suffering'?

One reader finds Catholic imagery "rather disconcerting." But Dr. Robert Stackpole explains what the pain is all about.

Is Divine Mercy Devotion Just Based on Private Revelations?

Dr. Stackpole tackles misunderstandings about the Church's official stance toward St. Faustina's revelations.

What Does 'Divine Mercy' Actually Mean?

It's semantics. It's spiritual. It's very important.

What is the Meaning of the Rays?

They are red and pale. Why? They come from Christ's Heart. Why? Our readers want to know.

Why Does God Let His Best Friends Get 'Beaten Up' So Often?

A Carmelite named Mellie sent me a question that is certainly refreshing for its honesty.

How One Divine Mercy Critic Misses the Mark

What did an essayist write about the Divine Mercy message and devotion? Here it is, and here are the many reasons why he's wrong.

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