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'A Tragedy of Massive Proportions'

"This is a tragedy of massive proportions," said Fr. Kazimierz Chwalek, MIC. Here's how you can help.

'Aware of the Grace of God'

The message came in: "Could you please add my grandmother, Mary L. Vogel, to the Divine Mercy prayer list?" Here's what happened next.

What the Lord Wants From Us

"Jesus Himself calls us to deeds of mercy, by words and by prayers," Cardinal Schönborn writes in a letter to mercy congress planners and participants.

Armed (with Images) and Merciful

"Rather than looking at what I have done," she told her peers, "I say, 'Thanks be to God for what He does through people like me.'"

Apostles of Mercy Canonized

Pope Benedict XVI canonized five new saints. Among them were two apostles of mercy who cared for the marginalized of society. Who were they?

A Slice of Success

"It fits in so well with our Congregation's mission to be of service to God and His Church," said Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC.

How I Share God's Mercy

Sometimes, I wonder if I am really making a difference. Then a recent incident showed me God's mercy in action.

The Marians' Prayer Warriors

Within those cubicles, those aren't operators standing by to take your order; they are intercessors standing by to take your prayer petition.

Promoting Mercy and NACOM

Rick hopes that by attending NACOM, he can share God's mercy with others "so mercy can be put into action."

All He Needs is Your Little 'Yes'

God conquered this man's huge, scary "No" through His Divine Mercy and my little "yes," the nurse's little "yes," and the man's wife's little "yes."

Part 6: A Balancing Act

At every stop of this mission, the clergy speaks of the coming election. It could sow the seeds of stability. Or it could cause hell to break lose once again

Laying It All On the Line

You live for your faith, but would you be willing to die for it? These two Marians were willing. And they did.

'God Had a Different Plan for Me'

His goal was to be a millionaire. Read the riches-to-rags-to-spiritual-riches story of Scott Scaria.

Teen Mercy

Through the message of The Divine Mercy, they reach out to the unloved, unwanted, and forgotten.

25 'Angels' Bring 'Life' to Eden Hill

The nuns' distinctive white-and-blue habits served as billboards of happiness and holiness on Eden Hill during Divine Mercy Sunday Weekend.

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